Is this watercolor or is it ink?

Hi friends! Today I have a review fitting for Inktober. It’s a watercolor that behaves like an ink! Watch the video for the full review of Micador for Artists watercolor disks!

You can find the products I used here. You can scroll down and see all of the products I showcased today as well as others. The website can be a bit clunky so I will link to specific products as I mention them. Micador offers flat rate shipping worldwide but it is a bit pricey to ship if you are outside of Australia. It would worth it if there were a lot of things you wanted to order of if you were splitting an order with a friend.

  • Watercolor disks: Available in 12, 24 and 36 color sets from $18-$54
  • And 6 color seasonal sets for $9
  • These watercolors are not like other watercolors, they remind me more of Inktense by Derwent however they are more transparent than the inktense blocks. They are more similar to the inktense pencils. It is hard to list pros and cons as what is a pro to one person might be a disadvantage to another. I’ll list the attributes and you can decide for yourself:)

Pros & Cons:

  • *Extremely vibrant, saturates and transparent (with the exception of white, pearl, grey and light pink)
  • *Staining, layers and glazes very well. It does not lift well.
  • *Sets are compact and nest into one another with the lid being the mixing area. I recommend having an additional mixing palette.
  • *Since colors are very concentrated and transparent the pan color does not reflect the paint color so swatching is essential. I recommend making a pie-chart swatch and adhering it in the middle of each disk.
  • *These lightweight plastic palettes can slide around your workspace so I recommend working on a non-slip mat or tacking them down with poster putty so you don’t have to chase your paint around.

If you are looking for an ink-like super transparent paint in pan form I recommend these! Keep in mind there are duplications between sets so go for the 36 set if you want the best variety and no duplication.

The Rains watercolor paper was really nice, it reminded me very much of the Bee 140# CP cotton watercolor paper. It is available in several size packs, pads and sheets.

I also loved the Roymac Revolution synthetic watercolor brushes which performed more like a squirrel than a sable brush to me. Very absorbent and a dream to paint with.

These products may be most attractive to Australian consumers as they are shipped domestically and traditionally do not have access to the bounty of affordable supplies we have in America so I really encourage you to check them out if you are in AU, otherwise if you love any of these products they do ship worldwide, it’s just a bit pricey as with anything. Thanks to Micador for sending these products for review and thank you for watching! Happy crafting!

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