Brushes & Bread-Weekly Fireside Chat

Hi friends! Here we are on the 87th of March, it’s a beautiful Blursday. How are you holding up? I’m doing fine, let’s chit chat!

I thought I’d share a few bread pics. It’s quite a thrill to see how each one turns out!

I used the starter recipe from Kitchn, it was the simplest, quickest and I had everything I needed. I’m not fancy as you know. Scroll to the end of the sourdough starter recipe for the bread recipes.

I never realized how dull my bread knife was until I had to cut these thick crusted sourdough loaves.

It’s like magic. How does this make bread and not paste? I am in awe.

I brushed these with olive oil, garlic, salt and “everything” bagel topping. It was tasty but obscured by slicing design which as a bummer.

After this last loaf I stuck my starter in the fridge because I was feeling like sourdough was taking over my life. I never did have to throw away any starter tho, on one “non loaf day” I made scallion pancakes with the discard and one day I just made a sourdough discard pancake and put peanut butter and sugar-free jam on it. Both were so delicious and so light and fluffy! As a dietary vegan any pancakes I’ve ever made have been heavy so I usually don’t bother but pour off the starter you’d toss on a hot oiled pan and it is the perfect vegan pancake and no waste! After the scallion pancake (you pour off the starter you would throw away at feeding on to a hot oiled pan and sprinkle on sliced green onions, sesame seeds and salt, wait for it to bubble a bit, flip it, cook a couple more minutes and eat!) I decided to see if I could keep my green onions growing so I plopped them root down in a mason jar with 2″ of water in it. We’ll see how that goes but if I don’t have to buy them every week I can literately save dollars by the end of the year LOL! I’m practically a homesteader now. They look cute in the mason jar too, I think I feel another quarantine still life coming on. I was thinking I might like to try wine making next. Happy crafting!

A Tale of Two Garlic Paintings & Epic Bread!

Hi friends! I am so excited to share my best bread ever! This is my 3rd sourdough loaf. I did a a bread machine batch 2 days ago and it was decent but didn’t rise much, then yesterday I did a recipe that made 2 loaves and I rose one loaf on the counter and baked it that day and I put the other loaf in the fridge to rise slowly overnight and that my friends is this epic beauty!

It slices so well too and was chewy and delicious! The starter was really easy and only took 5 days (this was day 6 starter) and you can find the recipe on Kitchn. I chose to use this one because it was the quickest, simplest and used all purpose flower and that’s what I had.

One thing I changed was I brushed on some olive oil and sprinkled on sesame seeds, kosher salt and garlic at the last 10 minutes of baking. OK, this is not a food blog, it’s and art/craft blog and so today we will paint…er, well we are painting food.

I painted this twice, once in a toned grey watercolor sketchbook and again on cotton watercolor paper and that is what you will see in today’s real time tutorial.

Supplies: Affiliate links used.

  • Daniel Smith Primatek paint (Blick) I also recommend the Daniel Smith sticks, they are pan formulation paint, I slice off a chunk and put it on my pans. *These tend to be cheaper than buying the paint in tubes especially for the more expensive PrimaTek tubes, You get about 3 full pans worth in each stick. These are not great for drawing like a crayon tho, they are like a cylinder of concentrated solid paint.
  • Watercolor paper: Fabrino Artistico CP natural white block 9″x12″
  • Other Supplies: Heavy enamel Metal Palette, Paul Rubens watercolors (these go really well with the Daniel Smith Primateks and are usually very affordable)

Here is a photo of the version on the toned grey sketchbook.

So, are you making bread? I feel like everyone is making sourdough right now and I think it’s pretty cool! Happy crafting!

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