Comparing Watercolor Crayons & Similar Products, Let’s See What’s Good!

Hi friends! As I shuffle through my belongings at the start of the year and put things where they should be I thought it would be fun to compare the different types of the same product and see what’s the best value for money given the experience I have had with them. I have often taken watercolor crayons and watercolor oil pastels to workshops and classes and I have amassed a variety over the years. I am a sucker for water soluble media and I love trying the different products that come out. I also love finding cheap versions of pricey supplies that seem identical and sharing the info with you

Most of the product in the video are still available and I have added affiliate links if possible. I will make note of my faves as well below!

  • My absolute favorite is Caran Dache Neocolor 2 watercolor crayons. They are like gouache in a stick form and they have stood the test of time as my favorite. These are opaque and fairly firm but not as hard as a watercolor pencil.
  • *** A runner up that is cheaper but almost as good is the LYRA watercolor crayon. I think they are 90% as good as Caran Dache and about $1 per crayon. (Brief aside: Guess what I came across today? My LYRA crayons! I was so happy to find them. They were hiding behind my spray inks with my Dina Wakely scribble sticks LOL! See why it’s important to pull everything out!)
  • A nice transparent crayon is the American Journey Watercolor sticks.

The following products are softer, like lipstick, and are more like oil pastels than crayons.

The following products come in plastic casings which is a negative if you don’t want plastic waste but can be a positive if you like to store or transport all of your stuff loose in a bin or bag.

I hope you found this helpful. There are so many similar products out there nowadays and I hope this series of comparing different brands is helpful. Together we will explore and see what’s good! Til next time happy crafting!

Waterolor Crayon Windowbox Cards

Howdy friends! When you embark on this crazy hobby we call stamping there is no end to the accessories we can accumulate for our craft. I was a painter long before I ever picked up a stamp so when I first begun stamping I would use paint to stamp with because the thought for spending lots on money on ink pads seemed crazy (and this was back in 2002 where there weren’t as many options as we have today!) If you are new to the hobby you might be wondering how you can stamp in color without breaking the bank, well there are many options!


I am using watercolor crayons but you can also use water-based markers or even watercolor paint applied with a flat brush (just make sure it’s not to wet.) If you have water-soluble oil pastels, scribble sticks or gelatos they can work too. Try what you have, if the media rewets with water it won’t hurt your stamps. You can even use acrylic paint but care must be taken to ensure you clean your stamps well and don’t let the paint dry in the crevices of the stamp. The only other thing I want to say about this technique is not to expect perfection, you will end up with a loose painterly project and that is part of the beauty of it. Have fun and see where the stamps and crayons take you!

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Card Panel Sizes:
watercolor panel 3″x4.1/2″
Embossed layer 3 3/4″x5″
Card size: 4.1/4″x 5 1/2″

Project tips!

  1. Don’t let the stamp get too wet of you will have blobs. You want to have a crisp impression and you can drag around color with a wet brush if desired.
  2. Don’t worry if you get some blobs because it will add to the painterly effect!
  3. If you don’t have watercolor paper don’t worry, it will still look nice on cardstock but your dragging and blending of the paint may be limited.
  4. Feel free to substitute! Try your art supplies and see what you come up with!

I hope you try this technique on your stamps, it’s a lot of fun! Happy crafting!



Couch Art?

Hi friends! When I hear the term “couch art” it is usually referring to pretty paintings that you would hang above the couch but today I am going to share a sketch created from the couch.


Sometimes you just need to let go of perfection, take away the pressure to produce and just draw with no expectation. I think that is why adult coloring books are so popular nowadays.  We just need some quiet time to create. Coloring, drawing and painting can be very meditative and soothing, in fact you might be hard pressed to worry about anything when you are being creative. 🙂 So, if you are feeling restless, anxious, tired or down have a rest on the sofa, make a nice hot cup of tea, grab your supplies and create some beautiful couch art. Take care of yourself and happy crafting!

I can’t say “bye” to summer yet!

Hi friends! While I love Fall and the upcoming holidays, wood fires and crisp air I still feel the pull of hot summer days and salty air. I had to give summer one last hurrah and make some cards with the By The Tide stamp set I just got from Stampin Up!


I used my watercolor crayons to stamp with. I will show you how in today’s video. You can also use watercolor paints (ink the stamps up with a flat brush and not too much water) or watercolor pencils. I recommend experimenting on inexpensive cardstock until you get the hang of it. You can cut your practice up into matching tags too!

