Sketchbook Sunday Fluffy Cat in Gouache

Hi friends! Today’s project was a challenge but it was fun to work through the kinks in this painting.

You can find the real-time version of this tutorial in Critique Club.
Every month you get a new creative prompt, 2 real-time intermediate/advanced tutorials and the ability to upload 2 paintings for an in-depth critique from me to help you grow as an artist. You also get access to previous months tutorials as long as you are a member. Click the link above to learn more or join today! *Some people join just for the tutorials, you only have to upload your work for critique if you want to.

Enjoy the time-lapse version and see how the piece came together.

Supplies (affiliate links to Arteza and Amazon, if shopping on the Arteza website use coupon code PROMO10 for 10% off)

I hope you got a chance to paint or draw today! Happy crafting!


A Project to Practice your Ink Blending!

Hi Friends! This birthday card is fun to make with limited supplies! It comes with an interior pocket that holds a bookmark/tag and would also be handy to hold a gift card! This card can be reused too.

Watch the video to see how!

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  1. Make an A2 size card and tape it to your workspace. 
  2. Cut a curved line out of a scrap piece of thin paper and cover the bottom half of your card. Cut a circle from a post it note and place in on the paper overlapping the mask.
  3. Use a straight edge of paper as a mask to ink sunbeams protruding from the masked circle in orange ink. Then repeat from the other direction using a different shade of orange or red. Add yellow over it all if desired.
  4. Remove the mask and place the other half of the curvy mask over the sun/sky area and ink the grassy area with shades of green ink.
  5. Stamp the pigs on the hill in black and the roosters towards the bottom. Stamp grass in green and black on the bottom edge and ink around the edges in black.
  6. Remove the tape and add banner to card with foam tape and add enamel dots. 
  7. Use a scrap of paper to make the inside pocket of the card and decorate a tag to go in it. Use the tag for writing so the card can be reused by the recipient!

Feel free to use whatever ink blending tools you like to make this project! The more you practice the better you will get and the more professional your cards will look! Happy crafting!

Try this Refreshing Painting!

Hi friends! Today we are going to pant this refreshing class of strawberry lemonade!

Grab your supplies and follow along!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

I hope you paint something joyful today! Happy crafting!

One Drawing 2 ways // Sketchbook Sunday

Hi friends! Today for sketchbook Sunday I decided to draw the same subject twice. Once in marker and once in watercolor. Watch the video and let me know what one you like better!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

That’s it for me tonight! I am late getting this blog post up because I got to spend the afternoon teaching an amazing group of ladies how to paint lilacs in watercolor! What a fun time! I hope you had a great day too and til next time happy crafting!

Comparing 2 paints of vastly different price points…

Hi friends, I just saw Arteza has come out with an artist-grade acrylic and I wondered how it compared to the student grade (AKA premium) paint I have been using for a while. My general opinion of Arteza products is that you get a bit more than you pay for and seeing these new expert acrylic paints with a higher price tag piqued my interest. Are the worth double or triple the price of the premium paints I have been enjoying all along? I will compare the premium tubes and pouches to the expert paints in today’s video!

FYI: Arteza products come in 3 levels: Classic-children’s grade, Premium-Student grade and Expert-Artist/professional grade. I have used many of their premium and expert products and they all live up to the claims.


Affiliate links to the products I mention. If shopping at Arteza website you can use the coupon code PROMO10 FOR 10% off. I also linked to Amazon because sometimes the price can vary between sites.

Characteristics of the premium acrylics:
*Semi-gloss sheen
*Bright colors
*High tinting strength.
*Colors mix well
*Large range of colors to choose from
*Some colors are semi-transparent due to pigments used and gloss-addition of mediums and perhaps extenders.
*soft body consistency
Price is between .03 and .07 cents per ml

Characteristics of the expert range
*Matte to Satin finish (Browns and black are a bit shinier)
*Heavy body consistency
*Great tinting strength
*colors mix cleanly
*Available in 12 colors (good mixing range)
*Costs .15 cents per ml

Differences: I noticed that the expert paint went further in a stroke and have more solid uniform coverage where some colors in the premium range could be streaky and need another coat. The matte finish of the Expert paint is a difference as well but I think is more about personal preference than a quality issue. I also noticed that even though they kept the names and color numbers consistent they did use different pigments in 4 of the expert colors but the crimson was the only one that looked different swatched out.

Bottom line:
This 12 color set would last a while and you could learn to paint and mix colors without hindrance however the premium paint is still really good at half to a third of the price. If you are someone who preferred to have a lot of colors to play with go for the premium, you can’t beat it. I think learning to mix colors might be easier with the limited palette of the Expert 12 color set tho. I like the big pouches myself because I tend to mix colors if I am painting and when I am working on crafts or furniture I like to have a large amount because I go through it. Choose what is right for you, it’s all good:) I’ll say the best value per ml is the premium tubes if the smaller tubes are useful to you.

