Hahnemuhle Watercolor Paper Review!

Hi friends! Today I’m reviewing a few cold pressed watercolor papers from Hahnemuhle. I have been hearing about this line of papers from my European viewers for years citing their availability and affordability so I was excited to test them out.

American viewers can find some of these papers on Amazon. These papers are common in Europe in shops and online retailers. Find out more on their official website.

I had a few question on the video on the difference between the Cezanne and Expression paper as they are both #140 CP cotton paper and the only difference I could find was in the texture. The Cezanne is mould made which yields a lovely random natural texture where the expression has a more uniform machine-made texture.

I was really pleased with the cotton papers by Hahnemuhle. The sketchbook and post cards were a bit thin however they still preformed nicely. This brand has other papers too but I was very impressed with the assortment of cold pressed papers they sent. I was sent these papers for free for review purposes but I was not paid to review them, this is not a sponsored post. I hope you found this overview useful. Thank for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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