Vintage Look Glass Tile Necklace with Hand Dyed Ribbons

Hi friends! I decided to do a craft fair in my town for old home week. If you are local it will be this Saturday from 9am-4pm at the public library, I’d love to see you! With that in mind I was thinking about cute things I could batch up to sell in addition to my watercolors and cards. I came up with these using some supplies I got recently.


I love how I can use up that really precious paper I have been hoarding. I think this would be a fun birthday party craft as well as people of all ages and skill level can make them. In today’s video I’ll show you how to make these sweet charms and also hand dye the ribbons for a fun vintage flair!

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1. Collage pressed flowers on to scrapbook paper (if desired) and glue tile over image, let dry.
2. Soak ribbon in hot water with table salt mixed in (about a tablespoon to 4 cups) squeeze out the excess water and apply a few drops of ink and work it into your ribbon. After the ribbon dries you should rinse it out to remove excess dye and let it dry again. It will end up much lighter so keep them in mind as you are adding color.
3. Trim excess paper from tiles.
4. apply a coat of clear glue to the back of the tile (on the paper) and glue on the bail and let dry.
5. Cut ribbon to 30″ lengths and add to finished tines. Tie ribbon ends together to make a secure knot and trim ribbon. You can add a bit of glue or fray check to ribbon ends to prevent fraying if desired.


I hope you enjoyed this project and til next time happy crafting!


Happy Birthday to me (And a Treat for You!)

Hi friends! I am going to keep it short and sweet (no pun intended) today because it’s my birthday and I am going to spend it with my family on the coast:)


I am turning the big 4-2 today so I thought it would be fun to put all of my courses on sale for $42 for a week. Use coupon code HB42 to get the discount! Just click “Add Coupon” after clicking to enroll and add HB42 in the box. You can also get a 46% off discount of payment plans if that fits your budget better. I had a lot of interest in my older classes recently so now you can grab them for a song. If you click on one of the thumbnails below the discount code will already be applied:)

watercolor_floral_thumb (1)




Have a great day and til next time happy crafting & painting!

All of my watercolors (prepare to be shocked and amazed like my husband was LOL!)

Hi friends! Last night I did a surprise live stream showcasing all of my watercolor palettes and how I store my watercolor tubes. I often get questions about this paint vs that paint and after my watercolor brush livestream I had several requests to go through my palettes as well. I went through my watercolor swatch binder as I went through the palettes so you could see the colors swatched out and make notes and compare if you were interested in any of the brands. I have viewers all over the world and I know some paints are easier and harder to find so I hop this can help you determine paint sets to fit your needs and budget. As another fun element my husband was on hand relaying questions to me throughout the live stream, you can her the surprise in his voice as more and more palettes were revealed LOL! Good thing he doesn’t mind my collection:)

If you are looking to purchase a set of colors I find Amazon has the best prices on full sets however if you are just looking to buy individual tubes and pans websites like Jerry’s Artarama (use coupon frugal20FS49 for 20% off non sale items), Cheap Joes, Blick and Merri Artist have better prices. Please note that I am an Amazon associate and although this video is not sponsored Jerry’s Artarama is a regular sponsor of my blog and YouTube channel.  I have also noted in this video where I purchased a product or if it was free from a sponsor or manufacturer. I am an infinitely curious person and I enjoy testing out new watercolors. I have more than anyone needs for painting but I make a living with my blog and YouTube channel and reviewing products viewers requests part of my video content I like to provide. Yes, its excessive, I know. Please don’t feel like you need to own as many palettes, use what you have and use this info as a basis to compare and make educated purchases in the future. The best paints to use are the ones you have:)

You can find a playlist of product reviews here if you want more info on any particular paint set and you can see how and why I use a swatch binder here. I hope you found this palette show and tell useful and til next time happy crafting!

Optimistic Retro Fruit!

Hi friends!  I love bright colors and kitschy designs so when I doodled a little postcard with orange slices on it yesterday:


I knew I wanted to explore this subject more and thus was born my optimistic fruit from my imagination:


Fun huh? This took me about an hour to create but through the magic of YouTube you can see it come to life in about 15 minutes. I hope you enjoy! It is not a difficult painting, it is a fun piece you can doodle and get to know your supplies with. Feel free to use any water-soluble pastel or crayon you have and paint along. I’ll also list the exact supplies I used below, they are a bargain and I have been having a ball playing with them:)

Supplies (affiliate links used)


