Expressive, Bold & Bright Bouquet!

Hi, friends! This week I was inspired by some lovely flower arrangements at a funky restaurant. I snapped a photo of one before I left because I wanted to paint it. Here is the photo I took:


And here is the painting we will paint today!


You can follow along and do what I do or you can use the photo and paint it differently. Watch the video for the real-time lesson and paint along! I recommend sketching on scrap paper and then transferring it on your good watercolor paper so you don’t have to be worried about erasing and marring the good stuff plus if you don’t like your painting you have the sketch already done and you can try again!



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If you have any friends who would enjoy learning to paint please share this blog with them! I hope you enjoyed this supersized lesson and til next time happy crafting!

Time for Watercolor Bunnies & 40% off Classes!

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The other day I was practicing painting bunnies in my sketchbook and  posted the above pic to Instagram and asked if anyone wanted a tutorial and the white bunny with the flower crown was the most popular so that is what we will paint today! I might paint the brown one too at some point, it would be fun near Easter time!

These products can be purchased from the Arteza website or on Amazon. If shopping on the Arteza Website please use coupon code FRUGAL10 to take 10% off your order:  (affiliate links used) *I recommend checking prices on Amazon as well before ordering as there can be differences in price and special deals there too:)
** also I wanted to mention that the pan watercolors are more “modern” colors and the tubes are more traditional (better for mixing I think)
Gotta save my peeps some green!


  • Arteza Watercolor sketchbook 
  • Arteza pan watercolors *Currently a lightning deal on Amazon
  • Arteza tube watercolors on Amazon (12 color set I have added in my pan set)
    *I put them in half pans in the extra row to fit the basic 12 tube colors. Arteza also has a 24 tube watercolor set, And a 60 watercolor tube set *You can use the tube paint fresh or dry it in a palette. If you fill a palette to dry I recommend adding 2 drops of honey or glycerin to each pan so it won’t crack and fall out when dry.
  • Colors used: Yellow ochre, sap green, olive-green, indigo, rose, violet, burnt umber (or sienna)
  • Brushes: #2, #6 round

That’s it for me today! I have so many projects in the works (including a huge DIY stamping ink recipe video!) so I best get back to that but thanks for stopping by and spending some of you day with me! Don’t forget coupon code LUCKY to get 40% off any class in my school if you were looking to pick one up and til next time happy crafting!

Easy Beginner Rosebud Motif in Watercolor!

Hi friends!  Nothing will help you grow your skill as a painter better than practice. I love to paint on watercolor greeting cards because I can put in some practice and have something pretty to send!


This practical practice will mean you will always have a greeting card on hand when you need it too! Watch the video for the step by step beginner lesson.

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Want to learn more way loose watercolor flower painting techniques?


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Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Peonies in Watercolor and Pastel Live 12:30pm ET!

Hi friends! Today we are going to have a good time painting flowers in watercolor and pastel!


I like to use mixed media as you can pull in the best aspects of different mediums to achieve the results you want. You can also use these techniques to rescue a painting that is nor working. You can watch the live show or replay in the player below but if you want to chat live be sure to watch on YouTube at 12:30 today.



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Learn to Draw with Lindsay: This class is designed to teach anyone how to draw without gimmicks. You will learn to draw what you see. You will learn how to sketch, shade, decipher tonal values and how to apply your new drawing skills to other media. This beginner class is for anyone wanting to improve their drawing ability and contains nearly 8 hours of step by step video instruction. Enroll or learn more here.


Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Painting: This class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about watercolor so you can get painting fast. This class is a good foundation for your watercolor studies. In the first part of this class you will learn about supplies, develop techniques and practise the skills you will need to create whatever paintings you desire in the future. In the second part of the class we will put all of the skills you learned into practise as we complete *four beautiful paintings. This class is my most popular course. *This class originally had 3 final paintings but I added a 4th on negative painting. Student always have access to any content added to classes they are enrolled in. Find out more here!


Texture Toolbox: Feathers & Fowl: This class will teach you how to realistically and expressly paint birds in watercolor. We work on capturing the subtle texture and shading in feathers and we add hints of colored pencil to enhance out feathered friends when desired. NEW! I have added an alphabetized bird painting tutorial archive to this class should you want to find past bird tutorials I have done that are not included in this course.  Click here for more info or to enroll.


Watercolor Flower Workshop: This is my most recent class and it is all about loosely painting expressive flowers in watercolor. Have you ever tried to paint loose and ended up with a hot mess? Well, this class will offer the structure you need so you can create a floral scene from your imagination that is well-balanced, beautifully composed and loose! This class focuses heavily on brush control so it’s good for folks that need help with brush strokes and are curious about some of the odd specialty brushes that are out there. I soon will be adding a wedge brush section to this class! In addition to the all new step by step real-time instruction provided in the course there is also an alphabetized archive of other watercolor flower tutorials for your convenience. Learn more here.


