A new fun toy and a busy weekend!

Helloooo friends! I was up late last night working on a parade float (I’ve never helped make a float before and it is surprisingly much like making a pinata, only way bigger!) and as soon as I am done writing this post (and drinking my huge bowl of coffee) I will be loading my van up with my displays and wares for a craft fair I signed up to do (at the last minute) tomorrow. Wow, it that last sentence doesn’t bring out the parenthesis police I don’t know what will! Oh did I mention I have my first book signing and special craft with Kelly Brooks Bay in the afternoon tomorrow too? Parade, craft fair, book singing…hmmm, I might have to put a big coffee can on my craft fair table with a hole cut in the top for money and have an “self service craft table. While getting ready for the craft fair I decided to package up some of the cards that I have made lately. I needed to make envelopes for some of the non-standard sizes so I used a new tool to do that. I got a $50 gift certificate from Crafters Companion as a publication intensive and used $12.95 of it on theĀ Envelobox Creator.

I plan on doing a video on making the boxes with this as well and using the embossing designs on the template. I am really happy with this tool and the price is great for such a sturdy item. They have a big kit called the Ultimate Tool that this Envelobox will go in but since I already have a scoring board I did not buy it. My only concern is that I will loose the scoring pen so I put everything pack in the plastic bag it came in for now. I hope you have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

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