Fun ideas with Sequins!

Hi friends! Today I have a couple of card and bookmark ideas for you:


Watch the video to see the tutorial!

This tutorial is sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! SAVE 10% off your next order with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter10 *USA orders of $50+ ship free!


*Note: To make the sealed pockets I am using a wood burning tool from Walnut Hollow called a Creative Hot Marks. If you have the Fuse tool it will work even better. If you don’t have any hot tools like that you can cut the page protectors (or clear plastic bags) with scissors and seal them with tape and it will be just as cute!

I hope you enjoyed this fun idea and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. Hi Lindsay, I love the idea of putting sequins inside clear pockets rather than a shaker card because I find I get really frustrated with shaker cards.  I have a wood burning tool and so I think I will be set to have a go at this.  One quick question what type of surface were you sealing the plastic on please, thank you?  :O)


  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for this email with the link to your latest blog post – Fun ideas with Sequins!

    I have watched your video tutorial and realised that I have in fact got a wood burning tool in my stash.





    • Hi Lorraine, it is a glass chessboard but a tile trivet would be fine. Any heat proof surface will do. Make sure to unplug the woodburner when you are done and let it cool away from kids and pets.


  3. Can I please unsubscribe under this email I have you on both of my emails so I don’t need you on this one. Thanks



    • Hi Meghan, I think you need to do it but you can two ways. The easiest is to scroll to the bottom of the email and click manage your subscriptions. The other way you can access through your blog reader (look for the black stripe at the top of any wordpress blog page and click “reader”) and you can find subscriptions there. Let me know if you need any more help:)


  4. Oops, sorry Lorraine, i didnt see you alredy got an answer. I love this idea. Wonder if a food sealer would work. Don’t have one, just wondering.


  5. What a fun get of cards your tutorials always have such fun ideas! It’s always Happy crafting with you thanks


  6. these are so beautiful! now I HAVE to buy the engraving tool… Thanks for a great tutorial!


  7. I have done this sort of sealing on both sandwich bag plastic, and also page protectors — using an old dedicated seal-a-meal sealing machine intended for food. Works great! but you will need to experiment on some practice pieces to get the timing for the amount of heat just right for your project.


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