9″x12″ 140# Canson Watercolor paper (Cut into thirds to make 3 cards!)
Watercolor crayons or pencils
spray bottle of water and a water bucket
Stamps by Stampin Up!
By The Tide #129120
Perpetual Birthday Calendar (ink splotches) # 137167
Watercolor Wishes (the sentiment was from the card kit) #140406

Feel free to try this technique with any stamps you like! I want to thank Wendy from for sending me these fun stamps to try. She has lots of fun ideas on her website Luvin’ Stampin’ too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A Limited Supply {artsy} Scrapbook Page!

Hi Friends! Today we will make a scrapbook page! You only need watercolor crayons, white cardstock or hot press watercolor paper, stamps (Bugz set and background) and a journal stencil. The stencil and stamps are from Lost Coast Designs. You will also want a black pen and colored pencils if desired. You can make this an art journal page too if you like but if you are making a scrapbook page you will also need photos and adhesive!


Watch how easy it is to make this!

The video is a bit long, I almost feel compelled to apologize for it but I have had so many people tell me how much they enjoy the longer videos because it feels like they are crafting with a friend. Awww, thanks guys:) That makes me so happy! I guess it is nice to have a mix of both:) I hope you try some artsy limited supply scrapbook or journal pages. You will be surprised at what you can do with just a few things! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

You say Ta-MAY-to I say Tam-Ah-to, let’s just paint some!

Hi Folks! Today I have a water media tutorial that will get the dust off of your watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons (or water-soluble oil pastels) and watercolor paints. I’ll also show you how I work through an error I made in drawing so it turns out all right in the end.  You can find the beautiful photo by Lilian Bell I used as a reference here. It is from a site called Paint my Photo and it is free to join too! The video is sped up and voiced over. the painting took one hour to complete so don’t feel like you have to rush. Remember, painting should be relaxing and enjoyable! Here is the tutorial:

I hope you try mixing your watermedia! It is fun to build up layers and you can correct mistakes more easily than with regular watercolor painting, plus, it is just plain fun ad that is reason enough to do it! I hope you have some time to be creative today. I will be at the ball field for a baseball double header so I will have my crochet bag with me. What are you making today? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Learn to Stamp a Masterboard and a Freebie!

Hi friends! Today we are going to hop in the crafty time machine to when rubber stamping was in its hey-day. Scrapbooking was not a popular hobby yet so we did not have access to all of the gorgeous papers that we can get today so we had to make our own backgrounds. Well, everything old is new again and we are making backgrounds with gelli plates and other mediums but let’s not forget about our good old stamps! I am using stamps from the More Bugz set from Lost Coast Designs. Here is the journal page I made that inspired this tutorial:

DCF 1.0

But I wondered if I might like it better without the stenciling and collage so I made this card:

DCF 1.0

I just could not decide so I will show you the entire process and YOU can decide where you want to stop. This is known as creating a master-board:

I mentioned in the video that you might love your creation so much that you will want to photocopy it so you do not have to cut up the actual paper. I asked Linda, the owner of Lost Coast Designs if I could share a high-resolution photo of the master-boards I made for my blog readers to print and use and she said “Sure, why not!” so if you click on the photos below it will take you to a larger image you can save and print. Thanks Linda! It pays to do business with good companies like Lost Coast Designs!

click the photo for a high resolution image
click the photo for a high-resolution image

click the photo for a high resolution image
click the photo for a high-resolution image

That’s it for today. I just ordered a new microphone and I have a project I want to try it out on! Have a great day and til next time happy crafting!

I forgot the ballerina!

Hi Friends! I have to thank blog reader Kelly for reminding me that I never shared the tutorial on how to draw the ballerina from this art journal page. I posted the tutorial on youtube as soon as it was requested (odd, right?) but it never made it to the blog. I blame summer the kids are home from school brain, it is quite similar to “placenta brain” when you are forgetful and pregnant or having a “senior moment”  and since neither of those scenarios apply to me it must be “summer brain” LOL! Anyway, here is the tutorial:

Here is the link to download the photo I worked from:

I hope you try this fun approach to drawing and til next time happy crafting!

PS I am having “Scrapbook Week” on the blog starting tomorrow! I do hope you enjoy it! Please check back every day for motivation, support and tutorials!