Mixed Media Fun #1: India Ink

Howdy friends! I am so excited to share this new series of videos with you: Mixed Media Fun! Each lesson will focus on a different technique or supply. I will be working in a Canson Mixed Media pad for this series of videos. I chose this pad because it has 60 heavyweight 98#/160g heavily sized pages and I have been very happy with it. Today I am going to show you techniques using Bombay India Inks and Micron Pens. If you are in the market for any of these supplies please check out Oriental Trading Company, they provided me with many of the supplies I am using for this video series and they have a 110% lowest price guarantee so if you find a lower price on a product they sell they will beat their price by 10% so you will always pay less. And, if you do shop tell them Lindsay the frugal crafter sent you:) Here is the page we are going to make today.

DCF 1.0

You will also want a bucket of water handy and a few paint brushes (try synthetic ones meant for acrylic) and old toothbrush, a hunk of wax or white crayon and a few basic pattern stencils. Here is the tutorial:

I did not have time to do the lettering in this tutorial so the next tutorial will be on hand lettering. Anything goes with mixed media art journaling but I know that a blank page can be scary so these videos are designed to break the ice. I’ll hold your hand and teach you some techniques and introduce you to supplies and each week we will build on what you already know so before you know it you will be composing interesting pages all on your own! Again I want to thank Oriental Trading Company for their donation of materials for this free video series. Please share this with anyone you know who wants to explore mixed media or art journaling. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “Mixed Media Fun #1: India Ink

  1. Hi Lindsay, I picked up the same journal at AC Moore yesterday in anticipation of playing along. I don’t have India Inks so I’ll use my watercolors. It looks like so much fun, thanks for the videos.


  2. I love this tutorial and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come with for your next mixed media/art journal pages!

    I just started creating mixed media pages a couple of months ago and
    coincidentally, I bought one bottle of India Ink – a gorgeous turquoise color – for the purpose of finding out if India Ink would make a good (and economical!) spray. And it did, but there was a catch…

    I put about half an eyedropper worth of ink along with nearly 4 ounces of water in a new spray bottle. The spray bottle I bought had a tight fitting cap that fit over the spray nozzle, too. My homemade spray worked great! India Ink colors are richly saturated colors and I just loved the look I was getting using my spray on the project I was working on. As soon as I was done with my spray I put the cap on the spray bottle. Ha, I fell asleep that night thinking of what a ginormous stash of jewel-like homemade sprays I was going to stockpile!

    The next day, when I went to work more on my project I checked on IF the India Ink clogged the spray bottle and boy, was it clogged!. Like I was trying to spray cement through the nozzle sort of clogged. I tried flushing the nozzle out with plain water, then I tried soaking the sprayer part for several hours, then I tried soaking the nozzle with dishsoap, then with nail polish remover, and lastly with mineral spirits. Nothing worked and I trashed that spray bottle.

    If anyone knows of a way to make an India Ink spray where the spray bottle won’t be a one-time use bottle I’d sure love to know about it.


    1. I use liquid watercolors for spray inks. India ink will dry permanent so I do not recommend using them as a spray or to reink an inkpad, it will dry out and harden. I recommend for spray ink on a budges is using the Easter egg dye pellets, you can get set at the dollar store, add warm water to a spray bottle and plop a pellet in for lovely color. Just don’t add vinegar like you would when making eggs. It really works. It will probably fade if left out in sunlight for a long time but then again maybe not…


  3. WOW, this is the first time I have seen this india ink and its capabilities. Gorgeous colors. I am wondering Lindsay, what are the pros and cons of india ink vs watercolors…what do you think? While watching the tutorial, I had a question about them hardening but not like what happened to Rosie above like in a spray bottle. What happens if you leave them in a pallet for several days or do you just wash it away when your done a project because it just stays as a liquid on the pallet. Also, does it wash off your skin and out of clothing easily or is it permanent staining on clothing. Wonder how it works on 140 lb watercolor paper or the more expensive 300 lb paper. I can only imagine those delicious colors done as a watercolor type painting. They are truly awesome.


    1. India ink is permanent when dry, the color does not run as much as watercolors (is is a bit more viscous than liquid watercolors) also you need to clean your brushes and palette when you are done of they will be ruined or stained. I think it might be great for painting on fabric. Not good for sprays because it is permanent and will clog, don’t use it to re ink an inkpad for the same reason:)


  4. Who knew that little doodle book I carry around could be called an Art Journal?!!

    I’d like to see how you do the writing. I’d like to journal my favorite Bible passages, but I tend to make my words too symmetrical.


  5. I just loved this…..I have been so intimidated to start an art journal even though I have separated pages of art laying all around my studio. I think I will now challenge myself seeing how easy and fun you make it. ♥


  6. Loving it!!! Have been playing with mixed media for a little while but just on whatever paper is laying around. Will have to get a book soon. What I love the most is using what I have. I don’t need to go out and buy.


  7. Hey Lindsay,

    thanks so much for the new video series, I hope this will finally get me started on art journaling. I haven’t dared so far.

    I find all your videos so inspiring, you even made me try watercoloring. And I just got a supercheap set of 25 chalk pastels, so I’ll be hunting all your tutorials on that this week.

    I also have a mixed media question:
    Can you tell me, what Gel Medium is? I don’t find that in the local craft or art supplies store, at least not under that name (I am from Germany). Can it be substitued somehow?

    I think that it might be some white glue and something mix, but am not sure. I have decopatch glue and white glue, but both dry glossy, but I think gel medium can also be had in matt.



  8. I am thoroughly delighted to see you trying a new product out and it looks like such fun. I am definitely going to give it a try. Am glad you are moving into mixed media and journaling and look forward to seeing more. Thanks so much.


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