How To Avoid Glare When Photographing Your Art {DIY Light Diffusers!}

Hi Friends! I know you all are artist and crafters and many of you like to photograph your work and some of you make video tutorials sharing your crafty goodness. Or maybe you are finding that your task lighting is too harsh and making too much glare on your work.Well today I have a solution and it only costs pennies!

I used deli paper (aka dry waxed paper) to soften my studio lights but you could use white tissue paper too. Keep in mind that I am using CFL bulbs over my workspace so they do not get hot where as other lights produce heat. Don’t leave the lights on with the papers on them unattended. Besides, it wastes electricity lighting an empty room. ūüôā I think this tutorial will be most useful to video people making videos and I hope it helps someone out there. Goodness knows I was helped by tips from other bloggers along the way. I just want to pay it forward. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Pleated Presents!

Hello friends! Today was a snow-day and I spent the morning in my jammies sipping coffee and catching up on episodes of ¬†Once Upon a Time with the kiddos. We did some crafting too and it looks like a glitter bomb went off in my craft room LOL! Then I kicked the kids outside to play in the fresh snow. The best thing about a whopping amount of snow is no mud. I washed my floors when the kids went out to play and they stayed clean, an impossible feat usually this time of year with the dog and the kids and the mud but on a snow day with the woodstove a-crankin’ all that get’s tracked in is pure snow and the stove dries it right up, ahhhhhh.

DCF 1.0

I was shopping for birthday presents this week and when I went to wrap them I was reminded of a wrapping technique that I hadn’t done in ages…pleating! This paper folding technique allows you to make areas to tuck cards and tags in. It is simple, unique and elegant. In this video I will show you how to wrap a pleated present and how to make a lovely tissue paper flower using supplies from Papermart.

The tissue paper I used has a really neat crinkly surface that will be fun for other mixed media techniques. I used the French Vanilla Jewelers Tissue Paper. ¬†I think it would be cool for making custom washi tape or faux pattern pieces for sewing themed cards (heck, you might use it to make real patterns on if you were so inclined.) I recommend a high quality gift wrap for this technique so it will have the strength to hold the pleats without tearing, this looks awesome in solid metallic papers too. I also used tulle and large shipping tags on this project. ¬†I’ll have a super fun bonus project using these materials for you tomorrow so I hope you come back then. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Hey Parents and Teachers! A craft for the kids!

Weather you have a classroom full of kids or just one of your own this fun project will not only make a lovely decoration for your Christmas tree but also a wonderful memory. I’m rubbish at cooking with the kids but give me crepe paper and glitter and everyone wins, plus there is no cranky sugar crash to deal with later. Let’s make a festive Christmas wreath ornament! Check out the easy to follow video!

You will need:

Crepe paper party streamers (2 rolls for $1 at Dollar Tree) or green tissue paper

white glue

green paper

ribbon or yarn


pencil or marker

sequins or pom-poms (for decorations)

Optional (circle cutter): Grown ups need to cut the inner circle of the ornament so a circle cutter is great to have or you can get crafty with the scissors!

Directions: Parents, remember ABP when crafting with kids (always be prepared!) Have supplies out, tissue paper squares cut and the inner circle of the wreath cut out. Make a few extra wreaths in case they want to make more, they are so fun!

Kids do this:

  1. Cut out wreath with deco-edge scissors, write your name on the back.
  2. Glue ribbon to wreath.
  3. Use a pencil to mold paper strips (see video) and glue to wreath base.
  4. Add decorations!

Viola, a beautiful wreath! Let kids make these for gifts for family and friends, they are sure to bring joy! Merry Christmas and as always happy crafting!

A Fall Collage Craft for Kids! {video Tutorial}

I had a really successful time at the local library last week with this craft. I had a hoard of children all happily tearing and glueing and creating fall masterpieces! This time of year it is hard not to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds us (in Maine anyway!) so why not translate it into a craft? It is perfect for a classroom too! Just remember my rule when working with kids ABP (Always Be Prepared!) that means have all of the supplies laid out and the tissue paper squares cut before you invite them to craft.


You will need: 1 sheet of blue construction paper, 1/4 sheet of brown construction paper, a strip of green paper and scraps of red, yellow and orange. Glue sticks and white glue, a pencil and tissue paper or crepe paper (party streamer) squares. I used leftover gift wrappings and party streamers. If you need to buy tissue paper I recommend getting rolls of green, red, orange and yellow at the dollar store. Watch the video to see how easy it is!

You can use the same techniques for other art as well. I don’t know what is so charming about this craft but it captivated all of the children in the library. Twisting and glueing is almost meditative I think and the results are so pretty! If you try this leave a comment and let me know how it turned out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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