Back to Basics: Easy Brushstroke Sunflower

Hi friends! Got 1o minutes? Well, then you can learn this fun flower with a triple load paint technique!

If you don’t have a pointed filbert as I used here you can use a dagger, triangle brush or a round will work well too! This is the kind of tutorial that will teach you how your brush moves and flows and improves brush control. Let’s paint!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

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3 Minute Watercolor Practice: Loose Cherries

Hi friends! If you have 3 minutes you can paint these cherries!


Watch the video to learn how!

Learn to let your watercolor paint flow and do what it wants to by creating a water path for it to follow. This is great for beginners and can be done with ANY watercolor paint even in inexpensive paper. Plus this design makes an adorable note-card. This is a fun technique to practice and it will help you relax and get used to what your paints want to do naturally!

M Graham Watercolors (Aliz Crimson, Mauve, Perm yellow light, sap green)
#8 round mimik brush
Jones Palette
Aquabee 90# CP watercolor paper

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