How to Make a Center Step Card {with creepy crows!}

Happy Friday friends, boy, this week went quick, we were super busy preparing for scout events and just general day-to-day stuff. Today I had to clean my house a bit because it looked like I was in need of a visit from Hoarders or Super Nanny, I’m not sure which but that is NOT how I want to make my TV debut hahaha! The laundry is sorted and dispatched to the children and the house is out of the “in need of an intervention” stage and now I can sit back with a glass of wine and relax. Ahhhhhhh. How ’bout we make a card?

DCF 1.0

I actually made this yesterday (when I should have been cleaning) when I needed a break from my to-do list. I used the new Birds in Trees and Murder of Crows stamps from Lost Coast Designs. I really wanted to make the background stamp stand out and use all 4 crows from the stamp set so I thought a center step card would allow that and add interesting dimension…almost a shadow-box look, to this card. What’s more it’s easy and uses no more cardstock then a normal card. Want to see how it is done? Watch the video:

I hope you give this card a try and maybe branch out to fancier step designs. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

EDIT: I just did a google search to see more step card templates and it yielded a treasure trove of wonderful free templates and beautiful card examples! You can find the search results here.

Parchment craft…well, sort of…

Hello friends. I often admire fussy, tedious, time consuming crafts but I know that I would not enjoy them. I really wanted to get the look of parchment craft (an elaborate embossing and paper piercing technique on vellum also known as pergamano) so I improvised a quick fix:

I later learned that if you emboss 2 sheets of cheap vellum at once it won’t crack.  Also if you have the same Spectrum Noir markers that I do and find that some have dried out (before you even used them) you can make them juicy again with this quick tip:

That trick will work with any alcohol based marker. Many people asked if it will work with rubbing alcohol and the answer is maybe, I have not tried it so if you do leave a comment and let me know! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Get out that vellum!

When I fist started scrapping there was noting lovelier than the sheer pristine sheets of vellum lining the shelves at my local scrapbook store. In fact I routinely used my 50% off coupons to buy packs of the white vellum at JoAnns. One time I hit a great sale of 12×12 embossed vellum at 10 cents a sheet and yet I bought a ton….OK so now what? I have a lot of vellum, isn’t it time we brought it back in style again? I think so too!

My sister got married this fall and as a gift I made her an album of the shots My husband and I took. This is the intro page. I used stamps by The Rubber Cafe to emboss the design on the vellum.  Make an embossing pouch to emboss easier, how to here. I stitched a pocket at the top of the page to hold a note to the bride and groom. My sister should be opening her album today! They return from their honeymoon today and it is waiting for them! I hope they like it! *By the way, I just got word that The Rubber Cafe will soon be carrying Copic markers at a price even The Frugal Crafter would love!

See this Layout "From the Heart" in the December issue of SNR!
See this Layout, "From the Heart", in the December 08 issue of Scrapbook News & Review!

As for the printed vellum you can use it as a luminary. Here I took 3 picture frame mats and placed the printed vellum behind the “windows”, then punced holes in the side with my Crop a Dial and tied them together with twine. Inside I placed a large jar candle (no open flames please!)  it is beautiful when it glows!

Project by Lindsay Weirich 2008, Vellum: K&Co

Other used for vellum:

Print journaling spots on them, trim closely and they will be ready to go the next time you scrap. Look in digital kits you already have to find some or check out DB boho frames & DB frilly Frames at, they are still on sale I think!

Copt this look! Sheer Journal sots from Maya Road
Copt this look! Sheer Journal sots from Maya Road

Are you expecting? Make you birth announcements ahead of time the print the details on vellum with the baby arrives and attach to the cards with ribbon or brads (thanks to Nicolle who just had baby Lily this weekend for that tip, she is a cutie!)

Got more tips? Leave a comment, lets use up our stash!

Let’s Recycle!

OK I had fun today with this challenge…As part of the Rubber Cafe Design Team I was challenged to create a card using the color teal, something recycled, dimensional foam tape and of course their stamps. Easy Peasy! I usually tend to work with “warmer” colors like orange and pink so teal would be fun and as of recycling I saves some cute clear gift bags form my girls birthday party that I die cutted (is that even a word?) and added to the front. I white embossed the Framed Heart stamp then colored the back with Bic Mark-its and sharpies. Since Vellum is non porous other markers may not dry. So I wouldn’t have to worry about adhesive showing I stitched all of my translucent elements down.

Bic Mark its, Sharpies
Stamps: The Rubber Cafe, Paper: My Minds Eye, Color: Bic Mark its, Sharpies

I stamped a flat clear button and colored the back with sharpies as well.

Recycled gift bag leaves and stamped button
Recycled gift bag leaves and stamped button

Here is a quick version where I didn’t color the vellum.

And now for a quickie!
And now for a quickie!

Other than the translucent gift bags I also recycled beads form a tiera that my puppy chewed up…don’t get mad, get the camera (It’s now my mantra!) 🙂

Chewed up tiara (not making this stuff up folks!), gift bag flowers and markers
Chewed up tiara (not making this stuff up folks!), gift bag flowers and markers

I used all of my new Rubber Cafe stamps on these projects: Lace Flower, Paisley Border, Framed Heart and From the Heart.

Have fun recycling and Happy Crafting!