Ask a Crafter 27!

Howdy friends! Man oh man, does this winter seem extra long to anyone else? (whining warning) Usually I am not too bothered by winter, probably because I work from home so I can hunker down during the cold months without a care in the word but it has been so cold and snowy for so long and everything is covered with ice! I just went outside to close up the chicken coop for the night and fell in the snow (I trudged through the snow because the path was icy) I feel like the guy from the scene in the  movie “Fargo” when he is scraping ice off his windshield and has a fit…in fact I remember watching that movie when it came out and immediately identifying with him LOL! And my studio is cold, so cold, as in 50 degrees! I’ve heard of suffering for your art but this is ridiculous! That’s why this weeks Ask a Crafter is being filmed upstairs near the wood stove…a girl can only take so much. 😀

If you have any questions for next weeks show just leave a comment and I will either answer in the comments or on next weeks episode! That is if I haven’t joined Lorraine at her beach house in Florida! Haha…wait, that sounds pretty good!  If you need instant feedback from you fellow crafters be sure to check out the Frugalcrafter Community, you can even post photos of your work. Sharing is caring! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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