Cutting Vinyl with your Cricut: Make an inspiration board!

There is a big trend in home decor these days and it is being embraced by companies such as Die cuts With a View, Stampin Up! and other specialty stores. Wall words. I think is some part the trend has grown in popularity is from us cricut users who discovered that we can cut sticky back vinyl in out machines. I decided that my shabby bulletin board needed a makeover so here is what I did:

Lindsay Weirich's Inspiration board
Lindsay Weirich's Inspiration board

I started cutting sign shop vinyl long before cricut started making it in fact all the Vinyl I use comes from local sign shops and is scraps! Yes that’s right as in free! The “scrap” I used for this project was 14″x20″…see, how cool is that, that is their idea of a scrap! Next time you are in a sign shop ask the manager if they will save their scraps too small for their big machines, they’ll probably be happy to rather then see it go to waste!

Here is how to make the lettering with your cricut: Open SCAL or Design Studio and select a mat to use in your machine. I used a 12″x24″ mat in SCAL and the font Staccato 222 BT, I clicked on the weld button and typed my word “Serenity” I like this word because I like how calm I am when I craft but often I am wound up when I enter my craft space and I am reminded or Mr Castanza on Seinfeld yelling “Serenity Now! Serenity Now!” yeah, that more like it! I didn’t want to waste any vinyl so I filled in some empty spots with flourishes. I cut the vinyl with the blade set to 3 and the pressure set to 2, that cut the vinyl but not the backer.


Then I removed the mat from the machine and peeled up the leftover piece of vinyl from the mat leaving only my design.


Then I pressed a piece of clear contact paper on to the design. Don’t be afraid to overlap the contact paper or piece a couple of smaller pieces together yo cover your design. Cut apart the words. Note: You can save the contact paper and use it again, just stick it back to the slick backer sheet when you are done!

Rub the contact paper with a bone folder, your fingernail or the back of a spoon to make sure the letters get stuck to it then peel away the backer. Only the vinyl will be stuck to the contact paper. Press the contact paper to the wall, or in my case the piece of foam-core that will be my new bulletin board. Rub your fingernail over the vinyl and peel back the contact paper carefully. There you have it, a vinyl transfer! Use this to spruce up your walls, furniture, lamps even your car!

Here are some more shots of my IB:

Family photos make me happy 🙂
I stitched this pocket to hold oft-used stencils and masks, yes, I made it with the cricut!
I stitched this pocket to hold oft-used stencils and masks, yes, I made it with the cricut!
It is nice to look up and see this when I create!
It is nice to look up and see this when I create!

If you want to try this but you don’t have a cricut you can try stenciling or using large stickers or get get a premade saying from one of the companies listed above.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Cutting Vinyl with your Cricut: Make an inspiration board!

  1. I saw another cool idea the other day at ac Moore, they took foam core scraps and covered them with fabric and peiced them together on the wall kind of like a quilt, it was beautiful! I am going to try that next with all the akward spaces in my basement craft area. It will brighten it up in there too!


  2. stupid question? I just ordered my cricut and am looking for inexpensive ways to use it. I am interested in using the adhesive backed vinyl. Having never seen it, I am wondering how thick it is. Does it really look like it is painted on, or can you tell it is precut vinyl? Second question? Is a permanent bond? or do you have to put a coat of something over it?
    I am looking at doing a project on glass, anything I should be aware of there? Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Hi Johnnie,
      The vinyl is the same stuff that they letter vehicles and banners with. It is pretty tough stuff, you don’t need anything on it to make it weather resistant, it will be just fine on walls or windows. If you want to do something with glass why not try etching? You make a stencil with the vinyl (some people even use contact paper) place it on the glass then dab etching cream over it. It is permanent and will not wash or wear off. A very inexpensive way yo use your cricut is to buy SCAL software and it is 10% off until 4/12/09 use the coupon code 1266018. It lets you cut any font you want as well as svg files with the cricut, you will find lots of svg freebies on my blog as well as others. I’ve used scal since july and haven’t wanted another cart since. good luck with your cricut adventures!


      1. Hi,

        I’m in need of help please. I have to glass etch three wedding candle holders with letter design dimensions of 2″H x 4″L by Friday. I’ve never done letters before and I’m having a heck of a time getting the 3-line phase to come out in the 2″x4″ stencil I need.

        I’m using the Opposite Attracks cartridge. I’ve set it anywhere from 2″ and up and am using the ‘fit to length’ feature.

        I can’t afford to get SCAL right now.

        Any help is greatly appreciated.




  3. I just found a site they have vinyl that is pretty cheap if u don’t want a lot at a time! You can also mix colors! Anyways I placed an order and recieved it the same week! you get 10 feet in roll or 10 feet mixed!


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