Free Watercolor Painting Tutorial: Bearded Iris

Evenin’ folks! It officially feels like fall ’round these parts. I watched my son compete in a cross country meet with 7 schools today and it was so chilly (I can’t imagine how all the shorts and tank-topped runners felt) that it must have taken all my energy to keep warm because I zonked out on the couch after dinner! I was chilly all day really, I brewed a pot of tea and put it on my coffee-cup warmer while I worked in my studio and drank cup after cup of raspberry zinger. It won’t be long until snow falls…anyway, I’m gonna keep it short tonight (yawn) and share another quick watercolor tutorial:

DCF 1.0

I love irises and I filmed a quick video to show you how to draw and paint them. Today we will use a new item, wax, in out painting, nothing fancy, just a hunk of wax like an old candle or white crayon. We will also use my most useful, yet least fancy tool: a piece of cut up credit card. Have a look.

I hope these quick free watercolor tutorials help you discover the fun in watercolor painting. I try to introduce a new technique each time so you can create beautiful paintings while adding to your bag of tricks. If you want to learn more about watercolor or try longer projects please consider one of my PDF printable Learn to Paint With Lindsay painting tutorials. the new Autumn stream tutorial uses the wax technique you learned today.

DCF 1.0

Well, I better mosey before I fall asleep at the keyboard. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

WOYWW & a Winner!

Howdy and Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Before I share my photo I want to announce the winner of last weeks About Art Accents stamp giveawayjennyfer26 I have emailed you, be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email I sent you, congrats!

OK, so on to my workdesk…well, my workdesk is quite dull today but I snapped a photo of my desk in the hostel in Boston while I was working on some watercolor cards and postcards using my “de-stressing” kit I showed you last week:


That photo was taken the day after my husbands surgery, all went well and I think my cheerful watercolor reflects my relief. Do you have a desk to share? What have you been working on? Do you want to see more creative workdesks? Well head on over to Julia’s blog for all of the WOYWW fun! I actually will get to snoop this week, yay! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW: Ask a Crafter Week 4!

Hello there! Time again for another peek at my workspace. I finished up a bunch of projects over the weekend and took everything off my big bench and re covered it with brown paper, man, that feels great! Then I put my cutting mats back and hooked up my torch which hadn’t seen use for the past few months! I have my watercolors out because I just filmed a video on using watercolors to stamp, it will be up by tomorrow at the latest;)

DCF 1.0

You can also see the legs of my tripod in the photo, yep, it is time for another episode (yes, Lindsay’s having an episode again!) of Ask a Crafter where I answer the questions left on my last WOYWW post and ASK a Crafter Video, here goes!

So if you have a question ask away in the comments section and I will answer it next week! If you want to see more crafty desks pop over to Julia’s blog the Stamping Ground and see the big WOYWW party! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Learn to Paint Lilacs: Free Video!

I picked a bunch of lilacs from the big tree at my parent house this weekend. I couldn’t believe they were in bloom already! I love their fragrance and seeing them all around my house in cheerful mason jars just makes me happy!

Lilacs are so easy to paint too! Here is a quick video showing you how to paint them in watercolor. You can even your children’s watercolor paints (The Prang brand is really good but any will work) if that is all you have. You will also need some watercolor paper, a #6 round (or the brush that comes with the kids’ set) and a 1/2″ flat (for the leaves) as well as a little salt (table salt will work just fine) and you will be painting lilacs in 10 minutes!

Wasn’t that easy? Hmmm, it’s like the staples “easy button” for painting!  I like to mount these small paintings on greeting cards. It takes the pressure off knowing that every painting doesn’t need to go in a frame. Woulden’t it be special to receive a hand painted card? Oops, I just realized that I forgot to sign it!


If you enjoyed this free video tutorial please check out the beginner watercolor painting packets I have for sale at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff. You get easy to follow step by step instruction with lots of photos all for $3 each! The birch trees kit is on sale for $1 so you can try with little risk.

 Learn to Paint Sweet PeasLearn to Paint: Coastal LandscapeLearn To Paint Chinese LanternsLearn to Paint: Watermelon!Learn To Paint: Pussy WillowsLearn To Paint: Birch Trees

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Easy Painting Project!

Have you ever thought about learing to watercolor? Spring and summer is the perfect time to be outdoors and watercolors are so easy to bring with you so you can paint on the go. This Coastal Landscape lesson is the easiest one I have created AND it teaches you techniques you can use to paint any landscape you like.

