Easy Beginner Garden Gate in Watercolor and Giveaway!

6/13/19 Giveaway closed. The winners are: Dixie, MaryEdna, Kathie, Bonnie Bornstein Fertel and Wandersy. I have emailed you with the email address you use for commenting. Congratulations. 

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint this lovely scene in a relaxed manner!


Watch the video and have fun!

Very Easy Garden Door Real-Time Watercolor Painting Tutorial for Beginners
This video is sponsored by the Pottering Artist Magazine by Alison Fennell. You can purchase the magazine here. For a chance to win a copy of the Pottering Artist Magazine and an 8×10 watercolor print simply leave a comment on this blog post. Five lucky winners will be selected and notified on 6/13/19

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

  • Watercolors: Paul Rubens NEW floral set of 24 colors used: Rose red PV19, ultramarine PB29,*burnt umber PBr7, *Cobalt teal PB36, Permanent Lemon (PY3 Hansa yellow light), Hookers Green (PG17), *Yellow Ochre
    * indicates common eastern name, all signal pigment colors **I will be reviewing this paint set after I do a few paintings with them, so far I like it and it’s a great value!
  • Paper: Paul Rubens 140# hot press block 7.5″x10
  • Brushes: Zen tulip set sizes: Rigger 2, Round 8,10, Flat 8, ¾”, Cat’s Tongue ¾” *Great all around value set!
  • Ceramic palette *any white ceramic plate will work nicely or any palette you prefer
  • Watercolor pencil in grey, I use “gunmetal” in the Spectrum Aqua range *You could also use water-soluble graphite, just choose a lighter color and go easy with it.
  • Other: 2 water buckets, paper towel or rag, patience and an open mind!
  • Reference photo

I hope you enjoy painting this and if you do share this post with a friend! Happy crafting!



See What I Got at The Rubber Stamp Convention!

Hi friends! I had a lovely weekend with crafty friends and it was just what the doctor ordered! Yesterday after filming this video I made project kits combining the new things with my older supplies so I won’t forget all of the ideas I had at the show when I purchased these things. I find when I put my items away they are easy to overlook and if I leave them in a basket on my desk I sometimes forget what I had intended to do with them so I think this makes the most sense. I can’t wait to get crafty!


In addition to the fun new products I also got to swap with some inspiring artists! You can see those treasures too in today’s video!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who swapped with me!

Products in order of appearance-mostly: (Affiliates likes used if available) The Haul starts at around 9 minutes:)

I think that batch of shopping will probably do until next year (well, it probably should anyway!) Good thing I get to make crafty videos for a living! If a project I mentioned sounds extra good and you want to see me do it first let me know in the comments. The ink blending brush comparison video is the most popular idea among my YouTube viewers but I’d love to see what you think! Thanks for visiting and till next time happy crafting!

This Gouache Box is so Cute!!! Miya Himi Review

This post contains affiliate links.

Hi friends! I like to find a bargain. And by bargain I mean it’s quality is higher than what you paid for and it performs better than you would expect. That is just what I found with this sweet little box of gouache. Gouache is simply an opaque watercolor. You can use it like acrylics or oils and rewet it to blend. It’s pretty awesome stuff! A couple of viewers asked me if I would review this kit and I have to say I was tempted from the word go. I loved the novelty of the “jelly cup” design of the gouache container and the fact that it had a high wall palette so the colors would not become mixed if the wet paints were tipped or if I dried out the paints and they crumbled they would not get mixed up. There was also a mixing tray that fit inside the lid so there was nothing other than brushes and water you needed separately.


I have purchased products from the Amazon seller Lightwish in the past and they offered to send me this paint set for review. They also sent a set of brushes. They were all hog bristle except for one. I found out later from a viewer that in China and Korea it is customary for people to use the hog bristle brushes with gouache as they paint with them like oils (especially school children) ad this “jelly cup” type of paint is also the norm. Apparently, you can buy refills of these cups in China. They are 30ml so it will take a while to use them up but that is good to know. Since I have more tubes of paint than a place to put them I reckon I will just refill from my tubes if and when I deplete a color.

Miya Himi Gouache Review


  • Low price
  • 18 colors *I recommend letting them dry out a bit prior to painting.
  • Opaque
  • Highly pigmented
  • Colors mix cleanly, you can work with a limited palette and not create mud.
  • Comes in a great reusable sturdy leak-proof palette (I’ve paid more than $20 for palettes that are not as nice)


  • No lightfast information/student quality
  • the palette does not come in white or grey which would make more sense for mixing. That said I had no difficulty mixing on this palette as the colors are opaque but if it bothers you to mix on a colored palette you may wish to have a white plate handy or skip this set.

Bottom line, the Myia Himi gouache is a great quality paint for the price. The palette is wonderful and I plan to reuse it and refill it with my own tube gouache as I use up the colors. I’d pass on the sets that come with the brushes as they are not great for gouache on paper effects but you can’t go wrong with the paint. I am not allowed to list prices for Amazon products in my blog posts anymore (crazy huh?) but If you see these for under $25 it is a good deal. I hope you found this useful and til next time happy crafting!

Father’s Day DNA Card!

Hi friends! Today I have a “punny” card that you can make for your dad this father’s day!


Here is the inside:


This card is easy to make and you probably have these simple supplies on hand.

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry  – use coupon code: LINDSAY and receive 15% off your retail order of $10 or more of peg stamps, peg stamp sets, and unmounted stamps! Coupon expires a week from this video publication. Continue to receive great deals by becoming a PegStamp VIP here.  As a PegStamp VIP
you’ll get a weekly deal via email plus links to fabulous tutorials by me, Lindsay the Frugal Crafter and other designers.