In addition to the never before seen content in these classes you have access to my support in the online classroom. Under every lesson there is an area for you to post photos of your artwork and ask me questions. I love giving feedback and seeing your beautiful artwork! Here is what some of my students have said:

Thanks so much! Love this class I do each section so many times because it is fun and i keep learning! Thanks again! -Karen L Jackson on Watercolor Flower Workshop

I LOVE THIS COURSE! Actually can paint a flower without a drawing! -Joanna Stratten on Watercolor Flower Workshop

Hi Lindsay, what a great drawing course. I have been painting for 30 plus years, drawing was my weakest, until now. I’m starting to see things in shape, I think the most helpful is starting with a circle or shape then fill in with the shapes of whatever you are drawing. This has been the best money I have ever spent. What I love I can look at these lessons over & over until I get it!! -Linda on Learn to Draw with Lindsay

I am blown away by the excellence of your lessons! Things that I have struggled with are making more sense when I sketch along with you. So glad that I will be able to go back and reference your videos! -Irene Addison on Learn to Draw with Lindsay

Thanks for the tutorial. I am glad that it is in more depth than the YouTube videos, although I love them as well. I am brand new to both painting and drawing so even the iris was a challenge. When I started watching your YouTube videos I found that I had some watercolor supplies I had purchased about 15 years ago and never had the nerve to try. Thanks for giving me the idea that it is possible for me to learn to paint! -Helanna Andres on Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor

How to hold the brush is the best information you could have imparted! loving all these videos; can’t wait to start painting the iris. -Judith Taylor on Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor

Hi Lindsay, Great Class!!! Simple and easy to follow. Thx for putting this together. I can’t wait to start the next painting! -Tina Amoroso on Texture Toolbox Feathers & Fowl

Finished the duck and this course! Loved it! Thank you so much for these watercolor painting classes. I just got the Rembrandt 48 half pans and am excited to use them….. I can actually do some watercolor painting thanks to your classes. Crystal Neuendorf on Texture Toolbox Feathers & Fowl


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Watercolor Classes @ the W. Springfield Stamp Show & Ticket Giveaway!

Hi friends! I have some fun news to share today! Firstly I will be teaching two watercolor classes at the Heirloom Productions Rubber Stamp Show and Paper Arts Festival on June 1st 2018 (yikes! That’s less than a month away!) You can sign up for them here.  There are other fun classes running from 5/31-6/2 for card makers and paper crafters too and you can also rent a table to create while you are there. This year if you purchase a class in advance you get a free 2-day admission to the show. You can see the details on the Heirloom website.

Here are my classes available this year! Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the show, these classes will also be in my next online course: Loose Watercolor Flowers. You can take both of my classes if you want (most students do) as there is no overlap in content. I try to design diverse classes so people can learn as much as they can!


Loose Watercolor Bouquet: Lilacs (above) 6/1/2018 12:30-2:30pm *You will learn how to let the water do the work and end up with a gorgeous painting of lilacs in a mason jar. Finished painting size is 11″x14″ and the cost for this class is $50. Materials are provided for use in class but if you have a small spray bottle of water it would be helpful to bring it.

Loose Watercolor Roses for Beginners (below) 6/1/18 3-5pm *you will learn the rose stroke technique and my “wet into spatter” techniques to help you loosen up and create 3 small paintings. We will start off with a rosebud bookmark to warm up and then paint a floral swag and wreath. You will learn techniques for front facing roses, side facing roses, rosebuds, foliage and filler flowers.  The cost for this class is $50 and all materials are provided for use in class. All you need to bring is yourself and an open mind and willingness to learn! Space is limited to 20 students per class, visit the Heirloom productions website to sign up.



Want to win a pass to the show?

I have 6 tickets for admission to the Heirloom Productions Stamp Show in W. Springfield June 1st and 2nd 2018. If you are going to go (because I want to give tickets to people who can use them) please comment below “I’m definitely going to the show and I’d love a ticket!” I will pick 6 winners from people who say they can make it to the show. I will draw the winners in one week and reply to your comment if you won. The tickets I am giving away are admission to the show and do not include any classes. If you are purchasing a class you will receive a free 2 day admission to the show that is non transferable. If you bought a class but wanted to win a ticket for a friend that’s fine with me:) I will give the winner’s emails to the folks at Heirloom and they will email you tickets with whatever name you want printed on them. *You do not need to provide your email in the comment, I can see the email you used to comment with and that is where you will recive the prize. This stamp show is so fun to attend, I save my pennies so I can splurge a bit because it is so fun to see all of the new products and goodies and be inspired by all of the cards and crafts on display.

