Review of Arrtx Jelly Cup Style Gouache

Hi friends! Today I have a review of Arrtx Jelly cup style gouache. Gouache is a really neat medium, it is opaque, fast drying and layerable but can be re-wet and reworked as much as you like. It is an opaque watercolor that can give a similar look to oils and acrylics with ease of use and cleanup. You can use gouache to follow along with acrylic or oil tutorials too with little modifications. I like materials that are ready to go when I am with little set up time and this palette fits that bill.

Watch the video for more info.

The new Arrtx gouache set features 18 jelly cup style containers of gouache. Each container is 30ml and housed in a sturdy reusable palette box.


  • Low price
  • Comes with pigment information
  • Opaque colors-great coverage
  • Includes good mixing primaries
  • High-quality palette box including a washable palette that inserts in lid
  • Wells go all the way up to the top of the lid so if you prefer to let your paints dry out you won’t have to worry about paint cracking and mixing. You also won’t have to worry about liquid paints mixing but store it flat to prevent leaking between colors.


  • The bright yellow color of the palette and box might be distracting when mixing colors (white or grey would be preferable)

Bottom line: I really like these paints. Often with affordable gouache, I feel like I need to let the paint dry out a bit to make them thick enough to perform well but these are great right out of the pot. I love that they use mostly tried and true pigments and that they include that info so I can better gauge how lightfast they will be. They painted out well, dried quickly on paper, and behave like other artist quality gouache I have used in the past. The colors are different from the 18 Himi gouache paint set and I do feel that the quality has improved over that set which was distributed by the same company Lightwish on Amazon. I think both sets would complement each other. You can find out more about this product here.

Happy crafting!

This Gouache Box is so Cute!!! Miya Himi Review

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Hi friends! I like to find a bargain. And by bargain I mean it’s quality is higher than what you paid for and it performs better than you would expect. That is just what I found with this sweet little box of gouache. Gouache is simply an opaque watercolor. You can use it like acrylics or oils and rewet it to blend. It’s pretty awesome stuff! A couple of viewers asked me if I would review this kit and I have to say I was tempted from the word go. I loved the novelty of the “jelly cup” design of the gouache container and the fact that it had a high wall palette so the colors would not become mixed if the wet paints were tipped or if I dried out the paints and they crumbled they would not get mixed up. There was also a mixing tray that fit inside the lid so there was nothing other than brushes and water you needed separately.


I have purchased products from the Amazon seller Lightwish in the past and they offered to send me this paint set for review. They also sent a set of brushes. They were all hog bristle except for one. I found out later from a viewer that in China and Korea it is customary for people to use the hog bristle brushes with gouache as they paint with them like oils (especially school children) ad this “jelly cup” type of paint is also the norm. Apparently, you can buy refills of these cups in China. They are 30ml so it will take a while to use them up but that is good to know. Since I have more tubes of paint than a place to put them I reckon I will just refill from my tubes if and when I deplete a color.

Miya Himi Gouache Review


  • Low price
  • 18 colors *I recommend letting them dry out a bit prior to painting.
  • Opaque
  • Highly pigmented
  • Colors mix cleanly, you can work with a limited palette and not create mud.
  • Comes in a great reusable sturdy leak-proof palette (I’ve paid more than $20 for palettes that are not as nice)


  • No lightfast information/student quality
  • the palette does not come in white or grey which would make more sense for mixing. That said I had no difficulty mixing on this palette as the colors are opaque but if it bothers you to mix on a colored palette you may wish to have a white plate handy or skip this set.

Bottom line, the Myia Himi gouache is a great quality paint for the price. The palette is wonderful and I plan to reuse it and refill it with my own tube gouache as I use up the colors. I’d pass on the sets that come with the brushes as they are not great for gouache on paper effects but you can’t go wrong with the paint. I am not allowed to list prices for Amazon products in my blog posts anymore (crazy huh?) but If you see these for under $25 it is a good deal. I hope you found this useful and til next time happy crafting!

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