A “Meh” Week Sat chat 1/7/23

Hi friends! This week was rather bland. I didn’t accomplish much or have much energy. It’s been grey and “blech” out. I spent all day yesterday keeping the couch from floating away. I just couldn’t get motivated. The sun is out today and I automatically feel better. I took the do for a long walk and I am fixing to do some cooking. I think bread baking and chili simmering will smell wonderful! What are you up to this weekend?

I did manage to get my art areas cleaned and organized last week. I’ll share a decluttering video this week and then detailed tours of both my room of hard and the filming office later in the month. It feels good to have that done and at least I was able to use my non-inspired time to deal with that mess LOL! I also wanted to mention (because I forgot to in the video) that my Watercolor Glass Class is on sale for 40% off if you were waiting for a sale to grab that. Use coupon code GLASS40OFF if the discount doesn’t appear automatically. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Update on the Maries Masters Watercolor Review

Hi friends, I recently had a chance to try more colors from the Maris Master’s line of watercolors (Thanks Ophelia!) I purchased a triad of 3 colors a few months ago and was really impressed by them but I couldn’t speak to the rest of the line of paints, Well, now I can!

Full swatch of the Maries Masters watercolors I have.

I haven’t tried all of the colors. There are 55 in all including 4 metallic and 7 pearlescent colors. I have 37 of the standard colors you can see above. I feel this gives me a nice feel for the line. I drew hearts in the colors I liked best. There are some gems in there for sure. Watch the video to get the full rundown.

The Maries Masters watercolor can be found at Jerry’s Artarama, and on Amazon (affiliate link) but Jerry’s usually has the best deal because you can purchase just the tubes you want and that is how I recommend purchasing these paints to avoid duds.

Comparison swatch of Winsor & Newton professional watercolor next to the Maries Master watercolors.

These remind me a lot of Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor. In the image above you can see the swatch where I compared Winsor & Newton Professional watercolor to the Maries Masters watercolor of a similar hue. These are very close in look, feel, and tinting strength.W&N is on the left and Maries Masters are on the right. There are 2 MM red swatches to the right of the one W&N swatch because I was trying to find the closest color. They don’t have as many colors in the range nor do they have cadmium, cobalt, or other more pricey pigments but I still feel it is a fantastic value if you can get these for around $3 a tube. I bought my first 3 colors on sale for $2.50 a tube and my friend Ophelia sent me the other colors. Currently, Jerry’s has these on sale for $3.49 per tube but I have seen them as low as $2 a tube so keep an eye on the price.

Now, before you go I want to warn you that these are not the same as Maries Artist watercolors, those are chalky, dull, smell bad and shrink and fall out of the pans when dried down. I only recommend the Mares Master watercolors. The other Maries products I have tried over the last decade have been disappointing. I hope this review was helpful. Happy crafting!

Happy New Year!

Hi friends! As I reflect on this year I am happy. I hope you are as well. Are you making any resolutions or goals? I am doing my year-end art studio “defrag” (I’ll go into that in the video) and reorganizing and moving stuff around. I like to put my hands on all of my supplies and see what I have forgotten about and what I likely will not use. I actually came across a stack of 15 small dry-erase boards and erasers (why!?!) so I am giving those to a friend who owns a Montessori school probably with some other supplies that are age appropriate if I come across them. Oh, the wonderful surprises we find lurking in your art and craft rooms LOL! I hope no matter how you choose to ring in the new year you do so safely. We are going to have pizza and a movie at home. I read a quote that I want to share with you, my friends, on this New Year’s Eve:

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start.” —Nido Qubein

May you have a happy and healthy New Year! Now on to the last Sat chat of 2022!


  • Cherry painting is up now in Critique Club! For just $5 a month you get access to all past tutorials (with 2 new ones added every month!) Monthly creative prompts to get the creative juices flowing and the ability to upload your original art for feedback from me! Artists of all levels are welcome and we’d love to have you as part of the club!
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  • The awesome mug my sister gave me! Maine Monsta Mug by Studio 207 She doesn’t have any items listed right now but you can contact her via her ETSY shop.
  • There are lots of affordable options for pastel drawers on Amazon
  • the plastic storage and metallic dishes are from Harbor Freight. You can find them on Amazon too
  • The stained glass kit is from Michaels, I’ll do a video when I make it!

Be safe out there! Happy crafting!

Fix it with Mixed Media!

Hi friends! I hope you had a nice holiday weekend if you celebrate. We got to visit with both sides of the family and it was so nice. There were some wild wind and rain storms that took out power and internet for a couple of days but luckily we have a generator so we were able to keep my basement art studio from flooding too badly. It’s becoming a tradition to have a power outage on Christmas, I think it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us to relax. Anyway, I was actually painting this when the lights went out:

Still-life painting of cherries in a teal ceramic bown and clear wine glass with a black background.

