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Hi friends! If you are new to stamping you probably don’t have every coloring tool out there. You might also limit your supplies due to storage space and budgetary concerns. Maybe you have everything you could ever want but you want a small kit of supplies that you can take on the go with you so you want your supplies to do double duty. Whatever the reason I am going to show you 3 different ways to use your ink pads to color your stamped images.


I will show you 3 methods of coloring in this video!

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  • Stamps: Bird and nest from the Flowers and Whimsy set
  • Dies: Spellbinders
  • Bristol (what we stamped on) Canson XL
  • Stencil brushes (small sizes)
  • Color duster (Judikins)
  • Sponge tip daubers (Darice)
  • Waterbrush: Pentel
  • Card bases: Micheals (or make them from cardstock)
  • Patterened paper: DCWV
  • Dye ink in several colors
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Bakers twine
  • Doily
  • Black Pigment ink (VErsafine onyx black)
  • Black detail embossing powder
  • Homemade anti-static tool (cornstarch in a fabric pouch)
  • Adhesive (glue-zip-dry, Tape ATG)


This first example was colored by using small stiff bristles stencil brushes. You can get a similar look by using cotton swabs to apply the ink.


This example was done with a sponge applicator. You can get a similar look with sponge tipped eye-shadow applicators. The daubers I used in the video are called Embossing Brushes  (even though they are not a brush) and are made by Darice and came in a pack of 16 for around $5


The final example is watercolor and this is a great option if you don’t have many ink pads because you can mix colors easily on a palette before bringing the brush to paper.


1. Wipe bristol board with corn starch pouch. Stamp with black and heat emboss with black powder.

2. Die cut stamped panels. Cut mats for the panels if desired.

3. Assemble cards, all but the stamped panels, and set aside.

4. Color each panel as shown in the video experimenting with the different ink applications.

5. Glue stamped panels to cards.

I think limiting your supplies expands your creativity! If you have any clever ideas for getting more from your ink pads or other supplies let us know in the comments! Happy crafting!


Hunka-Hunka Burnin’ AWESOME!

When I opened my big box of AWESOME (aka my new TC Stampmaker) last week I was thrilled with the machine. I was making stamps, stencils and embossing plates with my own designs. It was love at first sight. I posted some of my cards and I heard from some stampmaker owners that were less than thrilled with their machines. I decided to try and troubleshoot some of the problems people were having with their TC Stampmaker. One big complaint I heard was that the stamps with fine lines fell apart. I decided to try and make a couple of Elvis stamps for photos I found online (you cannot buy Elvis stamps) and I was worried that the delicate lines in his portrait and the lines in the “Jailhouse Rock” background might not work but as you can see they were fine:

All of the stamps used on this card were made with my Stampmaker!

If you are trying to make a stamp with fine lines you need to expose the underside of the clamp (back of the imagepack) to the UV light for a few seconds to give the stamp a bit of a base. I found 5 seconds to be ideal for this (in the stampmaker instructions they recommend 3) but 8 seconds is TOO LONG (don’t ask me how I know LOL!) Here I stamped out 4 stamps, the first with no underside exposure and the others with 3, 5 and 8 seconds respectively:

Here are some close-ups of the stamps.

Obviously I can use the Elvis Jailhouse Rock stamp (I made the above card with it) but it is not ideal, I had to ink it carefully as not to smoosh ink on the background. Even though I got less than perfect results with some of the stamps in my experiment it was worth it to find the “sweet spot” for exposing these stamps. I hope I can save other Stampmaker owners a bit of work too!

BTW the polka dot background (stamped in blue) was such a bold stamp that I did not expose the back of the stamp to the UV lights. It did not need it. You could play with the amount of underside exposure, for instance is you had a stamp full of fine journling lines or some fine line artwork you would want the whole 5 second exposure but if you had a bolder image 3 would suffice and if it is a really bold image you can skip it all together. Think of it this way; a certain amount of light needs to pass through the transparency in order to harden the polymer enough to make a stamp. If you only have a few fine lines for the light to squeeze through you will need some exposure from the back to harden the bottom of the gel to the film…make sence?


To make a record I punched a 3/4" circle from blue, a 1 1/2" circle from black and glued them together. I set an eyelet in the center and drew on highlights with a white pen. Easy!

OK I just had to show a close up of these cards because Elvis was so handsome 🙂


Another Tip: The stamps you make in the stampmaker do not cling to your block. They are the same high quality photopolymer (you can tell because they have they same beautiful sweet smell the other top stamps do!) so you can either add the imagetac tape to your stamping block or th stamp, put cling cushion on the stamp or my fave technique (drumroll please….)

TIP! After you washout the stamp dry the back of the imagepack film off and smear some of the leftover red goo on the back of the stamp before you pop it in the tray of water for the hardening process, viola-a stamp that clings!

