How To Do A Gel Transfer!

Hi friends! Earlier this week I got a chance to experiment with the gel transfer technique, I made these:


I used the Image Transfer Kit that is available at Jerry’s Artarama. This technique was fun put it does take a bit of experimenting and practice which I did a lot of so I could troubleshoot any problems. Now I can transfer anything! Keep in mind that this is not an instant process, I recommend doing the gel portion of the process one day and the rest of the project the next so you are not tempted to lift the paper to early (no peeking people!) Watch the video to see my tips, tricks and troubleshooting so you can get good prints the first time!

To successfully execute a gel transfer you will need:
An image (toner based photocopy, magazine page, lazer printed image) *Your image will be reversed to plan accordingly!
A surface: A non porous surface like a SOHO painting board is preferred. Be gentle if using a slick surface like a domino, tile or canvas board.
Gloss Gel for transferring. I am using the SOHO gloss gel available in the kit mentioned above but all of these supplies can be purchased individually.
Scraper (credit card works well)
Spray bottle with water

You can use Matte Varnish or more gel medium to coat the project when it is done.


1. Coat the photocopied image with a thick coating of gloss gel medium.
2. Press the gel side to the surface you want to transfer the image to.
3. Smooth out bubbles with a scraper.
4. Let dry several hours or overnight.
5. Mist the paper with water and rub off paper.
6. Seal the panel with matte varnish and finish your project as desired.

I will share another way to transfer a photocopy image later, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama.



7 Responses

  1. This looks cool:)


  2. Cool !!! Hope you have a good Labor Day weekend.


  3. That is fun to do. I tried it once, and yes, you have to be careful not to rub too hard. I had a blast doing it. Thanks for the reminder.


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  5. Would this be too hard to do on paper? Cardstock? I’m curious if this is something you could do for ATCs.


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