Funky Stretch Bracelets & a Winner!

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Hi friends! I’m gonna tell you right now, if you want a craft fair best seller, make these:


I say this because within an hour of this video going on you tube I sold both of these bracelets to excited viewers. I did not even say they were for sale LOL and I don’t have an online shop. That is how fun these are! I used the vintage label shapes from Punch Place Plus that I demonstrated in the Crafting on Clear video last week. The stretch bracelets fits any size and since IĀ used stretch cord, glass beads and acrylic shapes it is safe for folks allergic to metal jewelry (if allergy is an issue you can omit the decorative metal filigree that I used on the green one.) Watch how easy this is to make!


Beadnova stretch cord
Glass Beads
Vintage Label acrylic shape from Punch Place Plus

Tip to add: If the tail of the cord pulls out of the beads you were hiding it in you can trim it short and place a drop of glue or nail polish on the knot to keep it secure. Duh, the bracelet stretches and of course it would pull out. Lindsay makes a rookie mistake LOL!

Last week I asked you what you would buy and make if you won a $20 gift voucher from Punch Place Plus and you had so many cool ideas from 18″ doll accessories to jewelry and some of you spotted some great double stick tape, they sure have more than acrylic shapes! I tossed all of the entries in a hat and picked… Betty L Swan Congrats! Please keep an eye on your email, Punch Place Plus will be contacting you! I want to thank Punch Place Plus for sponsoring this giveaway and thank you for watching and I do hope you try this fun bracelet and of course you have my permission to make and sell these (more money for craft supplies right?!?) Happy Crafting!


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