Flowers, Tea and a Good Book:)

Howdy friends! First let me apologise that I didn’t get the blog post up before the live stream today. I just ran out of time and I am sorry. You can always check my YouTube channel on friday morning to find the scheduled video link if I pull these shenanigans again:) We still managed to have a great turnout and this is what we painted:

Picture 145


You can watch the replay in the player below and if you have any questions you can leave a comment here or on YouTube and I will answer it:)


I decided to add some details with Prismacolor colored pencils at the end. I think it is wise to let your painting sit a bit before deciding it’s done. Sometime you will be disgusted with a painting, go to bed and the next morning it looks great. Maybe there is a painting fairy that stops by and fixes out work in our sleep, but a more likely reason is that we are our own worse critics and after a time working on something we can’t judge it objectively.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. The wood grain looks great & thanks for the tracible pattern.


  2. Lindsay, I think you will find we are all our own worst critics. Your painting today is beautiful. Is it a Peony that you used, if so it seems that this flower is particularly popular at the moment to be painted and made into new release dies too. Has the weather taken a change for the better for you and your family yet Lindsay? :O)


  3. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with the link to your latest blog post – Flowers, Tea and A Good Book.

    I think you will think I am insane. I have watched your video tutorial on You Tube and commented below. I asked you a question about the type of flower used in your painting. It wasn’t until I was closing down that particular tab that I saw that your title on You Tube was different:

    LIVE! Cup of Tea with Peonies Watercolor Tutorial 12:30pm ET

    How on earth did I not see this! The size of the lettering and the fact that you name the flower too! I will just blame it on the chemotherapy and be done with it because I can LOL.

    Love to see your work Lindsay.

    Please could I ask a favour, my new years resolution is to send out more handmade cards to family, friends and new friends (as I class yourself) on their birthdays.

    Therefore could I have your birthday date please, and an address of which to send this to.

    Thank you





  4. Just joined your blog and it took me awhile to figure it out. I’ll be waiting for you next Friday! 🤗


  5. Loved this one. That glazing technique was wicked cool, can’t hardly wait to try it. Thanks so much, so much fun to learn new things with you.


  6. This is the first water color tutorial I have done. Love that Ithe came with the design printed. Thank you


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