I hope these tips helped those of you with Stampmakers who have been frustrated with their stamp making endeavors. I hate to think of many of the wonderful machines collecting dust 😛

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Postage Due:)

Happy Monday folks! I had on of those weeks last week where all of my well-intended plans fell apart…you’ve all had those weeks where despite your best efforts nothing turns out right..good deeds never go unpunished…you know. Well, I virtuously had made 17 thank you notes for the guests of my twins’ birthday party because I wanted to get them out in a timely fashion, and I addressed them, place on a 44 cent stamp and popped them in the mail box and off they went to be delivered to all of the guests postage due.

I was so embarrassed.

The crepe paper and button I think are to blame because although the card was light enough for a standard stamp the extra thickness required 44 more cents. My apologies folks. Lesson learned.

Stamps: Pink Persimmion, Paper: DCWV, Idea for Button Medalions: Creating Keepsakes

The good thing was that I was able to hand deliver some of the cards. I need to get one of those cardboard thingies that they have at the post office to test the thickness of a card to avoid future shame 🙂 At least I sent thank you notes right?

The week got better though and I won Card of the Week at 2Sketches4You (I know, can you belive it!) and top 3 at Gingerloft Challenges. Shameless bragging, I apologise 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Shower time!

My niece is getting married next moth and today was her bridal shower, she picked the most unusual color scheme for her wedding but it is truly stunning: Orange, green with grey and black, it did not scream wedding to me at first until I played around with the colors, here is the card I made her:

Dress card die cut: Creative Cuts & More, Stamps: Autumn Leaves, Inkadinkado, Stampin Up, Paper: Bazzill, American Crafts

I found this Dress Window die cut card from Creative Cuts & More stashed away with my white paper scraps and had to use it, I added some stamping and decorated the inside so there would be something pretty to see though the dress cutout:

I think I like decorating the inside of the card as much as I like making my homemade envelopes!

The envelope for this card is a SVG freebie (to cut with your Cricut and SCAL software) I designed and you can grab it here, it is adjustable in SCAL2 (square or rectangle), in scal 1 you are stuck with it being a square envelope, but you can still make it whatever size square you want.

Now, my niece is a very talented crafter, she was over the other day using my Cricut and she told me that she was going to buy thank you cards for the wedding instead of making them (Hats off to any bride who sends thank you notes, homemade or store-bought!) so I decided to letterpress her a set of 10 thank you notes, here you can see the detail of the debossed letterpress design:

Letterpress plates and paper: Lifestyle Crafts

If you remember a few months ago I showed you how I made a letterpress bed to fit in my Big Shot diecutter, if you want directions to make one for less than $10 check out this post, as you can see it works as well as the $149 kit from Lifestyle crafts and you can use their plates in it. Here are the cards and matching envies:

Envelope paper: K&Co, Tool: Scor-pal

Also I while back I showed you how to make envelopes with your Scor-pal, if you missed it you can see the video and grab my cheat sheet here.

These projects qualify for the following challenges: Annabelles Stamps (embossing), Clearly I Stamp (thank you cards), Cowgirls Sunday Stamping Challenge, DigiDoodles (anything goes), Creative craft Challenge (bride),  I Did It (buttons & bows), Totally Gorjuss (congrats) and Wee Memories (stamping.)

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Note Cards with Envelopes Freebie!

Happy Tuesday Y’all! I spent a lovely morning out shopping and lunching with friends, it’s a beautiful warm fall day and I have some freebies to share. Does it get any better? Here is a set of thank you notes I made to send out to my daughters’ friends to thank them for their lovely birthday presents.

Stamps: Stampin Up, Templates: Lindsay Weirich (See downloads below)

Stamps: Stampin Up, Templates: Lindsay Weirich (See downloads below)

You can make nine note cards form 3 sheets of 12×12 paper. Pick 3 colors that go well together so you can mix and match the layers, I used pastel shades of pink and mint and white. Below you can download the SVG files to cut with your cricut if you have scal software.

Download the Bracket shape SVG here. Use it in blackout mode at 3″ for the layer, weld two together at 3.5″ still in blackout mode for the note card.

Download the petal envelope SVG here. size it about 7″ wide to fit the note card.

Or if you want to mail it in a rectangle envelope use this Envelope SVG, you can shorten this envie to make it square as well, it’s up to you.

Here is a printable template for the rest of you;) I used the other envie temp because it uses less paper;)

Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

Big Thanks!

Wow, what a week! I found out that at least one of my cards will be featured in the February issue of Vamp Stamp News, not sure which one (or ones) and they put one of my cards on the VSN homepage! And I got several projects accepted into Just Cards! magazine. Special thanks go out to my friend Kathy who generously gave me permission submit a card I made with her onesie pattern, and also I want to thank Jen of Jen’s Brain Things blog for letting me use one of her cut files on another accepted project. You girls rock!

And I thought I would share a few thank you cards with you today:

card by Lindsay Weirich 2008

card by Lindsay Weirich 2008

The paper Co.

Stamps: Inque Boutique, Paper: The paper Co.

Tri-Fold Card by Lindsay Weirich

Tri-Fold Card by Lindsay Weirich

Also I want to thank Olena and Heather for blog awards, you are so sweet!

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!

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