So, I asked my hubby about creating something like this in a large format for the kitchen (I have like a 3’x4′ canvas burning a hole in my studio) and he seemed OK with the idea but not overjoyed by the thought but I think it would look really cool with maybe some of my other tropical inspired paintings. What do you think. I mean, it’s a kitchen, it can’t make it any worse right? LOL! I just want being in the kitchen to me more pleasant, I want a kitschy kitchen haha! I think it would look good with my black and white checkerboard floor, white cabinets and blue walls, what do you think? Also if I d the large acrylic do you want a tutorial? Oh, on another note I might have a live stream watercolor palette tour this evening, I am thinking after dinner, maybe around 7pm Eastern time just to give you a heads up.  And one more thing, we just updated the shop with new paintings for July so check it out if you want to own a Lindsay original. Phew, that was a lot of info, have a great Sunday and til next time happy crafting!

Back to School Product Review from Maped

**Please note, I am away this week so there is no live show today. I am hoping to have one on Sunday though:)

Hi friends! Whether you have kids or grandkids going back to school or you are a teacher stocking up for the school year ahead or you are just looking for some good quality but inexpensive coloring supplies back to school time is a great time to get some deals. I was set a box of office supplies from Maped that may be just what you are looking for. Watch my video review below:

*I really like all of these product except for the Color’Peps Duo pencils.

Supplies in order or appearance, prices are taken from Amazon and may change without notice. Affiliate links used. These supplies were provided to me for review purposes. To find a Maped supplied near you please visit their website.

  1. Color’Peps Jungle Caddy Markers $7
  2. Color’Peps Duo Markers $6.55
  3. Watercolor Pencils Color’Peps Aqua $10 for 24 set $16 for 48 set in tin
  4. Novelty Sharpeners Bunny and frog $4  Also available a 2 hole sharpener (caterpillar)
  5. ***Color’Peps Duo Pencils (I don’t recommend these)
  6. Graph’Peps Stencil Mania felt tip pens $17.68
  7. Black’Peps Mechanical Pencils
  8. Erasers

I am a sucker for stationary, I love the smell of a new pencil box and the novelty of cute supplies. If that’s worng I don’t wanna be right! Til next time happy crafting!

My Outdoor Sketching Supplies & Etchr Slate Art Bag Review

Hi friends! Since it is summer and world Watercolor Month I thought it would be fun to share what I bring for sketching and painting outside:


I also received this travel art bag to review so I took it out sketching a couple of times and I will share what I think of it in today’s video.

The Etchr Slate Satchel is a stylish, well made waterproof bag for plein air painting and urban sketching. This is a high quality waterproof bag with tabs and cords for holding your supplies like pens, pencils and sketchbooks (or tablets.) There is a front pocket that will allow me to carry a flask of water, small sketchbook, rag and watercolor palette as well as a secure zipper pocket on the front flap that will accommodate my phone and wallet so I don’t need to carry an extra bag for that. The bag is sleek enough to take around with you on a bus, plane restaurants or the office without looking out-of-place. This bag sells for $119 USD and they ship worldwide from Australia. Etchr provided me with this bag for review purposes.

The bag looks great and is well made, the zippers move smoothly and the straps are easy to adjust. The velcro tabs and loops are very strong. There is even a mount if you want to put this bag on a tripod for easel sketching. This bag is also free on animal products.

Cons: The bag is really slim meaning you won’t be able to keep all kinds of supplies in there, I think drawing or watercolor is probably it. This is definitely not for oil or acrylic painters or if you need to carry bulky materials. I use a flask for my water as a water bottle would not fit well in the large pocket. Also it is a bit awkward to get used to wearing the bag but it does get more natural the more you do it.

I think this would be idea for an urban sketcher where you have limited space to work (like on a bus, train or busy street) and you need to look chic because you are sketching on your lunch hour. It feels a bit fancy for me as I traipse through the woods though LOL!

Bottom Line: It’s a well made bag that is as stylish as it is functional.

My favorite sketching supplies:

You can find out more about Etchr here. I hope you get outside to paint this summer, til next time happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday & World Watercolor Month!

Hi friends! Just popping in quick today with my Sketchbook Sunday video!

I decided to paint a sunny pasture because today’s prompt for World Watercolor Month is Sunny Days. July is world watercolor month and it is such a fun challenge, all you do is create watercolor art and tag it #worldwordercolormonth on social media and you can see what others are painting too. There is a facebook group that is so inspiring but even if you don’t use facebook you can search the hashtag online and get inspired. I am a member of the facebook page but other than that I have no affiliation with World Watercolor Month or Doodlewash (the website that puts it on) but it is a wonderful way to get involved and be inspired with watercolor painting! Happy crafting!

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