Ask A Crafter 23: Mixed Media & Marketing!

Howdy friends! It was so funny, almost all the questions we got for Ask a Crafter this week were mixed media questions. And then I got a couple craft business and marketing questions so I decided to do this weeks main show on mixed media and a bonus video on marketing and getting published. So, first up here are your questions about art supplies and mixed media. Again I am joined by my lovely friend Kathy.

And now if you ever wanted to make some money with your crafts, get your artwork published or learn how I started out in art check out the bonus video!

I’ve mentioned before how viewers like to help one another out offering tips to questions asked so please check out the YouTube comments on AAC 23 Mixed Media and AAC Bonus Craft Marketing, there was even a lady with a shop who offered space on her counter if anyone had cards to sell. I think that is awesome! If you have a question for next weeks show leave it in the comments and it might get answered in the video next week, if not I’ll type an answer at least! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


23 Responses

  1. Another winner….oops, two winners!!! Thanks Lindsay for sharing your expertise!


  2. Loved your advice….I would love to start “marketing” myself just to support my “habit” {wink} of buying craft supplies. Love your blog adnd visit daily. Thanks so much!!!


  3. Great Videos Lindsey and Kathy!!!


  4. My husband has been after me to make some cards for him to take to work, hoping to sell them to his co-workers. I’m thinking about giving him a handful of Valentine’s cards this Monday. If people buy those, then maybe I could make cards for all occasions, and they’ll buy those too. I’m glad you mentioned a $3 – $5.00 price range, because I thought that $3.00 would be a fair price.
    I’m having a hard time hearing what Kathy is saying, and I think what she has to say is just as informative as your comments. Is there any way that maybe she could clip a little microphone to her shirt? Thanks for another great AAC (s) video.


    • Get some cards made girl, I’m sure they will sell to the men needing Valentines cards for their wives! I’ll ask Kathy to speak up, she really can be loud and boisterous but it takes a while to be comfortable being your crazy self in front of the camera:)


  5. love every video i am addicted!!!!!


  6. Hi Lindsay, I always enjoy your videos. 🙂 Just wanted to add a couple things about submitting to magazines. While my own small magazine (VSN) had a fairly quick turn-around on artwork, many (probably most) print magazines have a much longer turnaround time. (For example, there are magazines now in February that are currently working on issues for next fall or even next winter.) It’s really not at all unusual to have artwork take months or even years between when it is submitted and when it is actually printed.

    I also want to underscore what you said about following the submission directions. In my own experience, many times the reason someone’s artwork would not get published would be because they did not follow the directions. Sometimes they would not really read the challenge carefully and the artwork didn’t fit what I was looking for, sometimes they would forget to include supply lists or stamp credits, sometimes they would not include directions and sometimes the artwork just wasn’t right for the time of year. (If you are putting together a spring issue, you aren’t likely to print Christmas artwork you just received for example.) My publication took artwork submitted by emailed file and sometimes people would submit art that was low resolution or the picture quality was just horrible and so it was completely unprintable. Sigh.

    There are lots of reasons that artwork that is really lovely might not be able to be published that has nothing to do with the quality of the artwork itself. So I totally agree that you should not be discouraged or take it as a criticism of your artwork if your work doesn’t get into print right away. Keep trying!

    Nancie, VSN


  7. Really like your shorter format for the videos. The focus on one subject is nice too – it would be handy for identifying and retrieving a specific video down the road.


  8. Hi Lindsay & Kathy,
    Thanks for more entertaining info. Its so fun to watch…especially when you pull out old supplies…and I remember I have the same item in my stash!

    You had mentioned in a youtube vid that you use laytex caulk for stencil paste. I was out today and saw acrylic caulk. Are they different? Can I sub the acrylic for the laytex? If not, I’ll continue my search.

    Thanks as always!


  9. Question: Can you or do you submit the same card to different magazines at the one time?


    • Unless they specifically say “we do not consider simultaneous submissions” you are probably OK, my rule of thumb is if a magazine cant take a second to say “no thanks” then I won’t wait around to send it elsewhere. You will find that different work is better suited to different publications so you might not be sending an edgy card to Cardmaker because it is better suited to Rubber stamp Madness. In the event that two magazines want the same piece I’d give it to the first one who asks and say to the other “I’m sorry, that was requested by another publication but would you consider this work instead” and offer a card with a similar feeling. If they say they don’t want you sending it elsewhere until they decide then go by that. You must follow a magazines guidelines.


  10. Grouping the questions by topic in Ask a Crafter is a great idea.


  11. Hello fellow crafters!
    I was wondering if anyone live in Des Moines Iowa?? Would love to hear from you!
    Jackie P


  12. Good morning Lindsey, I watch your you tube video’s everyday and you always put a smile on my face. I love that you’re so knowledgeable about a lot of crafts. My question is how do you make the ribbon necklace that’s on your you tube home page. I love the way it looks.

    Thank you,


  13. Hi,

    I have a possible question for your next ‘ask a crafter’ video:

    I watched one of your videos on inks, which was really useful, and the one where you use gouache paints to reink stamp pads. When I first started using ink pads I bought loads of pigment inks as they are the most common in the shops, but I’ve found that unless you emboss with them they tend to smear. I wondered whether you know which brands smear and if there are any which do not? I do use dye pads and Tim Holtz Distress pads as well, but I like the metalics of pigment ones. Also I want to use a black ink pad in my art journalling that I can paint over with acrylics, I tend to use StazOn, but it doesn’t always print that well. Is there another pad that’s waterproof that you’d recommend for that?




    • Hi RFC, I already filmed this weeks AAC but I can help you here so you don’t have to wait. As far as black pigment it that does not smear as badly try Versafine, I would still heat set it because that will dry out the sticky glycerin that keeps the ink wet for embossing and you could always dust dome matching chalk pastel over pigment ink too to make it stay (it is a simple trick that will save you from having to buy new inkpads) but if you want a waterproof black that is not solvent based try Ranger Archival, I think that will be my next go-to after my Stampin Up refill is used up unless they fix the problems SU is having with the new black pads and ink. I have a comprehensive ink pad video here if you need more into:


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