Cheap Beads You can Make!

Hi Friends! I have like 6 minutes of battery life left on my computer so let’s get to this fun craft using leftover book pages from our book safe project. Paper beads, and really, they are not cheap, they are free, woohoo! Use these with regular beads to make one of a kind jewelry!

Here are some other old book crafts:

Book Safe (great gift idea especially if stuffed with cash!)

Painted book pages!

Book page cards!

Happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. did you ever find the ring you mentioned you made during the last aac? 🙂


  2. great project


  3. What a great way to use something that otherwise would be thrown out or at the very least recycled. I love it!! Thanks for sharing Lindsay! Love ya’


  4. The beads are cool. Hope you have power and are warm and happily full of Turkey!!!


  5. Lindsay, Have you ever see books made into purses? On a trip to Toronto, I visited on of their great craft fairs. One paper and textile artist had purses made from old children’s books. She was very talented her items were stunning. I did a quick search, and there are some on Etsy, though not as nice as hers. I thought that I would mention this in the spirit of “Reduce, reuse and recycle”, this is a good way to use old books.
    Love what you do here, visiting you gives me great ideas and puts a smile on my face!
    Thank you!


  6. Those really look like fun to make. I completely forgot all about making them. Thanks for the reminder.


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