I Like to Make Pinatas!

It’s true, I do. There is something very satisfying with turning cardboard (destined for the recycle bin) and leftover party streamers into something beautiful:


Best of all you can make a pinata to go with any party theme and match any color scheme! Here’s how:


So, earlier in the week I promised to share my funny pinata story. Well, I assembled the cardboard base while my kids were in school and the cheap dollar store masking tape I was using was lifting up at the edges and I wanted to make sure the pinata would hold up to 12 8 year olds whacking it with a wiffle ball bat (I wanted every kid to get a turn hitting it) so I reenforced a couple of the seams with duct tape. At the party the kids all gave the pinata a couple good whacks and nary a dent was made in that sucker! So they went around again without a blindfold, no hole, no dent, nothing! Parents took turns and still nothing! So finally the string broke and I calmly walked over to it, picked it up and starting smashing it against the tree from which it was hanging. I whacked the heck out of that sucker, not unlike a rock star smashing a guitar on stage. Everyone was silent, they thought I had finally lost my mind, and then all at once the other grownups broke out laughing and the kids dove for the candy. Good times.


The moral of that story is do not use duct tape to build your pinata! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!