Stamped & Painted One Layer Cards!

Hi friends! Today I’m going to show you a very simple technique for creating one layer greeting cards.


I use the Succulents stamp set I designed for Rubber Stamp Tapestry combined with other stamps to create a Thinking of You card to send to a friend. You can try this with any stamps you have that have large areas you can color. I recommend working on watercolor paper if you have it because the paint will flow and blend nicer and the tape will not rip it.

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1. Fold and tape down your watercolor card. Make an even 1/2″ border with the tape around the card and press the tape so paint can leak under it.

2. Stamp the planter in black and the succulents in green. Use the masking technique when stamping the plants.

3. Color the image with watercolors and let dry.

4. Paint the background with shades of pink, purple and yellow. You can flick on paint splatters if you wish. Let dry.

5. Remove the tape and stamp the sentiment.

6. Use paint to ink up some peg stamps and decorate the envelope if desired.

You can use any watercolor you have for this or scribble your water based markers on a white plate and pick the color up with a wet brush to paint with instead. I hope you enjoyed this easy project and til next time happy crafting!

Easy & Elegant card Design for Friendship, Thinking of You or Sympathy Cards

Hi friends! Today’s card project is one you can make up in batches to have on hand when you want a gentle thoughtful card to give. The design is simple and adaptable and if you don’t have the same supplies I have you can use the ink pads or watercolors you do have on hand.


You can see how to make this card as well as supply saving and storage tips in today’s video tutorial!

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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:


Storage tips:
I laminated the index cards that came with my stamp and slid them into cd/dvd sleeves. For the peg stamp cards I trimmed them small and laminated them with badge size laminating pouches because I had a bunch that came in a variety packs and I wanted to use them up:) You could also use clear packing tape to laminate the cards if you don’t have a laminator. I hope you found some of these tips useful and if you liked this project please consider sharing it using one of the nifty sharing button below! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Mystical Backgrounds! 3 Fun Cards with Pizzazz!

Hi friends! Today we are going to make some really fun cards with glitzy backgrounds and textured effects!


The first two use glitter ink (I am using Brea Reese glitter ink but you can use any shimmer watercolors or inks you have) and heat embossing…


The third uses texture paste and pebbles. I got to thinking about how you could make DIY pebbles and I am thinking you can use a scrap of paper and glue water mix then roll it up spit-ball style. You can DIY your own texture paste with white paintable latex caulking (get the kind in the tube for ease of use) tinted with any color of acrylic paint. *Note in the example below the card on the right has wet glue holding the “stones” in place but the Aleenes Thick & Tacky glue dries completely clear as you can see from the card on the left. Go generous with the glue to keep those embedded items secure.


I think I might have crammed too much into one video here but I really wanted to explore these new Lavinia stamps I just got and I wanted to use all of them. Feel free to speed the video up or watch it in two parts if it’s too much crafty goodness for you to take in one sitting:)


This tutorial is sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! SAVE 10% off your next order with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter10 *USA orders of $50+ ship free!

Supplies from Top Flight Stamps:

Other Supplies:

Whoa, that was an exhaustive list! Please don’t think you need to go buy all of these things to make a card, the list is there as a courtesy in case you are looking for something specific I used. You can DIY most of your supplies except the embossing powder and stamps. Have a look in that crafty stash of yours and see what you can come up with! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and til next time happy crafting!


Let’s paint Holly! (Cute watercolor Christmas card idea!)

Hi Friends! Here is a watercolor tutorial for you! Feel free to paint this larger than card size if you want, if you really like it you can always scan it and have it printed as a Christmas card!


Here is a traceable pattern for you.


And here is the free video watercolor tutorial. Enjoy!

So, how did you like using masking fluid? If you don’t have that you can always apply white acrylic paint after the painting is dry for snow, heck, you can even sprinkle some iridescent glitter into it for extra realistic fun!

5″x7″ Strathmore watercolor card
Watercolors: Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Hookers Green, Lemon Yellow
Brushes: #12 angle, #4 & #10 round, #2 liner
Other: Tape, pencil, water, masking fluid with old brush and soap, graphite paper

Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!


Pen & Ink Watercolor Card {try it, it’s easy!}

Hi Friends! It’s either feast or famine with me and the watercolor cards, no watercolor tutorial last week and this week I have two…well, maybe not a feast exactly but it is a fun card to paint:

DCF 1.0

I think using  the pen and ink technique with watercolor is perfect for people who feel that they lose to much of their original drawing when they go to paint. I am using Micron Pens which are nice because they have a smooth consistent line and you don’t have to worry about spills and drips like you do with a dip pen. I am using Cotman watercolors, a #6 round brush and a 140# Canson watercolor card as my surface. Ready? Let’s Paint!

If you don’t have Micron pens you can use a fine tip permanent marker such as a Sharpie or Bic Mark-it, they do not come in the variety of tips as the Microns but you can definitely get a feel for the technique and you can decide if you like it before investing in the Microns. Thanks to Oriental Trading Company for supplying the Micron Pens for this tutorial, check out their website for all kinds of art supplies, scrapbook and beading goodies as well of general craft supplies!

