18 Card Making Tips & Cute Robot Cards!

Howdy friends! I had so much fun making this quirky batch of robot themed cards!


I’m not quite sure what it is about robots but I have quite a collection of robot themed things, I bet if you searched robot on my blog you would see tons of projects for classroom valentines to cards and probably scrapbook pages. I even think I sewed robot themed pajamas for my kids when they were young. I never really through about it until I was looking through my stamps to make these cards and realized I have a whole binder or steampunk/robot stamps LOL!


I like themes like this because I feel the cards (although fun and youthful) can be used for a variety of occasions and people. Kids birthdays come to mind first but they could also be used as a get well soon card (these junk yard robots look like they have seen better days LOL) or for a simple “hello!” or thinking of you card for anyone!


I have a tendency to go for ruffles, flowers and glitter frequently and my frou-frou style would not work as well for all recipients so it’s nice to have some industrial style cards too. As I was working on these cards I kept thinking of tips I wanted to share along the way and there are a lot of them! Don’t try to write them all down, I have listed them below the video & supply list for your convenience:)

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Supplies (Sponsored & Affiliate Links Used)


Robot card making tips!

  1. Dust your paper with cornstarch before stamping to remove static and wick away moisture. *I sewed a simple pouch and put a tablespoon on cornstarch inside and stitched it shut and have been using it for years. You can make a no sew option with a baby sock and rubber band too!
  2. Use pigment ink for the most solid impression. I like Versafine.
  3. Instead of using mounting foam, paint the back of your rubber stamps with repositionable glue like Aleene’s Tack it over and over. You will save money and storage space!
  4. For a perfect impression use a curved stamp mount (or a stamping platform)
  5. Emboss your stamped image with clear detail embossing powder to prevent it from running no matter what you are coloring it with.
  6. The raised embossed lines also helps you color within the lines so your coloring looks more professional!
  7. Embossing with clear powder also helps with cutting if using a Scan ‘n Cut machine as the scanner seems to see the image better.
  8. Cut your image before you color (if using a die cut machine) that way you won’t wasn’t the time it takes to color if the machine doesn’t cut right. *Tip, if you have a friend with stamps and dies to match or a SnC machine you can stamp and cut a bunch of things ahead of time and color later!
  9. Put your cut image on a sticky (Post-it) not to hold it while you color.
  10. When using markers in a  small area blend dark to light for quick coloring.
  11. Use the right paper for the coloring media. Use Neenah Classic Crest for alcohol ink and hot press watercolor paper or Bristol board for water based markers.
  12. Look at old stamps, stencil and embossing folders with new eyes. Generic and abstract patterns can be used in most cardmaking themes.
  13. Repeat the same inks (or other media) on different layers throughout the card to make it have a cohesive feel.
  14. If you have old inkpads you can no longer set reinkers for you can add inks, metallic powders and gouache paint to refresh them. These custom pads will give your work a unique look!
  15. Get a rust texture with embossing powder by either using one made for the job or by mixing brown flocking powder with black, brown and orange powders. After embossing smudge on some seafoam green ink for a patina look!
  16. Try and find generic supplies that will work with most projects: Solid cardstock, brads and ribbons that can go with a variety of project are more useful than specialty ones.
  17. For a splash of pattern try washi tape, it is inexpensive, doesn’t take up a lot of space and is self adhesive. No more storing large packs of paper or guilt about s=cutting into a big sheet for a small accent.
  18. Make a batch of cards! If you did purchase a specialty embellishment that you are unlikely to use again make up a batch of cards while your supplies are out. It is more efficient and you won’t have to deal with leftovers.

I hope some of these tips are new to you and you give them a try on your next card! Happy crafting!

Silly & Fun Robot Cards for Kids!

Hi friends! Today we are going to make a batch of cute cards that can be used for any occasion you want a light-hearted & fun card!


I’ll also show you how to fix those less than perfect stamped images and smudged backgrounds so you won’t be tempted to toss them in the trash!

