Video Tutorial: Iris Folding!

Look at me going all traditional! ūüėÄ ¬†Today I am going to show you the “olde” technique of iris folding. It is perfect for¬†Christmas¬†cards especially if using metallic papers. I discovered that the metallic candy wrappers from Papermart are perfect for this as they are thin, shiny and cheap! BTW the glitter and rhinestones are from Papermart too and under a buck!

I have done this technique before with paper scraps but the result was always bulky so I would have to use foam tape at the edges of my card to even the thickness and then pay more postage to mail it but these foil wrappers are so thin a regular stamp will do! Check out the video and see how it is done:

Here are some of the iris folded cards I made. The heart was easy because it was equally wide and high and I just centered my window over the template. The tree on the right ¬†is wonky because I had more green strips to fill in, you can see where it is jagged between the white and green, it should be a smooth cascade…

A tip I will share is to count out from the center of the iris so that you start with the same number of strips of each color. If you have 5 white, 5 gold and 7 green you simply lay down 2 strips of green before beginning the round. Make sense? I explained it in the video too but I think it is one of those things you just have to do. Here are the templates I showed you in the video. You can right-click and save them to your computer of left-click and they should take you to the Circle of Crafters website with lots of great iris folding ideas and tutorials!

free printable iris folding patterns

free printable iris folding patterns

Another idea is to try this with your scraps of scrapbooking and wrapping paper, you can even get crazy and mix and match for a quilted look! We are a bunch of crazy gals aren’t we! Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW & Gelatoes VS Gel Sticks

Howdy folks! I have no project to share with you today. BUT, since it is What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday here is a shot of my desk:


I have a lot of things started. I went to a crop Friday and scrapped 8 layouts! I might need an embellishment or two on some and I want to photograph them before I put them in my album so there they sit. I have some stamped backgrounds I have been making ready for future cards and I have my Gel Sticks AND¬†Gelatos¬†out. After the tutorial I did on Faber Castell Gel Sticks/Gelatos¬†2 weeks ago Faber Castell sent me some real Gelatos (look at me with “big girl” supplies) and I decided to try them out next to the less expensive Gel Sticks they also manufacture. They say they are formulated differently, well, they are both lovely products but YOU be the judge. Here in this video I will bust these Gelatos out of the package and try them out side by side with the Gel sticks:

Interesting…Please remember that I am not a chemist or scientist and I have no knowledge of the chemical make-up of either product (although they assure me that both the Gel Sticks and Gelatos are non-toxic) I am judging them on their feel, performance, look and working characteristics.

***Edited to add that I spoke with a lady from Faber Castell and she said that they worked with chemists to improve the gelatos (that were inspired by the kids Gel Sticks) so that they would not fade over time. Also they chose the colors in the gelato line to reflect current color trends. I will add lightfast info as it becomes available.***

Pros to the Gelatos¬†are: More colors: 22 regular shades and 6 metallic. The 4 pack ($10) comes with a brush and clear stamp. (I have more brushes than Carter has pills so it is not a biggie for me-I’m¬†even worse in the stamp department LOL!) I also like how they list the color name on the cap. They are¬†sold in packs color families to coordinate with the other products in the Design Memory Craft line marketed to papercrafters to take the guesswork out of matching.

Cons to the Gelatos: Price. The 2 packs are $3.99, 4 packs (with brush and stamp)are $9.99 and the full 28 pack is $59.95

Pros to the Gel Sticks: They seem every bit as good as the Gelatos. The coverage is great, they are smooth and creamy and they blend well. You can’t beat the price at about $1 each! I bought the 12 pack of regular colors on Amazon for $11 and the 6 metallic for $7. You can get them for less if your local Joanns has them and you use a coupon too!

Cons to the Gel Sticks: Color range. There is only 18 colors and they are not labeled on the tube.

Thanks to Faber Castell for sending me the samples to review. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Loopy Felt Flower Tutorial & Lots of Tips!

Boy oh boy, am¬†I ready for spring!¬† I am using flowers everywhere and when I saw an advertisement for Basic Grey’s new loopy felt flowers I had to see if I could make them myself. How did I do?

They are fun, easy and only take seconds. All you need is craft store felt sheets, you know, the .25 cent kind and a pair of scissors and a dob of glue. Honestly, they cost about 2 cents each to make so why not give it a try. Watch the short video to see how:

Here are the written instructions:¬†Fold a 1.5″ x9″ strip of felt in half the long way. cut slits every 1/8″ (you can use fringe scissors to speed things up) then roll up the strip and secure with hot glue. You can cut leaves from green felt and add them if you wish. If you want a flower with a round center just use a 1/2″x4″ strip of felt and roll that up into a coil then attach the folded fringed piece and roll as before. Easy peasy!

More tips!!!

I loved the background paper I made the other day, so much that I did not want to cover it up so I stamped a magnolia collage stamp on top. Here are some tips for stamping on pattern paper

1. Color the image with regular wax-based colored pencils (like Prismacolor or Crayola) the colors, especially the light ones, are opaque and will block out the pattern underneath. Color firmly to blend.

2. Frame the image by using a reverse mask. I used Post-It notes to make a frame around my stamped image and sponged (a make-up wedge works great!)on brown ink. When you remove the post it note you have a pretty frame just like magic and you can still see parts of your beautiful paper!

3. This probably goes without saying BUT, use a dark ink on a patterned background so it will show up ūüėÄ

One last tip!

Mix and match your frame and sentiment stamps for snazzy new looks! I have had this oval frame from Rubber Stampede for years, I love how well it pairs up with the Stampin Up stamps I just got this month. That oldie is not moldy anymore!

That’s all for today, I am having friends over to craft tonight so I must clean up the craft room!¬† Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!