Frugalcrafter Programming Note:)

Howdy friends! I just wanted to let you know for the next couple of weeks I will be releasing videos every other day instead of daily. I have been barely hanging on by my teeth the last couple of months trying to keep up with the daily video schedule, blog posts and behind the scenes work with involves planning workshops, classes and articles and I don’t want to get burnt out. Here is a pic of my desk in the midst of today’s chaos LOL!


I felt a wash of relief wash over me when I decided to temporarily cut back to 3-4 videos a week. the good news is that I have about 1300 videos in the archive organized into playlists so if you wanted to find some gems in your favorite subject matter you might have missed you can on the playlist page of my you tube channel. I hope you understand and continue to check in often. I’ll have a new Easter craft for you tomorrow and a live painting show on Friday at 12:30 ET but there will be a couple of days a week with no videos, but hey, there are always the archives! Wish me luck on this exciting busy time and I’ll be back tomorrow with something new! Thanks for understanding and happy crafting!


I’m in the “Hot Seat!”

Hi friends! I am super excited! Today at 3pm ET I will be in the “hot seat” with Derral Eves! He is a big time video marketing consultant and he picked my YouTube channel The Frugal Crafter to evaluate! He has worked with me to grow my channel and make better videos over the past couple months and now he will assess my channel and offer tips on making it better. If you are a YouTube creator I encourage you to check out his videos and subscribe, He makes lots of technical stuff easy to understand too. I am so grateful that he chose my channel to help out:) You will be able to see the interview on the player below, if you are seeing a countdown it has not happened yet. I think it will repeat on this player too but I am not sure…you’d have to ask Derral, he is the technical one:)

Wish me luck on this and if it has happened already I hope it helped other video creators out there, especially the craft tutorial ones. Thanks so much for watching and til next time happy crafting!

Saturday Silliness! {My new You Tube Trailer!}

Howdy folks! I did some You tube training this week and switched my channel over to the new Channel One format. It was recommended that I make a trailer to welcome people to my channel…I hope it doesn’t scare any one away LOL!

What do you think? It is what unsubscribed people will see when they visit my channel. Feel free to subscribe BTW, I love subscribers! I hope people think “Wow, that’s some crafty enthusiasm!”  and not “Who is that crazy broad?”  Oh, I also wanted to mention that on the last Ask a Crafter vlog I said you could check out my Pintrest boards however I forgot to tell you my Pinterest user name is frugalcrafter, not Lindsay Weirich, honestly, I shouldn’t be allowed on a computer. You can click the button bellow and check out my crafty idea boards and follow me if you wish!


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great Saturday and as always Happy Crafting!

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