Make a card in less than 10! (another Inktense demo!)

Howdy folks! Want a quick and colorful card idea?

DCF 1.0

You can paint this card and envelope in under 10 minutes. I used Inktense watercolor pencils but you can use any watercolor pencils or crayons you have or even kids watercolor paint! Watch the video to see how:

BTW the large-and-in-charge butterfly stamp is made by Tattered Angles and the smaller butterfly used on the envelope is by Stampin Up. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Hello NEON!

I know some of have negative feelings of neon colors (flashbacks of the big hair and bright colors of the 1980’s) but there is no doubt about it, neon is back! I just got to try the new Neon Markers from Letraset and I’m sold. I’ve had enough of brown and muted colors, how about you?


The thing is you can always tone down and “muddy” up a color but you can’t clean up a muted color. I love my colors pure, you have so much more versatility that way! These markers are fade resistant too which is important because neon colors are notorious for fading. Here is a video where I show you how easy it is to blend with these neon watercolor markers as well as some mixed media techniques with supplies you probably have already. I gab a bit about stencils and storage and who knows what else in the beginning so if you want to skip ahead 4 minutes and get straight to the stamping I don’t mind LOL! Also feel free to follow along with whatever watercolor markers you have!

Here is the piece we made in the video, I did not end up adding anything extra to it after all.


I wanted to show you a close up pic of the marker in the color spritzer tool. I did not have luck with this tool before, come to find out I was not pushing my markers through far enough! See how the nib of the marker extends past the tip of the spritzer tool. the color spritzer is made by Stampin up, I think they still sell it.


Here is my first attempt with the markers, I had such fun I made a video LOL! It was so fun to get in my studio and just play after a long summer home with the kids!


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Batik Snowflake Christmas Cards

Do you ever get inspired by a stamp set? I took on one look at the huge snowflakes in this Tattered Angles Winter stamp set and thought “Batik Snowflakes!” The look is loose, messy, artistic and I just love the way they turned out:


I used a couple of methods to make these cards:

  1. Stamp Watercolor paper with clear ink and heat emboss with clear embossing powder. Wet the paper with water, then paint ultramarine and mauve watercolor paint loosely over and let dry.
  2. I also tried the above method with cardstock.
  3. Paint directly on he stamp with ultramarine and mauve watercolor paint and stamp repeatedly on a sheet of white cardstock then randomly flick the same colors of paint on the sheet.

So after I prepared 3 standard size sheets of paper like this I cut the papers up into quarters and made my set of cards! I also used the watercolor paints to dye the seam binding I added. I used eyelets to secure the watercolored panels to the cardbases. This is a fun technique to try if you need to loosen up a bit in your crafting!

TIP: Save the non-stick backing that comes on the back of contact paper (shelf liner) to protect your work surface when you do messy projects. I like it better than my non-stick craft mat and if it gets too nasty you can simply throw it away!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Make your own Glimmer Mist!

I love sparkly stuff! That’s what I decided to open up my drawer of barely used pearl-ex and make my own glimmer mist. Take a look:

homemade glimmer mist on white paper!
homemade glimmer mist on white paper!
Ooooh, Aaahhhh....sparkley!
Ooooh, Aaahhhh....sparkley!

Here is how I did it. I filled a small bottle 1/3 of the way up with added a teaspoon of Gum Arabic (a binder used in watercolor paints) to a small spray bottle, then filled it about 1″ from the top with water, a few drops of liquid watercolor (you can use reinker too) and 3 tiny scoops of pearl-ex powdered pigments. Shake and spray. The examples are on white cardstock! Nice color huh? It really shimmers in real life, the photos don’t do it Justice. The gold and copper have no watercolor added. The copper had lager particles so it will not spray, I’ll have to paint that on but the others work like a dream!

You could also use food coloring or egg dye for the color and hairspray instead of gum arabic+water. Pretty cool huh and a big savings!

Till next time Happy Crafting!