Ask A Crafter 23: Mixed Media & Marketing!

Howdy friends! It was so funny, almost all the questions we got for Ask a Crafter this week were mixed media questions. And then I got a couple craft business and marketing questions so I decided to do this weeks main show on mixed media and a bonus video on marketing and getting published. So, first up here are your questions about art supplies and mixed media. Again I am joined by my lovely friend Kathy.

And now if you ever wanted to make some money with your crafts, get your artwork published or learn how I started out in art check out the bonus video!

I’ve mentioned before how viewers like to help one another out offering tips to questions asked so please check out the YouTube comments on AAC 23 Mixed Media and AAC Bonus Craft Marketing, there was even a lady with a shop who offered space on her counter if anyone had cards to sell. I think that is awesome! If you have a question for next weeks show leave it in the comments and it might get answered in the video next week, if not I’ll type an answer at least! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!