Rub on Resist!

Hi folks! Just popping in quick to share a quick and easy technique using supplies you probably have in your stash and if not I’ll tell you how to substitute!

Thanks for watching! Have a great Sunday and til next time happy crafting!

23 thoughts on “Rub on Resist!

  1. Great video Lindsay. That was easy peasy and oh so pretty. Loved the
    buttons and negative die cuts they really did add a cute factor along with the envelope.


  2. So that’s why I have never been able to find the twinkling h2o’s. I saw them demonstrated about 6 years ago and was never able to find anybody who sold them. I am so happy I found you, your just my style 🙂 so now I am having a blast going back on the YT to watch all your past videos.


    1. hmmm, probably but the ink might stain the rub on a little bit, you can use dye ink on glossy too if that does not work:) Try it!


    1. On the h20’s dvd kat shows that you can use any cs (cardstock) including glossy. You have to put the right amount of water in you h2o pots to get it to a good consistency and it will work really well on any type of cs. Play and experiment with them. I’ve been stamping for 30 yrs… I’m just your average gal who just loves her hobby.


  3. I have got around 140 of H2o’s over the past several yrs…from Adventures In Stamping convention,and Kat the owner and creator of the H2o’s demoing at the convention. I bought her Dvd that show’s tons of techniques and how to use the h2o’s and also her book of techniques of h2o’s. I love mine… you can paint a whole entire piece of cs with them, and then punch out the cs that has the background all painted with the h2o’s on it, and can also use your die cuts and die cut the cs…and the same with your stamps..use the h20’s thicker and paint it on the stamp and then die cut or punch the stamp image out… possibilities are endless with these little pots of shimmer paints. The dvd was done by a company called Page Sage.. maker of a lot of dvds including Tim Holtz. Loved this company so much…but went out of business too, just like this company is and no more h2o’s. I have bought their Silka paints though, and they are just as dreamy as their h2o’s pots of paint. 🙂 


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