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Hi friends! Today I have a fun DIY jewelry project!

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Happy crafting!

Warning: You might think this craft is gross!

Hi Friends! When I spied this empty feed bag in the garage I knew I wanted to try to make a reusable grocery shopping bag with it!


It is a strong tarp like woven material that will be better as a bag than rotting in a landfill and best of all you can make it in 15 minutes, no sewing required! All you need is grain bag and duct tape for this project!


Now, you might get some funny looks when you go shopping with your chicken bag but you can hold you head high knowing that you are saving a few trees…on the other hand, if you are the type of person who raises backyard chickens and turns their feed-bags into shopping bags you are probably shopping at the health food store and there is no judgment there. I’m letting my freak flag fly, how about you? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Travel Watercolor Palette! {cheap up-cycle!}

Hi friends! Don’t toss empty eye shadow containers! You can use those tiny compacts to make wonderful travel watercolor kits! Watch the video to see how:

You don’t have to use these for just travel. They are a great way to store extra colors too. The small size of the wells makes the paint dry quickly too, I made my palette last night and used it today! It worked great. If you don’t have access to old eyeshadow palettes (or a friend who can save them for you) you can use pill boxes, fish and tackle boxes, ice-cube trays or blister packages that things you buy come in. If it has little wells in it you can use it! Yay! This tiny palette is perfect for my small heated upstairs workspace too! I hope this little tip helped you. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

EasyLunchBoxes Winner!

Hi Friends! Today I get tp pick a winner of a set of EasyLunchBoxes and cooler tote! Woohoo! And the winner is…… Yvonne Irish!!! I have sent you an email!

I have found myself using my ELBs all over the house. I have a set for crafts and a set for lunches. I have been in the habit of after dinner packing leftovers in the bento style boxes for my hubby to take to work. The other day when my son decided 5 minutes before the bus came that he needed cold lunch for school I was able to make a sandwich and pack fruit and snacks for him in 3 minutes flat! I mostly love how the ELBs go in the dishwasher because I have decided that I will not longer purchase anything that will not go in the dishwasher! Yes, I am that lazy. Don’t judge. I am even using them to make a portable gift wrap box, I placed in tags, 2 mini sharpies, washi tape and baker’s twine so anyone who needs to wrap gifts can take the box where they want to wrap.


I hope you consider checking out our sponsor EasyLunchBoxes. They are coming out with new colors in January and if you want to know when they are available you can join their mailing list. They also have fun and healthy ideas for packing your lunches too! I will be back later today with a fun jewelry DIY so I hop you check back. Til then, Happy crafting!

Cheap Beads You can Make!

Hi Friends! I have like 6 minutes of battery life left on my computer so let’s get to this fun craft using leftover book pages from our book safe project. Paper beads, and really, they are not cheap, they are free, woohoo! Use these with regular beads to make one of a kind jewelry!

Here are some other old book crafts:

Book Safe (great gift idea especially if stuffed with cash!)

Painted book pages!

Book page cards!

Happy crafting!


How To Make a Book Safe!

Hi Friends! Today I am sharing a project inspired by an abundance of Reader’s Digest condensed book that arrived at my local library. They were donations for the book sale but history shows these do not sell (not even for a 25 cents) but they were in really good condition and the patterns on the covers were lovely so the librarian asked me if I could use them in a craft. I thought that it would be cool to turn them into something that would sell and bring in some money for library programs. Check out the DIY book safe project:

I am curious as to what you would pay for one of these considering it is a fundraiser. I think it would be cool for gifting money or gift cards (or even an MP3  player or some other gadget) for the holidays. Imagine how surprised a kid would be to open this book up and find an ipod or money! It would be cool for indoor letter-boxing too! I am hoping that we can get a group of library patrons to volunteer to make some of these. The librarian says we can make a party of it, how fun would that be!?! Please feel free to take this idea and use it for your next library fundraiser too. I have some ideas planned for using up the paper rectangles we cut out of these too so they won’t go to waste either. If you have any ideas for the middles let me know! Let’s save unwanted book from the landfills. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Duct Tape + Juice Pouches = Cheap Crafty Fun!

Hi Friends! I love recycling…or upcycling stuff because it is fun to make something useful out of things you normally throw away. I wanted to make a sturdy pencil pouch to go in my binder and I did so using 4 juice pouches, Duct Tape and a zipper. Watch the video to see how!

I used fun patterned duct tape from Oriental Trading Company in this project. They have Duct brand as well as their own brand of duct tape. Both are very good quality, the only difference I see is that the Oriental Trading Company brand is a tad bit less sticky but it has held up fine in any of my projects. The OTC brand is a bit less expensive and has 20 yards in a roll in most cases where as the duct tape brand is 10-15 yards usually. Since they carry both you get a fantastic selection at $4-$5 a roll and the skinny stuff is even cheaper. All of that info is in the product listing if you are unsure. I hope you try this, or some other recycling craft. I decided to put my pouch in the kids plastic canvas project binder to hold the scissors and yarn needles that are constantly slipping out of the binder pockets. What did I tell you, useful. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Mint Chocolate Lip Balm!

A couple of years ago I ordered fancy lip balm base from a cosmetic supply company so I could make my own chap-stick  It was a small, very expensive jar of soy based balm. I got the jar of lip balm base and noticed it looked like Crisco vegetable shortening, when I read the ingredients my suspicion was confirmed.  Practically the same exact thing. Fool me once. So the other day I set out to making my own lip balm with ingredients from my cupboard and here is what I made:

DCF 1.0

It works great too and tastes good enough to eat! And it is all natural, so, unless you are allergic to chocolate or soy you are good to go. You just need 3 ingredients: Vegetable shorting, Chocolate chips (or carob) and mint. You also need a glass measuring cup to heat and mix the stuff in and small food safe jars to pour the lip balm into. You can get the jars in quantities of 24 at Papermart. Disclaimer: The tins I used in this video are for demonstration purposes only.

One would think that if I could whip up a batch of lip balm with success than I would be a good cook too. unfortunately that is not the case. I felt kinda bad that my husband came home to a house that smelled of mint and chocolate but there were no yummy goodies to eat.


Ha ha ha ha, actually it was my husband who came up with that “hey girl” line, he posted it on my Facebook wall and I just about died laughing, I had to make a meme of it! That’s actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the photo (AKA Sherlock) by the way, why should Ryan Gosling have all the fun LOL!

That does it for me today. I have a studio full of projects that need to be wrapped up and a knitting class to prepare for. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Glitter Glass Tutorial!

Now that I have all of these sawed-off wine bottles I decided it was high time I thought of something to make with them. I decided I would like some chic new holiday decorations (because nothing say’s “chic” like recycled wine bottles!) I think they look pretty good and they were super simple using Future Floor Wax and 99 cent Glitter from Papermart.

Recently I was reminded of trying out for my school’s mime troupe when I was in 6th grade (yes, we had a mime troop…in rural Maine, what are the odds?) and I DID NOT make the cut. Can you believe it, I mean, I had the “Glass box”  schtick down pat…maybe I was just too much of a chatterbox…nah…it was more likely that I was too chunky for the black jumpsuits you had to wear…

…anyway, I decided to do a silent video, to see if I still possessed any of my mime talent/training…actually the furnace, water pump and washer/dryer were going so you were not going to be able to hear me anyway so I decided to try something new. .. whaddya think?

Ya know, if I WAS talking that would have been a 20 minute video 😀 I don’t think I’ll make too many silent videos, my idle chit-chat is delightful, don’t ya think? Ha ha!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!