Follow the yellow brick road…

EDIT: I forgot to post the printable sheet of Dolly Parton Quotes, you can download or print it directly here.

Happy Friday Folks! Well, I had plans of making a tofu scramble for dinner tonight but I was overruled 4 to 1 so I grabbed a pizza and we plunked in the living room and watched Once Upon a Time while we enjoyed takeout. They has pizza and I had a veggie Italian (and french fries…I’m a vegetarian, not a saint LOL!) I love how they are bringing OZ into story-line, I also love that it is a show I want to watch with my children and not some show with obnoxious teenagers in it LOL! Anyway, this recent TV show has inspired this card:

DCF 1.0
Wizard of OZ stamps: Lost coast designs, Quote: Dolly Parton

I used the Wizard of OZ stamps from Lost Coast Designs that feature the precious illustrations from the original book. I did not use many supplies for this card and I bet you can make do with what you have too to make something like it! Watch the video for tips and hints on masking, embossing and coloring!

I hope that tutorial inspired you to dig out some of your older supplies and show them some love. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Tutorial: How to Emboss Without a Machine!

Day 2, broken coffee maker. Nuff said. I did manage to hot-wire a cup by pouring boiling water over grinds in a filter again and it is nice to know that during a zombie apocalypse I will still be able to make a decent cup of coffee, because hey, without the caffeine my brain wouldn’t even be fit for a zombie. I am a regular pioneer woman! Speaking of making do without a machine I am going to show you how to emboss paper without a die-cutting or embossing machine. It will be a good skill to have when the zombie apocalypse happens…or if you just don’t want to shell out the money for another expensive craft gadget. Here is a card I made with paper I embossed by hand:


So by now the 90% of you who have die-cutting machine are thinking “see you later, I’ll just use my machine thanks!” But wait, if you are embossing old-school you can emboss paper larger that what will fit in your machine, like, um, say a scrapbook page. Grab a cup of coffee (If you are lucky enough to have one) and check out my video tutorial…if I seem mellow today…it would be due to lack of caffeine 🙂

Easy huh? If you have any questions leave a comment and I will answer them. I’m off to fix my coffeemaker, apparently the ‘leaving it alone and hope it straightens itself out’ method  is not working. Til next time happy crafting!

Another recycled craft supply!

Have you ever thought about dryer sheets? Beyond providing you with static-free goodness in your laundry they can also be useful in the craft room. Here I used a dryer sheet (used, thank you very much!) to make the cloud in the heavenly Christmas Card. The stamp used in this card is by Pink Persimmon.

Remember yesterday when I showed you the “Jolly” card that was published in the Winter Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine? Well, this one was submitted too but not picked. The call in the magazine was for holiday cards that had song lyrics in them. I thought of this song needed an angel, clouds, gold leaf and musical notes and rich jewel tones. I colored the angel with Promarkers then colored the wings and halo with a gold paint pen (Sharpie) and for the lyrics I printed them out on cardstock, trimmed them into strips and ran the pen around the outside, it’s really easy to edge paper in gold!

Now…on the the dryer sheets!

To make the clouds I used a glue stick to adhere a used dryer sheet to a scrap of white card stock. Then I spritzed it with metallic pearl shimmer spray and ran it through my die cut machine with a Fiskars texture plate (swirly design) then I simply freehand cut a cloud.

Other ideas for dryer sheets in the craftroom:

  1. Used dryer sheets are great to wipe out glitter and embossing powder trays, they attract the static-y bits of stray glitter and powder.
  2. Take a new dryer sheet in your favorite scent and cut it into 1″ squares and place one between layers when you are making a card. The recipient will have a lovely scented card in the mail. Make sure whoever you send the card too is not sensitive to scents 😉
  3. You can layer a used dryer sheet on a card the same way you would use mulberry paper. You can spritz it with spray ink to change its color too!
  4. Die cut layered flowers from used dryer sheets.
  5. Use them in paper piecing whenever you need a sheer fabric such as a wedding veil or curtain.
  6. Place a new dryer sheet in your waste basket for a fresh scent!

You are probably thinking “Great Lindsay, now there’s one more thing I can’t throw away!”  but don’t worry or start hording, the thing about laundry is that there’s always more to do so you can save a used dryer sheet when you need it, no hoarding necessary 😉

Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

A Girlfriend Gift!

