Sketchbook Sunday: 3 Paintings of Lila

Hi friends! Today I am sharing the third in a trio of paintings of my daughter Lila.


These were assignments for a figurative watercolor class I am taking to build my skills and grow as an artist. Honestly, I probably would never paint the same subject three times in a row unless it was assigned LOL! You probably remember the Monochrome and Low Key paintings as I have shared them during sketchbook sunday over the past two weeks. We wrap up this series with a high key version of the same painting. My daughter Lila likes this one best!


You can see how it all come together in this time-lapse video.

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These paintings were really educational to do and I definitely see where painting the monochrome first really cemented the values on my brain so when I went to use color I got the values right instead of relying on color for distinguishing shapes and form. Since I worked on each of these over the course of a week it was also educational for me to re watch the process to see the stages of the painting as it progressed. I hope you give a series of paintings like this a try at least once, it is a really useful method for getting true values and getting to know your subject. Til next time happy crafting!



No Sketchbook Sunday Video but here is a photo or what I worked on this week!

Hi friends! I didn’t film the process of this painting done for the bold figures in watercolor class I am taking because the process was so similar to the monochrome of this same image I did last week.


I am also working a high key saturated version of this painting of my daughter Lila and I am filming that one as the process is a lot different and I’ll have that for you next Sunday. Honestly I thought I would have time to come up with something else for you today but I didn’t. I did post several new videos on YouTube this week so check those out to see if there is something you missed that you might enjoy:) We are in peak foliage season in Maine and we are going to go see what we can see! Hopefully I’ll have some photos to share with you when I get back! Have a wonderful Sunday and til next time happy crafting!

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