Fixes for problem pencils!

Hi friends! Today I am going to share a fix for broken colored pencil leads and some ways to prevent the breaks in the future.

I love colored pencils and the softer the better (hello Prismacolor!) But those softer art pencils have a tendency to break. Today I’ll share my quick fix with you and some other longer fixes so you can keep those pencils working well until use use them up because I’d rather see the beautiful pigment on the paper and not in the waste basket!

You will need (affiliate links used)

Directions (if the lead fell out after sharpening)

  1. Dip pencil end in water and blot of excess.
  2. Add a tiny about of gorilla glue to the broken lead and push back in the pencil. Wipe off any excess glue. *If you are using normal super glue do not wet the pencil first. Regular super glue is more brittle so the lead may resnap but it should get the job done.

Prevent breaking leads by using sharp blades in your pencil sharpener. I like this KUM sharpener and you can get replacement blades for it. Or try an electric sharpener, I rarely suffer breaking when I use an electric sharpener, just remember to occasionally sharpen a graphite pencil in it to keep it clean and sharp. If you find you have a problem pencil that is always breaking and dropping lead then you can heat it up to fuse the wax pieces together. Leaving your pencils in a hot card for 10 or 15 minutes should do the trick or folding them in a heating pad (protect it with scrap paper just in case) for 20 minutes should work too. Just keep an eye on your pencils and check then every 5 minutes to make sure wax is not leaking out of the pencil, if so you have heated them plenty. Let them cool completely before sharpening. Also, avoid dropping or banging your pencils as that is what causes the breaks in the wax/oil core of the pencil. If you get a set of pencils with lots or problems contact the seller as they may have been dropped during shipment.

I hope this tip saves you some money and grief! I think I’d like to do a series of Quick fixes like this so if you have an artsy or crafty problem please let me know in the comments below. It might be used in a future video! Happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Fixes for problem pencils!

  1. I love my coloured pencils too and have some that break a lot. I’ll try the heating pad method to see if that helps. I tried a rice bag but it didn’t stay hot long enough. I also tried to heat one for a few seconds in the microwave.,,one second too long..WHAM,…what a mess. Crafty Violet


  2. thanks. I have some older “given to me” colored pencils which apparently have been dropped and so the lead is broken inside and when I sharpen, the lead keeps coming out. I will try this as a way to save some of my favorites. Thanks


  3. Recently April 2022 saw video of using broken colored pencil cores and shavings and gathering them. And melting in mineral spirits and use the resulting liquid with a brush like a paint I did not save the link but if I find it again I will send you the link


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