Painting on Round Watercolor Paper (Petunia real-time painting tutorial with 4 colors)

Hi friends, we went to Belfast last weekend and I popped into my favorite little art shop there called Fiddleheads. I saw some beautiful handmade round watercolor paper packs there and decided to try them out!

Here is the reference photo I took. A few blooms fell off of the potted petunia I got for my mom for mothers day so I put them in a shot glass, Fancy!

The paper surface is hot-pressed and smoother than other handmade papers I have used. I really liked it! You can check it out and paint along in today’s tutorial

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I think if I were to frame this I would mount it on a black matboard and then cut a square mat to go around the paper so you can see the pretty deckle edge and then frame it in a sure frame. They make 12″ square frames for record albums and scrapbook pages so they are pretty easy to find. Would you frame it? Happy crafting!

Replay of the Michaels Live OnLine class (Pattern Download Included)

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a replay of the Michaels class I taught live over ZOOM last Friday.

You can download a resizable JPG of the carnation pattern here or a PDF sized to fit a 5″x7″ greeting card here. Please note that zoom recordings can be a bit pixelated so if you need to see more detail in the linework refer to your printable pattern.


  • Waterproof pens such as the Derwent Linemakers
  • Color media such as Derwent Inktense pans, pencils or blocks
  • Watercolor greeting card or your preferred watercolor paper
  • graphite transfer paper
  • pencil

I hope you enjoyed this replay of the live Michaels class. Thanks for watching and til next time happy crafting!

Magnolias on Velour Paper with Pan Pastel!

Hi friends! Today we are going to experiment with Pan Pastels on Velour paper. the paper feels flocked and the fun thing about this paper is that it really grabs soft pastel so I never feel the need for fixative on it. I don’t care for using fixative so it’s good for me. I think I prefer stick pastels on this paper tho.

You can find the real-time lesson of this painting along with over a hundred other mixed media art lessons, monthly prompts and so much more in Critique Club for only $5 a month, cancel anytime.

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I have a funny story about why I decided to use this paper today. The storage shelf I store my art books and 9″x12″ papers collapsed the other day (luckily none of my papers was damaged) and so I had to go through and pick up everything on that shelf and I had forgotten how much I loved that paper. It’s a good reminder to go through everything once in a while so you can find treasures you forgot about. For some reason I love to organize my art stuff, I wish I was that way about all of my belongings. Happy crafting!

My House Might be Haunted / Sat Chat 5/13/23

Hi friends! This week has been a full one! I’ll tell you all about it in today’s video but first I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow.

Stuff I mentioned:

That all from me today! I spent the day in Belfast, Mr. Frugal and I had lunch and wandered around. I bought some handmade watercolor paper at Fiddleheads. It was a good day. I think I will do a bit of cleaning in my disaster of an office. I want to set it up for a successful workweek and I will be away visiting my mom and sister tomorrow. I am hoping for good weather so I can keep the top down on the convertible. I hope you have an amazing weekend! Happy crafting!

An Easy Watercolor Landscape Paint Along!

Hi friends! Before we get into today’s tutorial I want to remind you that I am teaching a free live class tomorrow at Michaels. It is at 2pm Eastern Time and we will be painting ink and wash carnations on a watercolor greeting card perfect for Mother’s Day or any occasion. Sign up here if you are interested, it is absolutely free and a replay will be available if you can’t make it:) When the weather gets warm all I wanna do is go outside to paint! My daughter Maizy and I jumped in the convertible with our watercolor gear and went to the stream to paint today! It was so fun and I posted photos on Instagram if you want to see. I love all stages of spring, my friend Micki Harper took a photo and shared it on Facebook and gave me permission to paint it. This is how it turned out.

Follow along in the video below!

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I hope you try this painting for yourself and I hope it inspires you to get outside and paint! I am off to teach the project I am teaching tomorrow for Michaels to people at my local library. Wish me luck! I hope to see you at the Michael’s class tomorrow if you are able to attend. Happy crafting!

Cards done your way! Pretty for any occasion!

Hi friends! Today I have 3 pretty cards that can be used for a variety of occasions.

You can use similar flower, butterfly, and bird stamps if you don’t have these. I will be using stamps, markers, and dies from Local King Rubber stamps but you can use the supplies you have o hand. If you wish to purchase the supplies I used you can save 20% off with this coupon code: thefrugalcrafter20 now through 5/31/23

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That’s all I have tonight! Remember, Mother’s Day is this weekend so don’t forget to get Mom a card! Happy crafting!

Let’s Paint Beautiful Daffodils!

Hi friends! Spring has finally sprung in Maine. We get a lot of false starts up here but when I see the daffodils in bloom I know good weather is on the way!

I hope you enjoy this real-time tutorial and you paint along with me! There are several points in the video where I think you could stop painting and have a lovely picture. As usual, I had to keep adding more and more but please don’t think that you have to. If you like it after one layer then you can stop.

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So, did you like the painting better earlier in the process before I added all of the other stuff to it? I like how it turned out but watching the video back there were parts when I wish I stopped. I like the early on loose and fresh look but it’s also fun to push it and see what you will get. By the way, I had a few people ask me about the colors in my large studio palette and I am planning a video on that later this week on Youtube. I have more videos on my YouTube channel than I have on my blog so have a look if you need some more DIY inspiration! Happy crafting!

Sat Chat 5/6/23

Hi friends! Today was lovely, it’ i’s Mr. Frugal’s birthday and we went out for Mexican food. Our son Jackson and his girlfriend and our daughter Maizy joined us. Mr. Frugal and I split a pitcher of margaritas as we had designated drivers to spare. I was sure to tell the waitress that it was his birthday so he got to enjoy a birthday song too. So fun! It’s been a scattered and distracted week for me, let’s talk about it in this week’s Sat Chat!

Happy crafting!