DIY Spray inks {& Shimmers} and Ink Daubers!

Happy Friday! Do you want something fun to do this weekend? How about whipping up a batch of spray ink and glimmer mists as well as sponge blenders for every inkpad you have…cheaply! Have a look-see at the ones I just made:

DCF 1.0

I love that I can get the same look, effect and quality of the name brand tools and supplies for cheap. I tried out the 4 oz bottles and sprayers from Papermart and I am happy to report that they are high quality, they give a fine mist but do not clog up with the shimmer (please pay attention to my tips for non clog shimmer spray use) and they are perfectly clear so I can see what color I have in there.  Check out the video to see these spray mists in action and how I made them and check out the ink blenders too, they are made from the caps that come on the bottles!

Neat huh? I hope you make some of these inks and play along with me. I will be using them a lot in upcoming videos so you will learn some fun techniques with them! There is nothing worse than getting a new supply and having it just sit on the shelf, am I right? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!