All of my Learn To Paint with Lindsay beginner lessons use the same 3 brushes: a 1/2″ (#12) flat, a 1″ flat and a #6 round. I limit the beginner projects to these 3 brushes so you don’t have a to spend a fortune to get started. In the future when I add the Intermediate lessons to the shop I may add a couple of brushes BUT we will still be using the same 8 colors I recommend in the basic supply list.  My goal is to teach you how to paint and use your tools, I’m not selling paint or brushes:) What a drag it would be to have to buy a new tube of paint or brush every time you went to start a project! My goal is also to have you painting independently so you can paint whatever you like and you are not dependent on buying a lesson each time you want to paint (although I’ll try to keep challenging you with new techniques to build your skills!)

So, if you are looking for a relaxing painting project please have a look at all of the beginner watercolor projects available at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

Learn to Paint: Coastal LandscapeLearn To Paint Chinese LanternsLearn to Paint: Watermelon!Learn To Paint: Pussy WillowsLearn To Paint: Birch Trees

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting (and painting!)

Watercolor {pencils} made easy!

How do I love watercolor pencils? Let me count the ways:

  1. They are inexpensive (esp. compared to Copics!)
  2. They last FOREVER!
  3. I can let me kids use them and not worry about them getting damaged.
  4. They blend with ease.
  5. I can control them in my tiny stamped images much better than traditional watercolors.
  6. No mess!
  7. And they look great even on cheap cardstock LOL!

Here is a quick card I made for my son to take to an ice fishing birthday party yesterday:


I love sock monkeys and that particular stamp is from Oriental Trading Co.(I loved it so much I paid full price for it!) One thing I want to mention about the $15 stamp sets from OTC is that they are huge! You get a 8.5″x11″ sheet full of stamps and they come on a 3 ring hole punched sheet that I can put directly in my binders and they have good sales too, many of the huge sets I have purchased from them have been between $3-$7 and if there is a problem with anything (like a stamp missing-it happened once) they send out a replacement ASAP. And I am not being compensated to say that;)

OK now on with the show…

Today I want to show you how to color and blend with watercolor pencils. I am using inexpensive Georgia Pacific cardstock, Derwent colored pencils, Stampin Up Basic Black ink and a Stampin Up blending pen. Use what you have. Any watercolor pencils, smooth cardstock and archival ink will work. I’ve tried many blending pens and I find SU to be the best as the nib does not wear down. If you don’t have one you can use a round nylon paintbrush. Dip it in water then blot it on a towel before blending.



  • Most watercolor pencils are good, in fact, Staples office supply sells a set of 24 in the drafting section that are very nice and since you can blend you do not need that many colors. I had the ones from Staples before I received the set of 72 Derwents (pictured) and then I gave the staples set to my niece.
  • You will get darker colors on a rougher paper because the tooth of the paper will grab more pigment, it will also wear down your pencils quicker. But don’t let that worry you because they last for YEARS! I’d use the blender pens only on smooth cardstock because the rougher watercolor paper will fray the tip of the blender pen. Try a nylon (the gold or white bristle ones) paintbrush for watercolor paper work. You need a firmer brush for watercolor pencils than traditioal watercolors.
  • Don’t overwork the cardstock, blend it once and leave it, if you keep going back you might “pill” the paper. You will get the feel of how much pencil to add before blending after a few tries. Practice!
  • If you like the ease of watercolor pencils but want more intense color I recommend the Inktence line of pencils by Derwent. They are super vivid and you can layer colors over each other without lifting up the first color. I use them more often than my traditional watercolor pencils because I like the bright.


So, what do you think? Are you ready to dig out your watercolor pencils yet? I hope so! If you have any questions leave a comment and I will answer. It is going to be a very cold windy day in Maine today so I think I will hunker down with a cup of tea and my watercolor pencils, how about you? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Stamping with watercolor and watercolor crayons

Hold on to you heat-guns guys because I have a cool technique to show you! Did You know that you can stamp with watercolors? No not stamp, then watercolor, stamp WITH them. Here’s how. Get a stamp and lay it rubber side up on your work space. Gather your supplies: white card stock or watercolor paper, a brush, a palette of watercolor paints, a spray bottle with water in it and a bucket of water. Wet your brush and pick up some color from your palette. Paint it directly on the rubber portion of your stamp that you want that color. Rinse your brush and add more colors to your stamp. When the rubber is completely colored flip the stamp over and press to the paper. Mist the stamp with water and stamp again on another sheet of paper. You should be able to get 3 good images before recoloring. It will look like this:

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

You can also use watercolor crayons. You will need watercolor crayons, paper and a bucket of water. Dip the crayon quickly in the water and color a portion of your stamp. Repeat with other colors. Stamp as described above. It should look like this:

stamped with watercolor crayons on card stock

stamped with watercolor crayons on card stock

You can also use a clean wet brush to “pull” color around on the paper after you stamp to give it a painterly look. Have fun with this technique, it’s one of my favorites!

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