One thing I forgot to mention is light fastness and both the premium and expert ranges had great light fast ratings so you shouldn’t worry too much about fading in either product. Which would you pick? Til next time happy crafting!

Something I drew on Vacation…

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s August already? Crazy huh? I have been busy since I got back from my week off but unfortunately I don’t have something completed, instead I have about 4 projects in the middle in various stages of drying, setting up or curing so today I thought I’d share a drawing of a mushroom I did on vacation:

I used my Inktense pencils (those have been way too neglected) and a few Prismacolors and a white gel pen. My sketchbook is Stillman & Birn Beta Series mixed media. I really like how it turned out. Honestly I didn’t do too much art on vacation. I read, relaxed and played with my family (including our new puppy Penny) most of the time. I really needed to recharge!

A couple of fun things to note!

  • Tomorrow (8/2/19) I will be at Accents on Harlow Street in Downtown Bangor from 5-8pm for the first Friday artwalk, Hope to see some local peeps there!
  • The new monthly prompt is up in Critique Club, it’s all about setting and achieving art goals. You can find in in the curriculum if you are a member and if you want to join you can do so here.
  • I am working on several new craft projects to share soon. I got such a wonderful response with my “10 Boho Jewelry Designs” video that I decided to put up a few more craft tutorials as folks were missing that kind of thing. Stay tuned for that!

I hope August is treating you kindly and til next time happy crafting!

I LOVE the Way This Watercolor Painting Turned Out!

Hi friends! Last week while I was on vacation to my favorite secluded spot I took a photo at sunset. I shared it on Instagram and asked if anyone would be interested in a tutorial when I got back home and many of you were! Here is the painting:

And here is the photo:

This is an easy sunset to paint and you only need 3 colors! They are pretty common colors you probably have if you ever painted in watercolor before. Grab your supplies and let’s paint!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

  • Watercolor paints *I had Davinci in my Palette: Any brand is fine tho:) Cool Red (Alizarin Crimson or Permanent rose or Quin Rose or Red Rose Deep), Cool Blue (Pthalo Blue or Pthalo Turquoise or Prussian blue), Cool to neutral yellow (Hansa yellow light or Cad yellow light or Lemon)
  • Watercolor paper: I used Strathmore windpower (but it’s overpriced on amazon) Try Arches instead, it’s better and cheaper.
  • Brushes
  • Tape

***Last Days to save 50% on my Watercolor Landscape Workshop!

(regular price $79, with deal $39.50) Use coupon code LANDSCAPE50OFF if the discount doesn’t appear automatically. Offer ends 8/1/19

I have really enjoyed seeing my students progress in this course and hearing their awesome feedback, Here are what a few of my students had to say about Watercolor Landscape Workshop:

Lindsay, I have taken classes in acrylics, watercolor, and even some in oils, all over the country. Your classes are by far the very best!! I enjoy how thoroughly and patiently you explain every step. I have had no formal training in any of these areas, so I really do appreciate that I can always be successful while having fun with your tutorials!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents as an artist and as a teacher!


Hi Lindsay! For the first time, taking your class my clouds look like CLOUDS! They are not perfect but I’m loving your instructions. Especially the use of color. Great techniques and using the correct pigments together make a huge difference. Thank you! Can’t wait to progress along with the landscapes. Also I wanted to add that I am learning so much from you! Like for example how to watch the video and then allow myself to flow and work quickly! Not to overthink! And I love it! You are an awesome teacher of good technique! Thank you for sharing your skills!

-Stacy Simon

Very excited about this Watercolor Landscape Class. I LOVE your classes and free tutorials!! So fun continuing to learn about watercolor. You are the best teacher and so carefully explain techniques that a beginner can easily follow. These paintings are beautiful! 

-Crystal Neuendorf

I enjoyed all of these it helps to understand an order to how to do things Also the mixing and having the colors limited. I started water coloring about 3 years ago I think and have thoroughly enjoyed doing things but I want to include the beautiful world around me and thought this would help. I think it will thank you so much. You are a terrific instructor and I follow u on you tube.

-Noreen Latimer

If you want to join the hundreds of watercolorists improving their watercolor landscape painting skills please check out Watercolor Landscape Workshop! Click this special discount link to take advantage of the final days of the launch month special! Use coupon code LANDSCAPE50OFF If the discount doesn’t automatically appear. Deal ends 8/1/19. Thanks for painting with me today and til next time happy crafting!

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