Let’s Organize Our Paper {and start a paper addicts support group…}

Hi friends! I love paper, almost as much as stamps and you can’t stamp without paper so there you go (it’s my own personal addiction glue.) I think my obsession with paper is why I prefer watercolor and pastel painting to other media, there is just something about the humble sheet of fibery goodness. If you are like me you have amassed quite a stash of it too so today I will show you all the ways I store it. If you are a sensible person and have far less paper then me I will share some ways to store a smaller stash too. I neglected to mention how I store my 22″x30″ sheets of watercolor paper in the video because they are not it my studio. I keep them in a large flat file under my bed upstairs where it is drier and more consistent in temperature because that stuff is my “precious” but NOT too precious to use. 🙂  Now brace yourself for 20 minutes of action packed paper storage!

I have been preparing to film the rest of the videos in the studio storage series. And by “preparing” I mean cleaning so you do not see what I hot mess I really am LOL! Seriously, I question the way I store things as I consider filming a tutorial and I think it has improved my workflow a bit especially in the die cutting and embossing areas, spoiler alert, that’s the next storage video! How are your craft storage projects coming along? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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