It can be a good thing to take a break in the middle of a painting because when you come back to it you will have a fresh perspective. If you would like to paint along with a real-time tutorial of this lesson you can find it now in Critique Club. For $5 a month you get access to all past Critique Club tutorials (there are 96!) as well as 2 new ones added every month along with a monthly creative prompt. You can even upload your art for feedback from me. All artists or any level are welcome to join, we’d love to have you part of the club!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

Since we were painting glass today, and it is so much fun to paint AND I haven’t put this class on sale in forever I decided to offer you 40% off my Watercolor Glass Class! This class has lifetime access so you can buy it on sale and take it when you have the time! Click the discount link or use the coupon code GLASS40OFF if the discount doesn’t appear automatically. *Offer good for 40% off the one-time purchase of the class or the 1st payment on a payment plan.

watercolor painting of rainbow colored bottles

I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I hope I will see you in a class soon! Thank you for your support and til next time happy crafting!

Still life painting on a desk surrounded by watercolor paints, pencils and brushes.

Let’s paint a Candy Cane with Watercolor Pencils and Watercolor! Full relaxing tutorial!

Hi friends! I saw a beautiful reference photo on Instagram by Dennis Pfeil Artworks, he hosts the #foodpaintchallenge where artists can create a painting from his weekly reference photo and share it. I thought that was just the thing I felt like doing, so I did!

Hand holding a brush painting a watercolor of a candy cane surrounded by watercolor pencils and paint.

I hope you will paint along with me. This video is step-by-step and in real-time. Feel free to share it with your friends and all paint along together!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

I hope you are having a lovely holiday season. I have some wrapping and a little more crafting to do before the weekend but I actually feel like I have enough time to enjoy it, knock on wood! Happy crafting!

These are SO Cool!!! The best color palette tool I have ever seen

Hi friends! Today I am super excited to share a super awesome tool called The Color Cube & Color Catalog. It was designed by Sarah Renae Clark to help adult coloring book enthusiasts pick color schemes but the uses go so much further than that! Painters, cardmakers, scrapbookers, quilters, and designers can use this tool to brainstorm new color ideas and plan new projects! I also love that I can draw a card at random and sketch it for a bit of relief from art block or a fun warm-up to a painting session. See it in today’s video.

I really appreciate the massive amount of work that went into the Color Cubes, Color Catalog, and Color Companion which tells you what colors match across a variety of colored pencils and marker brands. It’s mind-boggling. I just wish I knew about it sooner so I could have ordered cubes for Christmas gifts. What do you think? How would you use these?

Time for Oil Pastels!

Hi friends! Today I have a still life in oil pastels. I used a beautiful reference image from The Color Cube/The Color Catalog.

still life painting in oil pastel of a lemon tart and raspberries

A real-time version of this Lemon tart oil pastel tutorial can be found in Critique Club. For $5 a month you get access to 95 long, in-depth, and real-time art tutorials! You also get monthly prompts and the ability to upload your original artwork for feedback from me. Click here to learn more or enroll today!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

I hope you enjoyed this project and til next time happy crafting!

still life painting in oil pastel of a lemon tart and raspberries

Sat Chat 12/17/22

Hi friends! What are you up to today? I am ticking things off my Christmas to-do list. I have done most of my wrapping so I can see what I still need to get. I made a list so hopefully, I can grab those last few things in one trip to town this week. I hope you have a relaxing or productive weekend depending on what you need right now. December can be hectic so be sure to take care of yourself and each other. Now, here is Sat Chat, I am feeling 100% better after my cold last weekend!

Stuff I mentioned:

  • The Color Cube/The Color Catalog I was talking about. *I’ll have an overview of it on Monday if you are curious about what I am talking about.
  • A real-time version of the lemon tart oil pastel tutorial can be found in Critique Club

That’s all for today! Happy crafting!

2 Prismacolor Pencil Colors Are Being Discontinued (Here are Substitutes!)

Hi friends, I found out this week that Prismacolor discontinued two of their light purples Lilac PC956 and Lavender PC934 due to pigment availability. They will eventually come out with new light purple colors to replace these I’m told. The colors because discontinued because the pigment used to make them was no longer available. In the meantime, I wanted to find a substitute for these colors that were available in open stock as well as being soft and blendable and I have found two reasonable facsimiles.

Swatch of Prismacolor lilac and lavender pencils and comparable substitites.

In the meantime, the 150 sets of Prismacolor pencils will have an extra white and colorless blender in place of the lilac and lavender pencils and the smaller sets will sub out other colors. I think it is funny that none of the new pastel sets had matches for these. 1 I hope this helps someone mourning the loss of these colors. Happy crafting!