Note: This card fits a #10 business envelope.


  1. Make a 4 ¼” x 8 ½” card from cream cardstock. Cut a kraft panel to 4 ⅛” x 8 ⅜” and another cream panel to 4”x 8 ¼”.
  2. Draw a straight line down the middle of the cream panel and two wavy lines to make a DNA strand. Stamp circles along the lines to create the “gene”. Draw lines from the center line to the outside dots to complete the element.
  3. Using mini alphabet stamps or a computer and printer spell “Dad, thanks for the good genes” and cut them out, ink the edges and adhere to card. Stamp unmounted sentiment at the bottom.
  4. Stamp happy fathers day inside the card and decorate with stamped circles.

I hope you make this card for your dad this Father’s day or help a child make one for their dad. Happy crafting!

PS Father’s Day is June 16th this year:)

Let’s Paint a Beautiful Boston Terrier in Watercolor!

Hi friends! First up today, some housekeeping. To Students in my online classes: I will be away at the heirloom stamp show today through Sunday so I won’t be able to respond to comments and questions in the Teachable classroom (the computer is staying home!) Please excuse my absence over the next couple of days as I recharge my creative batteries. I will approve and respond to all comments/questions in my classes when I return. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Today I have a more advanced tutorial than I usually post on Wednesdays but if you enjoy this style of art I encourage you to try it regardless of your skill level.  If you are new to watercolor you might want to watch it through before painting along and feel free to pause the video to catch up or take breaks whenever you want. For those advance painters who would prefer a time-lapse, you can click the gear on the youtube player and speed up the video.

Supplies available at sponsor Jerry’s Artarama! http://www.jerrysartarama.com/ Use coupon code: frugal20FS49 for 20% off $49 + Free Shipping (Excludes: Sale, Super Sale, Egift Cards, Buy It Try It’s and Vendor restricted items. Look for the green coupon eligible icon on the product listing.

Do you like these longer in-depth tutorials or would you rather I speed them up like my sketchbook Sunday videos? Let me know in the comments below! BTW I won’t have a sketchbook Sunday video this week due to my trip. I have planned a couple of videos to play in my absence tho:) Happy crafting!

Crafting on the go!

Hi friends! Last year after I got back from the Heirloom stamp show I completely unpacked my travel art bag. So many things had been accumulated over the years and some stuff I never used. I always stick duplicates in that bag or things I wanted to use up but it was time for a thorough clean out and that’s what I did.


That bag set empty on my shelf until yesterday when I went to pack up stuff to bring this year. I told my friends that I would bring coloring tools to share with everyone so that’s why my marker selection is a bit excessive but I hope this helps you decide what you might want to bring on a craft retreat. Also, I totally forgot to open the flat skinny pocket on the front where I keep my portable paper trimmer and I added a roll of double-sided tape after I stopped filming. If you noticed I forgot an important item be sure to let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Stuff in my Bag (Affiliate links used)

OK, what did I forget? Let me know in the comments below! If you are going to the Heirloom Stamp Show this weekend please say “Hi” if you see me! The BEST thing about crafting conventions is the wonderful people you meet! I am so looking forward to this trip. Now I have to pack my non-crafty stuff LOL! I have my priorities. 🙂 Happy crafting!

Who Draws a Noodle Bowl? I do, That’s Who!

Hi friends! Today I want to encourage you to draw whatever the heck you want to! Don’t worry if it is too weird or too common. If you are inspired by it, draw it!


I had more fun sketching this colorful ramen bowl than I have on anything else in a long while! Don’t worry if what you want to draw is odd, just draw it!


That’s what your sketchbook is for! Your sketchbook is for YOU! Pick something interesting and challenging and give your brain a good workout as you pick apart how to draw it.  When you challenge yourself you grow, and growth is the key to avoiding burnout. If you are feeling bored in your current art/life routine find something that’s a little it bit hard but within reach of your skill level. This approach can apply to any hobby whether it be drawing, sports, music or any skill you wish to improve. Working towards mastering a skill, technique or medium brings long-lasting pleasure and the great thing is with art is there is so much to learn!

Since it is Memorial Day weekend there are bound to be sales and Arteza is offering an
EXTRA 20% off all supplies on their website with coupon code MEMORIAL20 I will link to comparable products that I have personally used from Arteza that would work for today’s tutorial so you can get a deal. Honestly, I have used most of Artezas products and I recommend them highly with the exception of their watercolor paints, they are OK and well priced but there are other budget brands that I prefer. 🙂
This watercolor sketchbook is very similar to what I used today. I also recommend their colored pencils,  Gouache (this is the 24 set, 60 set also available), Real Brush watercolor ink Pens (12-96 pen sets available) and Waterbrush set of 5 (pushbutton style, I used these in the video)

*Disclosure: I am an Amazon and Arteza affiliate and I earn a small commission on sales made after clicking on these links. It does not cost you any more to shop through these links (it costs you less if you use the coupon code!) and you help support my blog and youtube channel, thanks!

Specific supplies I used *Feel free to substitute with the supplies you already own.

***Memorial Day Sale in my Online School!***

40% off any class with coupon code MEM2019


Click the discount link for the class you want below to learn more about the course and the 40% off coupon will be automatically applied if you choose to purchase it.

This deal ends on May 28, 2019 but you can take as long as you want to complete the classes so it’s a good chance to stock up while they are on sale!


I hope you enjoyed today’s sketchbook Sunday and til next time happy crafting!

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