Well by now the chocolates have been opened (Hubby got me my yearly treat, vegan Belgium Chocolates from Rose City Chocolates, really I didn’t think it was possible for something to taste so good!) I had an extra special valentines yesterday, not only did I have a nice relaxing day with my family but I was asked to join the About Art Accents Design Team! The owners saw the project I did with their stamp (yesterdays Fortunate Valentine) and invited me to join. How cool! OK, OK you don’t read my blog to listen to me blab so here is today’s project.

Queen & Co

Stamp: Magenta, Die Cuts: Cricut, Felt: Queen & Co

I made this for my friend Kathy who had her birthday on Valentines day. I’m not sure If I would like that, kinda of like having your birthday on Christmas, getting the short end of the stick, you know. On the other hand it’s kinda cool too (and hubby would never forget!) Here is the card that I made to go with it. I got a bunch of Crafty Secrets stamps for Christmas that desperately needed to be inked up. I love the vintage style and they are funny too, a real plus!

Stamps: Crafty Secrets, Ribbon: American Crafts, Cardstock: The paper Co, Emb plate: Kiskars


To make the stationary box I used my Cricut Expresssion and the cartridge Tags, bags boxes and more./ I re sized it in Design Studio so it would fit my 5 1/2x 4 1/4 cards, a bit bigger to account for my envelopes.  I ‘ve had TBBM for a year but never used it much until I got the expression. The large paper I used is Strathmore 300 Series Colored Art Paper. I’ve used this for years for pastel painting and it cuts wonderfully in the cricut. It comes in 40 sheet assorted pads and is 12″x18″, larger enough for any box I want to cut and very thick and sturdy. It had a nice texture to it as well but you will want to tape it to the mat with blue painters tape because with the texture It does not stick well. I used pressure (max) and a blade depth of 3 to cut it. I think a pack of the paper is about $10, which is not bad for that many sheets but you can get it for half at Blick Art Supplies or use your coupon at AC Moore or Michel’s, call first to make sure they have it though.

I found another wonderful template sight the other day. Check out Jersgirls Computer Crafts. She has a ton of wonderful paper crafting templates. You could use her Crayon Box to make your own stationary set. You will need some way to size it up though. You could take it to a copy shop and have them make it as big as it will go an an 11×17 sheet for instance or print it at home in a legal size sheet of paper, just keep zooming in on the template when you are in your print dialogue box. Either way you will find her website a treasure!

Thanks for stopping by andtil nex time happy crafting!

Need a Quick Hostess Gift?

Well look no further! I got this adorable apron pocket die cut from Creative Cuts and More and thought it would be perfect filled with favorite recipes. You can download a printable sheet of recipe cards (blank for stamping) or download my SVG file so that you can cut them with your Cricut Machine if you have SCAL software.

Inque Boutique
Texture plate: Fiskars, Stamps: Inque Boutique
This apron holds recipe cards!
This apron holds recipe cards!

Why not pair this card with a nice cookbook, you could even sew a funky apron, wrap the cookbook in the real apron and place the card ontop for a coordinated gift. I’m not much of a cook but I do love a good apron! And talk about a green project, no wrapping paper to toss afterward.

I have a gripe with Provo Craft: It seems like Provocraft (the makers of my beloved Cricut) is coming out with a new version of Design Studio called Design Studio Pro, it will probably block Sure Cuts a Lot Software (SCAL). That is not what I am mad about, hey they have a business to run and I’m sure they don’t like people cutting anything they want with their Cricuts and them not making anything from it. What does tick me off is that they are going to make their loyal customers who bought design studio in the first place buy it again to use the new features, give me a break! In this economy to squeeze their customers more after what they charge for cartridges! SCAL just keeps looking better and better! Sorry to vent but that just ticks me off, charging an arm and a leg for their font cartridges then charging people again to be able to use them and the fact that you can only use your copy of DS on one computer so if you get a new PC, or it crashes you have to buy it all over again! Scal lets you have it on multiple computers and if it crashes and you lose your activation code the owner will email you a new one personally. Get with the program Provo Craft, I love my cricut but I’m not loving the company who makes it. Give us a break! BTW if you are thinking about getting SCAL software you should download the current free trail of design studio, it will work with whatever cartridge comes with your cricut (George for the personal cuter, Plantain Schoolbook for the Expression) you can use it to design with those carrts in the free trial mode and you need to have this to use SCAL.

OK I’m done venting. I Think I’ll spend what’s left of this rainy morning shopping with a gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket! Thanks for stopping by and until next time Happy Crafting!