Fall Cornucopia Watercolor Painting

Hi friends! Today we will paint a fall cornucopia!

This can be done by artists of all ages and skill levels. I will show you how to draw this (I used a dry erase board for the drawing, please let me know if you prefer this to just seeing me lightly sketch it on my paper, I think it is easier to see this way.) Then we will paint is starting with wet-in-wet and then refining it afterward. I suggest taking a break after the wet-in-wet portion as this is a long video and it may be hard to find an hour just to paint. Here is the video!

The mat under my painting is the Waffle Flower media mat.

Supplies *I am using Micador for Artists Watercolor supplies for the first time, this is not a review nor is it a sponsored video. I will post a review of these paints after I have used them more. These products were given to me by Micador to try out.

I want to thank Micador for sending me these products to test out. I will post a review once I have used them more. If you are interested in their art and hobby products you can find them here. *I was not paid or obligated to make this video. I hope you give this a try, happy creating!

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