Stop Comparing! {Start Enjoying} & Learn to Draw Banners!

Hi friends! I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed the other day (a rare treat these days as I have been so busy) and I saw this quote: I will not compare myself to strangers on the internet. It really struck a chord. We all do it though, don’t we? We compare ourselves to other parents. We compare ourselves to acquaintances and yes, even strangers on the internet. People with cleaner, nicer houses that know how to cook…people who know how to cook, not cooking houses…hey, I totally want a house than can cook now! If you have one of those I am comparing myself to you and you are totally winning. Just kidding. We need to stop the insanity. It is not fair to us. When I posted this on YouTube the other day a viewer Glen shared advice his dad used to remind him: “You know, everyone’s doing about the best they can.”  With that here is today’s tutorial. I sped up the process of this video because it was all lettering and seemed a bit dull to watch for the 30 minutes it took to create.

Remember how I messed up the banner? Well, it inspired me to make a quick and easy tutorial on how to draw banners! Use this on scrapbooks, art journal pages and cards for instant fancy flair!

Well, 2 for the price of one, I love it and I hope you found something useful here today, even if it is just a bit of encouragement. Let’s be kind to each other and ourselves OK:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

How To Make a Book Safe!

Hi Friends! Today I am sharing a project inspired by an abundance of Reader’s Digest condensed book that arrived at my local library. They were donations for the book sale but history shows these do not sell (not even for a 25 cents) but they were in really good condition and the patterns on the covers were lovely so the librarian asked me if I could use them in a craft. I thought that it would be cool to turn them into something that would sell and bring in some money for library programs. Check out the DIY book safe project:

I am curious as to what you would pay for one of these considering it is a fundraiser. I think it would be cool for gifting money or gift cards (or even an MP3  player or some other gadget) for the holidays. Imagine how surprised a kid would be to open this book up and find an ipod or money! It would be cool for indoor letter-boxing too! I am hoping that we can get a group of library patrons to volunteer to make some of these. The librarian says we can make a party of it, how fun would that be!?! Please feel free to take this idea and use it for your next library fundraiser too. I have some ideas planned for using up the paper rectangles we cut out of these too so they won’t go to waste either. If you have any ideas for the middles let me know! Let’s save unwanted book from the landfills. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Duct Tape + Juice Pouches = Cheap Crafty Fun!

Hi Friends! I love recycling…or upcycling stuff because it is fun to make something useful out of things you normally throw away. I wanted to make a sturdy pencil pouch to go in my binder and I did so using 4 juice pouches, Duct Tape and a zipper. Watch the video to see how!

I used fun patterned duct tape from Oriental Trading Company in this project. They have Duct brand as well as their own brand of duct tape. Both are very good quality, the only difference I see is that the Oriental Trading Company brand is a tad bit less sticky but it has held up fine in any of my projects. The OTC brand is a bit less expensive and has 20 yards in a roll in most cases where as the duct tape brand is 10-15 yards usually. Since they carry both you get a fantastic selection at $4-$5 a roll and the skinny stuff is even cheaper. All of that info is in the product listing if you are unsure. I hope you try this, or some other recycling craft. I decided to put my pouch in the kids plastic canvas project binder to hold the scissors and yarn needles that are constantly slipping out of the binder pockets. What did I tell you, useful. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s Paint a Peony in Watercolor Pencils!

Hello friends! Tonight I have a fun watercolor pencil tutorial for you. You can use any brand you like but I am using a few of my new Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils from Faber Castell. They preform very much like the Inktense pencils by Derwent but really you can use whatever brand you like! Follow along with the video and have fun!

So when you see a complex picture break it down to lines and marks and have fun with it. If it doesn’t turn out, just toss it or flip it over and paint on the back. You can find the reference photo by Lilian Bell at Paint My Photo. That’s it for me tonight! Thanks for visiting and til next time happy crafting!

One cute costume! How to make a horse!

Hi friends! Here is a fun way to make a costume for a cowboy, cowgirl, knight, Ichabod Crane, jockey, the Lone Ranger or any other character that rides a horse! Best of all it is fun to wear and inexpensive to make!


I’d love to tell you that this costume was cheap quick and awesome BUT I would be lying…this costume is cheap and awesome, prepare to spend some time on it though! Watch the video to see how it is done:

To speed up the process you could just spray paint the horse rather than decoupaging it. It will be a bit less sturdy but it will save 2 hours of hands on time plus drying time if you are in a rush. As I mentioned in the video I challenged my friend Emi from the Hectanooga1 YouTube channel to come up with a cheap costume too, you can see her pirate costume tutorial here.


Knowing what I know now (buy a can of spray paint) I could probably make this costume in 3 hours. I don’t even want to guess how long I spent on this but I think I was able to watch 5 episodes of Gossip Girl, listen to some podcasts and caught up on Once Upon a Time…yeah, a long time.


But it was fun, I love projects like this and figuring out how to make my kids vision come to life. Plus I did not spend a dime on it. Nice huh? So, what do you think? I still have 2 more kids costumes to go so with any luck I’ll be able to share those here too, good thing I started early this year! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

What can I make with this? Ask a Crafter!

Hi friends! I thought I’d start out this weeks episode asking you for advice, have a look:

So, what can I make with that Box-o-Joe? Hopefully a craft room storage solution because it is quite messy at the moment! If you have a question leave it below. Kathy, Lorraine and I will be back next week to answer more of them! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Are You Curious?

Hi friends! I love to teach but I also love to learn so I was happy to spend some time last week watching the DIY Beaded Jewelry class over at I have wanted to make a beaded illusion necklace for years but never took the time to figure it out. I was thrilled to see it was one of the lessons in the course. I also made a pair of sparkly wire wrapped crystal hoop earrings. I have had a pile of hoop earring wires in my stash for a long time but never could think of a design I liked but now I think I need to make a pair in every color. Want to see the earrings and necklace I made and hear more about the class? Watch the video!

I want to thank for allowing me to review the class. They also gave me a special discount to share with any of my blog readers who buy the DIY beaded Jewelry class, email and mention “the frugal crafter” to receive $5 towards your next class at Even if beading isn’t your thing you will find a class sure to inspire! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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