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EDIT: I forgot to post the printable sheet of Dolly Parton Quotes, you can download or print it directly here.

Happy Friday Folks! Well, I had plans of making a tofu scramble for dinner tonight but I was overruled 4 to 1 so I grabbed a pizza and we plunked in the living room and watched Once Upon a Time while we enjoyed takeout. They has pizza and I had a veggie Italian (and french fries…I’m a vegetarian, not a saint LOL!) I love how they are bringing OZ into story-line, I also love that it is a show I want to watch with my children and not some show with obnoxious teenagers in it LOL! Anyway, this recent TV show has inspired this card:

DCF 1.0

Wizard of OZ stamps: Lost coast designs, Quote: Dolly Parton

I used the Wizard of OZ stamps from Lost Coast Designs that feature the precious illustrations from the original book. I did not use many supplies for this card and I bet you can make do with what you have too to make something like it! Watch the video for tips and hints on masking, embossing and coloring!

I hope that tutorial inspired you to dig out some of your older supplies and show them some love. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


12 Responses

  1. Cute Mr. Tin Man Lindsay….thanks for the video! Now, I’m off to see the Wizard and make a card!!!! TFS


  2. Adorable card!! Once Upon a Time is a fave in my house as well!


  3. Cute card. I like the Oz characters as well but I don’t have any of their stamps. A couple of Christmas’s ago, one of my crazy kids found some flying monkeys and they were shooting each other with them – until something almost got broken!!….and the “kids” are all in their 30’s and 40’s by the way.

    I do the tracing and cutting to get the smaller border as well. When I do a label I either ink it like you did or I leave it in the die and ink it and that leaves a nice white border. Both ways look nice.

    We both love tofu too and I should send you my recipe for Messy Tofu (Joe named it). It’s something I created myself and he loves it.


  4. Love this Lindsay, especially love the saying!!


  5. fabulous card dear Lindsay!
    I also like this fab technique below!
    Sorry for not visiting – but I am a little bit stressed the last time with job and family…
    but all is good- just more to do and not sooo much time for my visits…



  6. Hi Lindsay! I need inspiration, well I have that, I guess I need help with how to process. I bought cute little Hampton Art die cut out cards that open. They are Easter themed (thinking I would make Easter cards). For example, one pack has bunny face cut outs on the front for the card and is light pink. What can I do with them. If I fill in the blank space with illustration (like the bunny’s face) when the reader opens the card it will look weird just being in the middle of a white opened card. They were only a dollar but they are cute and I want to use them. I am lost. Help!


    • How about you search online for free vintage Easter clip art and print it and adhere it to the inside of the card so you see part of the picture through the cut out?


  7. I love the bright colors on this card and the Oz stamps. We watch Once Upon a Time too–great show. I especially love Mr. Gold–he is my fave and an awesome actor. Sleepy Hollow is great too. Second season is in the making now. If you haven’t seen it, it’s set in NE, in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Great for kids, although the headless horseman and some of the other creatures might be a bit much for little ones.


  8. I’ve got a question for the ask a crafter. My mom’s homemade gelatin plate (your recipe) is very sticky. When we are using it, the stickiness makes it difficult to pull the print. When we remelt it is there something we could add to it to make it work better?

    Thank you.


    • just remelt it, it will dry it up a bit. If it is still stick you might spray it with alcohol and wipe it off before printing.


  9. Thanks for another great video Lindsay.


  10. Fun card Lindsay, looks great too! ~Diane


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