How I store my stencils!

I love stencils! I have been collecting and using stencils in my art projects for about 15 years (before that I used my moms collection LOL!) and you know me, I never throw away anything that can be use in my artsy endeavors. I also take in a lot of orphaned art supplies (friends start a project and when they are done they have no use for the stencils again) that might prove useful in my art or the kids art classes I teach. so how do I contain the stash? Watch and see:

I divided the stencils into several categories: Patterns/backgrounds, basic shapes/boarders, occasion/seasonal, Alphabets and masks/poistoids also I put any trace & cut stencils (AKA templates) in my larger Crop ‘n Style PSB (paper/sticker binder) so any diamond fold stencils, color blocking scrapbook templates as well as cool cards and paper boxes I have saved over the years to take apart and trace, they are all in there in page protectors. My brass stencils live in a divided wine box crate with my embossing folders and texture plates since that is what I mainly use them for. This method makes the most scene for me since I have so many stencils with no plans to purge any ūüėČ After posting this video on YouTube viewers shared their storage solutions, here are some ideas:

Ronisuescrapper says:

I do not even come close to the amount of stencils that you have, but I have mine in a three ring binder, with pocket pages, and have them divided that way. The ones that actually came with the 3 holes in them for binders I have in the front. They all fit nicely that way, but if I ever get more, I will for sure keep your technique in mind, because it is great. Thanks! ~ Roni

Pistos En Agape¬†has this idea…

I hang like stencils on ring binders and attach them to the bottom of the wire shelving common in most closets. So far I’ve had no problems with untangling one from another since they hang loosely across the shelf wires.

Hope this makes a little sense.

SkrimpnSkrap says:

I find keeping my stencils in sheet protectors in 3 ring binders works really well. I have a binder that is 8.5×11″ and one that is actually a 12×12 scrapbook for larger stencils/templates. It’s easy to flip through, find what I want and pull it out. I keep a blank sheet of paper in each protector with stencils on either side. This helps me see exactly what they are and they tend to get intertwined with each other a bit less. Hmmm…now I’m inspired to go use my stencils! THANKS!

Joyce B writes:

Thank you. I only have enough stencils for a plastic storage box but if I were to get many more, I would definitely consider storing them this way.

Cecilia Sawyer likes to store her stencils this way:

You really hit on a common problem we all have. I found the accordion fold folders for 12×12 Scrapbook papers are really good. I noticed you had some. I just label the sections with names like: circular designs. Stencil Girls, Joggles, Texture backgrounds, numbers and letters, etc. I have a smaller accordion folder for my 6×6 ones. Thanks for the video.

I used to store my stencils like Cecilia does, it worked well for my larger ones but I just had so many! I hope these ideas help you get your clutter under control. Thanks for sharing your ideas ladies and til next time happy crafting!


Hello NEON!

I know some of have negative feelings of neon colors (flashbacks of the big hair and bright colors of the 1980’s) but there is no doubt about it, neon is back! I just got to try the new Neon Markers from Letraset and I’m sold. I’ve had enough of brown and muted colors, how about you?


The thing is you can always tone down and “muddy” up a color but you can’t clean up a muted color. I love my colors pure, you have so much more versatility¬†that way! These markers are fade resistant¬†too which is important because neon colors are notorious¬†for fading. Here is a video where I show you how easy it is to blend with these neon watercolor markers as well as some mixed media techniques with supplies you probably have already. I gab a bit about stencils and storage and who knows what else¬†in the beginning so if you want to skip ahead 4 minutes and get straight to the stamping I don’t mind LOL! Also feel free to follow along with whatever watercolor markers you have!

Here is the piece we made in the video, I did not end up adding anything extra to it after all.


I wanted to show you a close up pic of the marker in the color spritzer tool. I did not have luck with this tool before, come to find out I was not pushing my markers through far enough! See how the nib of the marker extends past the tip of the spritzer tool. the color spritzer is made by Stampin up, I think they still sell it.


Here is my first attempt with the markers, I had such fun I made a video LOL! It was so fun to get in my studio and just play after a long summer home with the kids!


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!