Another Quick Fall Landscape, Creative block & 20% OFF Lifebook!

Hi Friends! I hope you don’t mind another quick, beginner, Fall watercolor painting tutorial:


It was such a beautiful fall weekend that we took out the kayaks and I managed to snap a few decent pics for the foliage on the pond and I based my tutorial on them.


The tall pic is the same bunch of trees I masked in the tutorial, I think the composition is more interesting tall. You can paint it however you like. I picked the landscape version because it filled the video screen better but in retrospect I like the tall one better.


Here is the tutorial, more of a quick sketch but we use the technique for masking on the rocks and trees so that is worth something I guess. I was excited to use my new White Nights paints that have been collecting dust for a couple of weeks on my desk. I will have another tutorial/review coming up this weekend on those:)

If you are only here for today’s tutorial you can stop reading. I am going to ramble a bit, just a warning:) Oh and if you want the 20% off discount for Life Book 2017 scroll to the end of the post.

Honestly I was not that happy with how the painting came out. If I have to be honest I have not been that happy with the way a lot of things I have been making have turned out lately. You should see the pile of crappy scraps (UFOs-unfinished objects) on my table right now! I have been feeling overwhelmed and uninspired lately, and tired. Maybe I have a bit of burnout, or maybe it is just the change of seasons making me feel glum, maybe I am fighting off a cold, I have no idea. I know I am always trying to cram too many things in a day and then I feel disappointed in myself when I can’t complete them. For the past week I have been trying to keep a reasonable schedule and allowing myself adequate time to do the stuff on my calendar. It seems like reason has no place these days, everyone seems panicked and stressed-out online. Experts and consultants tell me I need to grow my audience on social media meanwhile I’m thinking that I already have a freaking awesome community and I need to grow my skills as an artist and create stuff that is worth your time to watch. I want my YouTube channel and blog to be valuable to you. For some time now I have been thinking and feeling that this YouTube social media game is just a contest of who can yell the loudest and get the most views instead of providing value and real community. I was feeling a bit disillusioned I guess. So there it is. For the past three years posting a new project every day was inspiring and fun, but there have been times when I felt “oh, I need to post something today, oh no, I have no ideas!” like I am a kid trying to get perfect attendance or something. So now I am thinking “Hey, I’ll post something if I have something worth posting” and pass on mindless filler that helps no one. Of course, then again sometimes I make something I think is wonderful and nobody else does or I will post something that I think is super simple and it is a hit. You just never know.  One thing I know is that YOU are awesome and I want to develop my skills and make tutorials that will enhance your day and inspire you to create. It has always bothered me that YouTube (a platform that I am very grateful for to be able to use for free and has allowed me to reach so many people) encourages us and rewards us for keeping people glued to the screens and I want people to grab their paint and stamps and whatever supplies they have after watching one of my videos and create! I want you to DO not just watch. I know I feel better when I create and I feel bad when I just watch a screen.

Maybe I am over thinking all of this, what do you think? Bottom line is there might be a video every day, or I might skip a day or two from time to time. I am not sure if anyone would notice a missing day if I didn’t say anything about it but you are my peeps and I like to keep you in the loop. That is all I guess, til next time happy crafting!

PS. Yes there will be a live show on Friday 12:30pm ET, it is my favorite part of the week!

PPS. I almost forgot to mention the deal! I just got word that I can offer a 20% off discount to anyone wanting to join Life Book 2017 if you click this link and use the coupon code FIREWORKS2017 you will receive 20% off the class price. AND if you already bought the course they will refund you the 20% or give you another free course so no worries to the early enrollers. You can find out more about LifeBook and see the amazing roster of teachers here, I am so happy to be involved this year!

Really, that is all I have to say today:) Thanks for stopping by and listening to my rant, honestly I do feel better:)

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