If you have any questions regarding my classes you can leave them below and I will be happy to help you out, and if you want to win tickets just make sure to let me know you will attend the show so they don’t go to waste:) I think that’s about it! Oh and if you do go to the show and see me shopping please say “Howdy!” I’d love to meet you! I’ll be there both Friday and Saturday:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Back from Vacation & World Watercolor Month!

Hi friends! I spent the last week in a cabin on the lake and it was wonderful. I had a leisurely time of relaxing, painting and spending time with my family. Here is the first sketch I did over coffee on the deck:)


As usual I brought some art supplies for me and the kids. Most of it got used too! See what I brought in today’s video!

I really LOVE the palette I brought, it is a Portable Painter and it has 2 small water containers that attach to each end of the palette which can sit on the ground or table or over your leg (see photo below) making it great for plein air painting, urban sketching or even painting in a kayak! I will be reviewing the Portable Painter palette soon (spoiler alert: I LOVE it!) and they have me a discount code to share for 10% off: FRUGAL


Here are the other supplies I brought:

Well, we did not run out of things to do! The kids got the most use out of the coloring books, they loved have the choice between pencils, pens and markers. I had no takers on the embroidery kits so I tried one and after a frustrating tangle on the first word of the design I went rogue and make some whimsical flowers and used the rest of the thread to make a friendship bracelet. Man, I forgot how much I loved making friendship bracelets, I spent summers making them as a kid! My kids did not see the appeal LOL.

19575288_10209537421257827_4470231538735955459_o (1)

The following photos are some plein air sketches I did on the trip. I figured since July is world watercolor month it is appropriate to share!


Here is the list of prompts for world watercolor month created by my friend Angela Fehr. Angela is also offering a free monthly watercolor challenge, and she has a fabulous prize giveaway worth over $500 of watercolor supplies!  You can sign up here.


You can find out more about World Watercolor Month on the Doodlewash website and join in on the challenge on their facebook page or by tagging #worldwatercolormonth on your favorite social media:) If you need a jumpstart on your watercolor journey consider checking out my Essential Tools and Technique for Watercolor painting course, it will get you started off on the right foot with 5+ hours of in-depth watercolor instruction for beginners to build your skills and confidence in the medium. I want to share one more painting from my vacation, it is a quick sketch of my daughter Lila I painted when she was coloring. Just a reminder you can sketch anything and everything and it will make you a better artist! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Classes are Open for Registration in W. Springfield!

Hi friends! If you left a comment on my 2015 classes page I emailed you yesterday to let you know my watercolor for stampers classes were open for registration. I wanted to make sure that anyone interested could get a spot so if you want to take the class you can sign up on the Heirloom Productions website. Here is a quick video to tell you all about it:

If you have crafty friends in the Northeast please let them know and help me spread the word. This is my first time teaching at this convention and I really want it to be successful! I will be attending the convention all weekend so if you are there shopping and you see me please say “howdy!” Here are previews of the projects we will make in the classes. Each class is $35 and there is no overlap between classes so you can take them both (as long as there is still room!) I will provide the supplies for use in the class but I recommend bringing your own scissors and adhesive for the techniques class.

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

Tip: if you are buying tickets and signing up for multiple classes be sure to click the back button after clicking on the class you want so you can have everything on one order (they charge a $1 processing fee per order) so you can save a few bucks and that means more money for stamps LOL!

Class size is limited to 24 so please sign up early to be sure you will get a spot! Check out the Heirloom Productions website to register, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Look what my husband did! {he’s kinda corny…}

Hi friends! My husband attend one of my watercolor classes (for the first time and we have been together 16 years!) last week and see what he made. He painted the one with the green background.

DCF 1.0

Isn’t that awesome? He thought trying the pen & Ink watercolor decorative corn project would be fun. I think he has a hidden talent! If he can try it so can you! Grab some waterproof pens and any watercolors and some watercolor paper (you can use cardstock in a pinch because this technique is very gentle on paper but watercolor paper is best) and let’s paint!

I hope today’s post gave you the extra push to pick up a paintbrush, heck, maybe ask your partner to paint with you! It is lots of fun. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



How About a Hand-Painted Mother’s Day Card?

It’s so easy anyone can do it! This pretty design is painted in less than 10 steps. You can find the instructions in my Learn to Paint with Lindsay! Sweet Pea painting packet.

And then all you do is adhere it to a card front, or maybe in a frame! Mom still likes to keep all of our artwork doesn’t she? If you like this watercolor painting project be sure to give these tutorials at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff a look:

Learn to Paint Sweet PeasLearn to Paint: Coastal LandscapeLearn To Paint Chinese LanternsLearn to Paint: Watermelon!Learn To Paint: Pussy WillowsLearn To Paint: Birch Trees

If you have any ideas about what you would like to see in a panting kit just leave a comment! I am planning more kits in the future and I’d love your input. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!