This tutorial is sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! SAVE 10% off your next order with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter10 *USA orders of $50+ ship free!

Supplies (sponsored & affiliate links used)

Tips to fix ink smudges and mis-stamped patches

  1. Cover ink smudges by adding a background.
  2. Or place an embellishment over the smudge.
  3. To fill in a spot in a stamped image where the ink skipped simply press a inkpad (if a dye pad) on a clear block and pick up the ink with a blender pen and color it in. If you are using an archival pad scribble a matching memento marker on the clear block and do the same.

I really had a fun time making these cards! I hope you try some of these ideas out on your next card! Happy crafting!

Top 10 Tips for Fast & Frugal Cards!

Here are my top tips for make fast and frugal stamped greeting cards!


Tip #1: Use limited supplies like a waterproof black stamp pad and watercolor pencils

Tip #2: Pick a light source to make coloring easier and use the same light source for all the stamped and colored elements on your card.

Tip #3: Choose line work images because you won’t need a bunch of inkpads (you can stamp in black and color them!)

Tip #4: Select your pattern paper first and use the colors from the paper to guide your coloring, it is sometimes hard to find paper to match after you color.

Tip #5: By prefolded cards and envelopes, they are very convenient and cheaper then buying cardstock and making your own in many cases.

Tip #6 Use 6″x6″ paper packs or 4″x6″ matstacks because you will have less waste and your patterns well be scaled smaller for cards.

Tip #7: Use a paper trimmer to cut squares and rectangles

Tip #8: Adhere the trimmed stamped image to pattern paper and then trim the mat.

Tip #9: Embellish with patterned paper

Tip #10: Invest is good tools like microtip scissors for fussy cutting.

Stamps (stampin Up)
Ink Pad (Ranger Archival)
Watercolor Pencils (Spectrum Noir)
Watercolor Paper
Paper (BoBunny 6×6 pad)
Cardbases (Pack of 80 from Michaels for $5)
Brush #4 round Ebony Splendor (Jerry’s Artarama)
Microtip scissors (cutterbee)

I hope these ideas helped you use the supplies you already had or gave you some tips in investing in some really useful ones. Happy crafting!

Rubber Stamp Giveaway & Nature Themed Cards!

Howdy friends! It’s giveaway time! Up for grabs are these beautiful snail and butterfly stamps from Art Neko (formally About Art Accents):

DCF 1.0

The full 8″x10″ Garden Friends sheet of stamps that these images came from is gorgeous and on sale for $10 (regularly $20) so you might want to check it out. Don’t worry, if you buy it and end up winning it you can pick different stamps:) Oh and if you see stamps that are not on sale that you want to buy you can use my coupon code for 10% off: Lindsay10% I will show you how I made these cards with lots of tips and hints along the way in today’s video:

Here is a close up of the snail card:

DCF 1.0

And the butterfly one…I think I need a sentiment here, what do you think?

DCF 1.0

For a chance to win the stamps I used and a $10 gift certificate to Art Neko just leave a comment on this blog post and I will select a name at random next Sunday the 25th. Art Neko ships worldwide so anyone on the planet can enter. Good luck and happy crafting!

Ask a Crafter 26: Stamping, Mixed-Media and More!

Happy Wednesday folks! We are now up to 26 episodes of Ask a Crafter, can you believe it? and I am still getting new question every week, you guys think up some good ones too! So, without further ado let’s see what was on viewers minds this week:

Ha! And I got my pumpkin scones! And they were delish, thank you Kathy! If you have a question for us just leave a comment and we will either type an answer or read it on the next show! If you haven’t checked out the Frugal Crafter Community on Facebook yet please do and share what you have been working on, we have some wonderful friends over there, it has been 2 days since I opened it and we already have over 700 members (it makes me feel kinda famous LOL!) Before I forget I mentioned a couple links in the video:

Clear bags for cards at Papermart

The DIY marker spritzer instructions submitted by Lindz Brewer is in the comments section of last weeks AAC post.

Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Tips for stubborn stickers and stamps!

Don’t you hate it when your supplies won’t behave? Maybe you have had a stash of stickers lying around for a couple years but when you go to use them they are firmly stuck to their backing paper…or maybe it is a beautiful photo realistic detail stamp that won’t stamp right? Well, I have 2 tips for you to solve those problems in today’s video!

In case it was not clear the silverware peices were stickers I bought 10 years ago when I first started scrapbooking. I bought them for a scrapbook page of my son eating his first baby food. These were leftover from that page and too nice to toss so I kept them. They are metal actually but the tip of heating the stickers with a heat gun will work for any stickers or self adhesive embellishments (just make sure the embellishments won’t melt with the heat!) Also it is a great way to remove price stickers from items! The braying ink tip is one I’ve used for a while, it is really useful if you have only traditional dye based pads. I use this trick when stamping any stamp with a lot of stippling (tiny dots) such as photo realistic stamps and stampscapes and sometimes the really detailed House Mouse Stamps! Nobody likes to waste expensive cardstock so taking the extra minute to grab a brayer is worth it! I hope this tips help you get some use out of old stickers and troublesome stamps (geez, will it be safe to throw anything away again LOL!) and if you have any questions leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Happy Easter & Tips for detailed stamps!

Happy Easter everyone! By now most children have dived in to the baskets of chocolate booty the Easter Bunny brought, hunted for eggs and might be getting ready for church. Mine are watching Nanny McPhee, a movie the EB left them. they haven’t made it outside to egg hunt yet (which surprised me) it is kind of a cold-war of sorts on Easter morning, they all go out together and they watch each other like hawks in case someone tries to sneak out first and scope the territory LOL! The kids tried to catch the Easter Bunny on film, they put their camera on their window sill before they went to bed and pressed record but the batteries died long before the bunny showed up. (Why in my day we had to try and stay awake to see the Easter Bunny, kids today and their newfangled gadgets…)

DCF 1.0

Here is the card I sent my parents this week, we will all gather at their house today for dinner. My sister has a 3 year old who should really be into Easter this year! It will be fun to watch him run around after eggs! Easter is my favorite holiday to photograph, I love the pastel colors, new dresses and happy children (you can’t get a sour expression when they are running around in search of sweet filled eggs!)

DCF 1.0

OK, so on to the stamping tip, when you are using a very detailed stamp like this rabbit stamp by Magenta use a rubber brayer to apply ink to the stamp. It will prevent gobs and puddles of ink in the tiny detailed dots of a photo-realistic stamp. also use glossy paper (photo paper will work) because it will capture the detail perfectly. I like to lay the stamp rubber side up on my table, ink it with the brayer and press the paper to the stamp. Give it a try! Thanks for stopping by, happy Easter and til next time happy crafting!

A Stamping Tip for Beginners (or anyone frustrated by splotchy stamping!}

Howdy folks! I just wanted to pop in and share some beginner stamping tips with you today using this quick tag as an example. The cool camouflage ribbon I am using is from Papermart.

DCF 1.0

One of the biggest mistakes new stampers make is not leaving the rubber on the paper long enough and not using the right ink or paper. Here are some easy tips to improve your stamping now:

  1. Choose silky smooth paper for stamping. You can visit a print shop and buy a few sheets of the different kinds they have, it is a great way to try out paper inexpensively and they can order you a ream of paper at a lower cost that the office supply store! Notice how crisp and clean the orange stamped image looks on the white paper. That is my favorite cardstock: Neenah 80# super smooth in Solar White, it also is great for alcohol ink markers!
  2. Choose the right ink: notice the difference in sharpness between the orange stamped image and the brown wood-grain on the manila tag. I used Stampin Up Dye base ink on the white panel (a stamping ink) and distress ink on the tag (a specialty ink made to give a distressed look). Also, white manila tags are fun to stamp, and stamp pretty well, they are not quite as good as a super smooth stamping paper. It is totally fine to stamp on anything, but you should try out different stuff so you can learn to get the effect you want!
  3. Don’t rush it! I know it is exciting to stamp and you wan to see the image ASAP (step away from the stamp ma’am) but you need to give the ink time to transfer.  First ink up the stamp well, tilt it to the light to make sure the entire surface is shiny, you might even want to breathe on the stamp to moisten the ink a bit more. Gently but firmly press the stamp to the paper and hold it in place for a few seconds (roughly the amount of time it takes you to sing the song “happy birthday” then lift the stamp straight up. Viola a great image!

