My Bead Cores Arrived!

Howdy folks! It was a banner mail day for me on Friday  The bead cores I ordered from ebay arrived (1000 for $4 and free shipping!) and I got a new torch. The torch I got for Christmas stopped igniting and I wrote to the company Diamond Tech who make the Fireworks torch and they offered to send me a replacement free of charge if I sent them back the broken one.  I had my new torch a week after I mailed them my broken one. Wow! I was so relived and impressed with that company. I wanted to mention it because we don’t hear about when a company does good often enough. Here are some beads I used the new bead cores on:

DCF 1.0

I had a hard time deciding what size to get but after much deliberation I picked the smaller ones and I’m glad I did because he others would have been way too big. As it was I had to use nylon pliers to press the cores into the beads. I actually cracked 2! I will put another coating of bead release on my Pandora mandrel next time to make the hole a wee bit bigger and they will be perfect!

A couple of weeks ago I bought some plastic divided boxes from the Dollar Tree, they are a usual item they carry and they are perfect for storing my handmade beads! I put half of my bead cores in one with my hand-made glass beads…

DCF 1.0

And the rest in a box with handmade clay beads…

DCF 1.0

I’d say the boxes are roughly 8″x10″ and they stack too! Well that’s all for today. We have an early indoor league softball game this morning so I have to boogie! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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