EDIT* Oriental Trading Company has free shipping on ANY size order through 6/5/14 with the code: CE144432 so hurry!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

I am so pumped!

howdy friends! I am so excited for today! I just got word last night from Kelly Brooks Bay, Author of The Rainbow Pants that the books arrived for the book release party, phew! Also I can’t wait to see my daughters Girl Scout float in the Old Home Week Parade today and I got my craft fair booth all set up yesterday morning so I will be busy and having fun all day. I’ll share some pictures of everything with you tomorrow;) As I was packaging up some more cards for sale I remembered the watercolor cards I painted in Boston, I thought I would get home and do more to them but decided they were fine as is:

DCF 1.0

Near Tufts there were all of these sparrows around, very tame, swooping in to get dropped bits of bread, here is one:

DCF 1.0

and here are 2 little paintings from my head…

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

My watercolor cards usually sell pretty well. Some people buy them to frame, hey they are original paintings, why not? Well, I better get moving, lots to do today! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW & a Winner!

Howdy and Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Before I share my photo I want to announce the winner of last weeks About Art Accents stamp giveawayjennyfer26 I have emailed you, be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email I sent you, congrats!

OK, so on to my workdesk…well, my workdesk is quite dull today but I snapped a photo of my desk in the hostel in Boston while I was working on some watercolor cards and postcards using my “de-stressing” kit I showed you last week:


That photo was taken the day after my husbands surgery, all went well and I think my cheerful watercolor reflects my relief. Do you have a desk to share? What have you been working on? Do you want to see more creative workdesks? Well head on over to Julia’s blog for all of the WOYWW fun! I actually will get to snoop this week, yay! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

An easy watercolor card to paint…

Happy Monday folks! I think this is going to be a good day! We seem to be in the midst of a spring thaw and my kids all seem to be mostly over that cold that has been going around. Let’s hope they don’t catch anything new at school LOL! Here is a quick and simple watercolor card I painted last month:

DCF 1.0

You can easily recreate it, you will need a#140 watercolor card (I use Strathmore pre-folded watercolor cards) and a #8 round brush. here’s how:

  1. Wet the card front leaving a rough border around the edge dry. It should be quite wet and look shiny if you tip it to the light,
  2. Add sap green, cad yellow, mauve and purple, just loosely dab it in the areas shown. Let dry.
  3. Paint the detailed lupine in with purple and mauve paint. Add grasses with green.
  4. If you like you can splatter some of the colors you used onto the card.

Easy Peasy! You can find more painting projects in my shop and they are all on sale 50% off right now!:

Learn to Paint: MagnoliasLearn to Paint: Blue BuntingLearn to Paint: CrocusLearn To Paint: Winter ChickadeeLearn to Paint Sweet PeasLearn to Paint: Coastal LandscapeLearn To Paint Chinese LanternsLearn to Paint: Watermelon!Learn To Paint: Pussy WillowsLearn To Paint: Birch Trees

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A diffrent way to use a digi-stamp, watercolor tips and make your own bow-maker!

Boy do I love it when I find a new use for something I already have! I have a bunch of digi-stamps (heck, I make them!) and they are fun to print and color but how about using them as a painting pattern?

Orchid Digi Stamp: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff, Clear Stamps: Inkadinkado, Watercolor Paper: Arches, Ink SU!, Other: Ribbon
Orchid Digi-Stamp: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff, Clear Stamps: Inkadinkado, Watercolor Paper: Arches, Ink: SU!, Other: Ribbon

That is what I did here. I simple opened up a new document in word, went under insert, picture ans selected my Sketchy Orchid stamp (only $1 in the shop BTW) and sized it about 4″ wide and printed it. Then I used a piece of graphite transfer paper to transfer just the basic lines of the flower on to a piece of 6″x12″ watercolor paper folded in half. (if you don’t have transfer paper just rub pencil lead on the back of your printout, flip the paper over and trace, easy peasy) Then I used my M Graham & Co. watercolors (these are my favorite, I’ve used them exclusively for 8 years) to paint the flower. Total time: 1 hour including set up and embellishing!

Buy quality paint ans store it in a pallette like this and you will save lots of time and money!
Buy quality paint ans store it in a palette like this and you will save lots of time and money!

This is how I keep my paint, I buy it in tubes and squeeze it out into a large well palette and let it dry. The M Graham paints contain glycerin and honey so they never mold and they stay slightly moist between painting sessions. My paint is ready to go when I am and since I just take what I need out of the palette each time none goes to waste! When I am done I spray the center mixing area with water and wipe it with a paper towel or rag.

My fancy bow maker!
My fancy bow maker!

I wanted to make a fancy loopy bow for this card but I don’t have a bow maker so I grabbed two clothespins and a jar I had laying around and made one myself. You can adjust how big you want the loops to be by moving the clothespins further apart. Wrap the ribbon in a figure 8 around the pins then tie a short length of ribbon around all the ribbon between the pins, very easy and quick! Money saved: $10!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you try your hand at water-coloring your next card, use one of my stamps as a pattern, don’t worry, I’ll never tell you didn’t draw it yourself 😉 Til next time happy crafting and painting too!