I hope these tips helped some of the newbies out there! I also recommend curved stamp mounts like Rock-a-blocks and the Mega mount because they make even the most finicky detailed stamps stamp well. I have a tutorial on using those here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Loopy Felt Flower Tutorial & Lots of Tips!

Boy oh boy, am I ready for spring!  I am using flowers everywhere and when I saw an advertisement for Basic Grey’s new loopy felt flowers I had to see if I could make them myself. How did I do?

They are fun, easy and only take seconds. All you need is craft store felt sheets, you know, the .25 cent kind and a pair of scissors and a dob of glue. Honestly, they cost about 2 cents each to make so why not give it a try. Watch the short video to see how:

Here are the written instructions: Fold a 1.5″ x9″ strip of felt in half the long way. cut slits every 1/8″ (you can use fringe scissors to speed things up) then roll up the strip and secure with hot glue. You can cut leaves from green felt and add them if you wish. If you want a flower with a round center just use a 1/2″x4″ strip of felt and roll that up into a coil then attach the folded fringed piece and roll as before. Easy peasy!

More tips!!!

I loved the background paper I made the other day, so much that I did not want to cover it up so I stamped a magnolia collage stamp on top. Here are some tips for stamping on pattern paper

1. Color the image with regular wax-based colored pencils (like Prismacolor or Crayola) the colors, especially the light ones, are opaque and will block out the pattern underneath. Color firmly to blend.

2. Frame the image by using a reverse mask. I used Post-It notes to make a frame around my stamped image and sponged (a make-up wedge works great!)on brown ink. When you remove the post it note you have a pretty frame just like magic and you can still see parts of your beautiful paper!

3. This probably goes without saying BUT, use a dark ink on a patterned background so it will show up 😀

One last tip!

Mix and match your frame and sentiment stamps for snazzy new looks! I have had this oval frame from Rubber Stampede for years, I love how well it pairs up with the Stampin Up stamps I just got this month. That oldie is not moldy anymore!

That’s all for today, I am having friends over to craft tonight so I must clean up the crap..er craft room!  Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Why buy the cow…

…when you can get the milk for free?  I came upon this picture and quote from  pad of  ATC papers from Memories in the Making that I have had for a while. I loved the sassy dancer in the picture and used stamps from About Art Accents to make this Valentine for my hubby:

The caption on the vintage image says "Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free", Stamps by About Art Accents

And here is the inside of the card:

this in on the inside of the card. To print white text on colored background with your computer simply load white paper in your printer, then in your photo software make a new document and fill it with your background color then type over it with white and print. Or you can make a text box using MS word.

I hope it is funny and not lame. I used heart stamps from About Art Accents and I stamped them on textured cardstock and heat embossed them in white so they would look like the iced lollipops you get this time of year. On smooth paper they stamp very clean and crisp. The gold charm and heart paper is by about art accents as well, the houndstooth border is the leftover piece from my card yesterday (shabby houndstooth.)

Here is a tip: When you are die cutting or punching a shape from cardstock cut it from the center of the paper, that way you can use the leftover piece as a photo mat (you will only see the edges so you can get die cuts from the center because it will be hidden under the top layer, or used the leftover piece as a frame like I did in todays card. See how I trimmed the heart paper into an oval? I will use the leftover “frame” on another card, no waste! You can easily get layers and frames for 8 standard cards out of an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper, thrifty!

Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

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