I’m Sitting at the “Cool Kids” Table!

Hi Friends! I just wanted to pop in quickly today and let you know that I am on The Adventures in Arting Podcast hosted by crafty artist extraordinaire Julie Fei-Fan Balzer of Balzer Designs. You can listen to the podcast for free in your podcast app, itunes or on the Balzer Designs website. It was a fun, upbeat chat about arts and crafts! I hope you have a listen!

I also want to recommend Julie’s blog, she is into so many creative outlets. No matter if you paint, cook, quilt or craft you will be so inspired by what she does and you will totally understand why I was on cloud 9 to be asked to be on her podcast. So, if you are in the mood for a fun, friendly, artsy conversation be sure to check the podcast out! Plus Julie co-hosts the show with her mom, Eileen, and I think that’s totally awesome! OK, I’m giddy, that’s all for tonight, happy crafting!

4 Responses

  1. It was fun. I enjoyed the podcast.

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  2. I just got around to listening to the Podcast. What a great interview! Thanks so much for being a teacher and sharing all of your knowledge with us.

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  3. I just listened to it and i love it. Such a treat to hear two of my favourite art heroes together! Do hope you end up being one of Julie’s repeat guest 😉

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