Wimpy paint? Let’s fix it!

Hi Friends! Do you have a tube of watercolor that just doesn’t do it for you? Do what the big brands do and goose it! Punching up the color with another pigment can help you get more useable paint.

For this tube of Potters Pink, I wanted a deeper color and I wanted to reduce the shininess of the binder and increase the flow and re-wettability. I added Turner Mars Violet to deepen the color and keep the heavy granulation and reduce the gloss from the binder as the MV is very matte in finish. I added a small touch of QoR Quin magenta to increase re-wettability and flow. I added W&N Permanent rose because that was the undertone I wanted.

Regrets? I have a few, OK 1. I should have picked a different QoR color because that pink was too vibrant for the look I was after and because it fills in the space around the granulating color it reduces the overall effect. I definitely recommend only mixing up a small amount and adding a tiny amount of colors because it’s very easy to overdo. That said, if you have a color that doesn’t work for you why not give it a try and see if you can improve it. It’s yours to do with what you wish! Bonus tips: Cut up your test papers for embellishments and bookmarks and save your paint caps when you use up a color in case another cap breaks. Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Wimpy paint? Let’s fix it!

  1. Hi, Lindsay. 🙂 Funny that you should have this video. One of my ‘final’ purchases on my quest for granulation was a tube of Schminke Horadam Potter’s Pink. It is pretty, and I put it in my ‘daily palette’, but as you said – it is quite soft in color and I was thinking just last night when practicing some things with it that I wish it had just a tad more punch. Although I actually used it to tone down my Mission Gold Hooker’s Green (which is like a Sap Green – a bit bright) and it really did do a nice job to create a more natural and soft color. I will have to play with it a little to see if I can give it some pretty tones by adding some other colors. Silly – but I didn’t see the trees through the forest and think of spicing it up with some reds or pinks. I may even try some yellowish or gold tones to see what happens and what may look nice there. I will let you know. Great post. Your flowers are really pretty. 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of the week.


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