Watch the Replay of The Derwent & Michaels Live Class and Color Along!

Hi friends! Lat Thursday evening I hosted a live class for Micheals Craft Stores and Derwent. This is what we painted:

You can follow along with the replay below. Be sure to grab the traceable pattern from the supply list to print or transfer onto your paper.


  • Derwent Chromaflow Pencils set of 24 (Derwent Coloursoft/Derwent /Lightfast would also work well) in the following colors: Magenta, Salmon, Blush Pink, Scarlet, Flame, Strawberry, Raisin, Natural Brown, Burnt Sienna, Golden Sun, Sun Yellow, Denim, White, Platinum, Black
  • Strathmore Toned Tan Mixed Media Paper 6”x8”
  • White transfer paper (or you can print the pattern directly on your art paper)
  • Clear alcohol marker
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Electric eraser (optional)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Click here to download the drawing
  • Note: Please have your drawing transferred to your paper prior to class.
Here is the reference photo I took for you to go by if desired.

Doing this project? Share your craft with us on all social media platforms using #makeitwithmichaels and #michaelsclasses. I hope you enjoyed the replay and til next time happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Watch the Replay of The Derwent & Michaels Live Class and Color Along!

  1. Howdy! I’m currently watching your replay — comments are turned off, so I’m hoping for an answer here. I haven’t quite finished watching (at 1.5x speed — LOL!) but am loving your process. I’m not wanting to add to my pencil collection (as I am into many different media, not just pencils) but am wondering, in your opinion, would it be beneficial to just purchase the Derwent white pencil? It seems to be doing a fantastic job. Does it play nice with Polychromos and Prismacolor? My experience is limited so I thought I would try and tap into your expertise! I always look forward to your tutorials and am most appreciative!!

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    1. I would recommend the Derwent drawing Chinese white or Coloursoft white pencils. The chromaflow is not available open stock.


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