Stamp Storage (that’s cheap and chic!}

Howdy folks! I was reorganizing in my craft room this week {what’s new, eh?} and came up with a chic way to store my Pink Persimmon stamps. When you are organized you can craft pretty quickly. I put this tag together in minutes before a party on Saturday. I used the Wise Old Owl, Big Banner with Rosettes, and Carnival Alpha Large sets on this jiffy tag:

Since I like to organize by manufacturer this works out well and is so pretty, have a look at my storage binder and insert pages. For this project you will need 9″x12″ file folders, clear shelf liner (such as Contact paper), a hole punch and a 3 ring binder.


Please watch this video to see how I put it all together.

Written Instructions:

  1. Trim 1/4″ from each end of the folded file folder so you have a 9″x11″ folder and punch holes to fit in your 3 ring binder. Round corners if desired.
  2. Adhere index sheets to the folder, or you can simply stamp each stamp on the folder for indexing purposes.
  3. laminate the file folder with clear Contact paper. Or you can use a laminating machine if you have access to one.
  4. Re-punch the holes. You covered them when you laminated it.
  5. Stick your clear stamps over the indexed folders. Your clear stamps will cling to the laminated sheets and because they are indexed you can tell at a glance where the stamp you want is or if any are missing.
  6. Place folders in a  3 ring binder and enjoy your newly organized stamps! 

Also it is stamp release day at Pink Persimmon, check out the new “Hello Vintage Girl!” stamp set, lovely! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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