Learn to Draw Succulents in Colored Pencil!

Hi friends! It’s March 1st and it is pouring rain in Maine. In like a lion and out like a lamb they say, tomorrow it is supposed to be very cold with a wind chill of -15! Crazy huh? Speaking on March I have a new monthly prompt in Critique Club as well as a real time version of this tutorial posted so check it out if you are a member. If you are not a member but would like to be we would love for you to join! It’s $5 a month and you get access to 52 longer and more advanced tutorials (with 2 more added every month!) in a variety of media as well as the opportunity to post your work for critique from me. Lean more or sign up here.

Now, on to the timelapse!

Supplies (affilate links used)

These drawing were so much fun to do and very relaxing. I hope you enjoyed it and til next time happy crafting!

Succulent Shaker Card

Hi friends! Any type of frame can be used to create this unique shaker card. Try using nesting circle, rectangle, square or Triangle dies to make the frame for this and have fun!


Watch the video to see how!

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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other Supplies(Affiliate used where available)

  • Gold Metallic Cardstock
  • Heavy white cardstock (110# recollections
  • Craft foam (I used yellow because it was close to gold, you could also use white)
  • Clear “window” transparency sheets (I use this kind because you can also stamp in it if desired or print on it with an ink-jet printer but you can use any clear sheet including product packaging!)
  • Seed beads in shades of brown and white
  • Dies or shape cutter to cut the shaker frame of your desired shape. I used the treasure trove die from Local King that I bought at the stamp show
  • Markers: Ohuhu brush tip 48 set
  • Cactus washi tape
  • Other: Clear stamp blocks, foam mat for stamping, scrap paper, post-it notes for making masks


  1. Cut terrarium frame from gold cardstock and craft foam. Make a 4 ¼” x 5 ½” card from white and trace the terrarium shape on it so the top of the shape hangs off the fold and cut out with scissors. This will be the base of your shaped card. Cut a window for the shaker from clear transparency.
  2. On the card base stamp your succulents masking as needed. Color with markers.
  3. Using skinny tape adhere the foam layer on top of the cardbase over the image you just colored.
  4. Fill the opening of the frame with small beads. I used brown and white so it would look like potting soil. Adhere the transparency sheet on top to seal in the beads.
  5. Carefully line up and adhere to top frame with skinny tape.


Inside of card:

  1. To disguise the bleed through of the markers from the front of the card doodle around them with a water-based black pen. Then, if desired, glue down another die cut frame like you used in the front. If your card isn’t symmetrical and you used a die you can cut it from the reverse side of the cardstock and it will work.
  2. Use washi tape and paper or a post-it note to add a sentiment to your card. I stamped an “ok to reuse” sentiment inside my card that can be easily removed if they would like to regift the card.


  • Foam tape can be used in place of craft foam if that is more convenient for you.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact die cut I used. You can use any dome or frame or any nested die set to make one. You can also use shape cutters. If you are not using a die then foam tape will probably be easier than craft foam for the middle layer.
  • Sequins, glitter or sand can be used in place of beads.
  • If you don’t have alcohol markers you can use whatever you like (watercolor, chalks, water-based markers, ink and daubers etc) and as a bonus you won’t have to decorate the bleed through on the inside.

I hope this project sparks some ideas!

Watercolor Succulents! You can paint this!

Hi friends! I have had many requests to paint succulents in watercolor, honestly, I may already have and I forgot LOL! After 2000 videos they start to blur together!


I picked up a couple potted succulents last month in a vain attempt to bring some springtime into my home. I don’t know how much more dour Maine weather I can take. The snowbirds are looking smarter every year! I snapped a photo of the potted succulent arrangement (I got it Home Depot, it was around $7) so you can see the plant I am working from.


I got a magnifying lamp from Brightech (today’s sponsor) and it made seeing the detail so much easier. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and it has tremendously helped in the eye strain department. You can learn how to paint the succulent in today’s video and see the lamp in action in case it’s something that might be useful to you!

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Supplies (Affiliate inks used)

I think I’ll spend sometime outside this afternoon. I drove down the beach after I went to the grocery store today and walked around. The water is really high this year, there was hardly any beach at my little pond. I think I need to pack up some paint and go back and make my own sunshine. Til next time happy crafting!

PS if you don’t want to draw your own succulents I did design a set of succulent rubber stamps for Rubber Stamp Tapestry you might enjoy:)

How’s Your Handwriting? Good enough for a card… it can be!

Hi friends! I am going to come clean with you and admit that I have lousy handwriting. It is a barely legible half cursive, half printed chicken scratch mess. Anyone reading a handwritten note from me would believe I was a doctor! (OK the only people who will get that joke will have to be old enough to remember when doctors wrote paper prescriptions I guess LOL!) The fact is I don’t take the time I should to write neatly and if  you think about writing as “drawing your letters” you can make them look a lot better!


In today’s video we are going to make a pretty stamped watercolor card with a hand written sentiment that will be pretty enough to impress your 3rd grade cursive teacher! Plus I’ll share my 5 tips for prettier handwriting!

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Other supplies (Affiliate links used)


5 Tips to quickly make your handwriting look better (and these tips work because I have terrible handwriting!)

1. Make guide lines with pencil.
2. keep the vertical lines of the letters parallel to one another.
3. Try to keep an even space between letters.
4. Press on your pen more on the down strokes to make thicker lines and lift upon the upstrokes for thinner lines.
5. Make the letters look crisper by going over the letters with a fine black fountain pen. Add swirls, loops and flourishes to dress it up with the same black pen.


I also wanted to add some info on the wreath card that I was frustrated with in case anyone like it and wanted to try it. Let me know if you want a tutorial on this and I can do one. Basically I punched a circle and folded it in half a couple of times so it looked like a pie with 8 slices, traced the circle on paper and marked each fold. Then I stamped the jade succulent on every other mark. then I masked and filled in stamping with other succulents repeating them around the circle. It looked too cluttered to me so I scrapped the idea but it would be pretty if it was a bit more sparse I think.


I do think it looks better now that I have stepped away from it. I think when I am getting frustrated by a project I see it with “ugly eyes” and it often looks OK later. What do you think? I hope you try some handwriting on your next card and til next time happy crafting!

Stamping Succulents! (BTW I designed these stamps!)

Hi friends! I am so pleased and humbled by the response to my first line of rubber stamps with Rubber Stamp Tapestry. It is a wonderful feeling to know my artwork will inspire others to make their own art. Today I am going to share one of my new sets: Succulents.


I designed these stamps to be used together to make scenes and arrangements but I also want them to be big enough to be used on their own if you just want to do a quick & simple card. I also wanted you to be able to use them with other stamps you already have because in order for my stamps to earn a place on your craft table they need to make your other stamps and supplies more useful.


In today’s tutorial I am going to show you 3 different ways to create masked scenes with these stamps so you can use them on their own or with other plant pot stamps you have. I will also show you how to layer colored pencils to create rich images with depth and contrast.


This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry! Use coupon code FRUGALJANUARY18 for 20% off all stamps on orders over $10, expires 1/31/18. Become a Peg Stamp VIP here & get the deepest weekly discounts available


Here is a look at the five new stamp sets!


Click here for a closer look!


Thanks again for all of your words of support and encouragement! Sales have been brisk and I am so thankful for that too:) I hope you try these techniques with the supplies you have on hand and til next time happy crafting!