DIY Scratch Board! (Great for Kids!)

Hi friends! My kids love to do scratch board art and I have spent a pretty penny over the years on various scratch board project kits but today I’m going to show you how you can make them at home!


All the supplies I am using came in this months Smart Art subscription box, you can get this box at a 10% discount here or check out their subscriptions if you would like to get your own surprise box of art supplies every month. Don’t worry if you don’t have this exact box though, you can still do this project with items from around your home:)



Supplies-all in the August Smart Art kit or you can use what you have at home:
Clay coated board (Ampersand) or you can use a heavy white cardstock
Oil Pastels or crayons
Black Ink (Higgins waterproof)
Scratch art tools (or you can use small pointy things like an un-bent paperclip)

1. Apply a heavy coat of oil pastels to your paper or board.
2. Coat prepared board with an even layer of black ink and let dry (30 minutes to an hour)
3. Use your tools to scrape away a design.

If you make a mistake and scrape away too much you can touch it up with black ink using a small paintbrush.

If you desire more color you can go back in with oil pastel or ink (apply it over the light-colored scraped away areas)

Thanks to Smart Art for sponsoring todays post! Happy crafting!

A Quick Colored Pencil Sketch! {Tips & Tricks for a Limited Palette}

Hi friends! You might think that you need a huge set of colored pencils to make a realistic picture. Truth is you can do a lot with a few. I only used 6 pencils in this drawing of a clementine:


All of the supplies I used are in the January Smart Art box. I love the Coloursoft pencils by Derwent, I actually have 36 of them but I limited myself to the set of 12 colors that came in the kit. I will show you how to mix and blend using colored pencils and a colorless blender so you can make the most out of what you’ve got. Smart Art has reserved more of these colored pencil boxes for you guys and you can save 10% if you order one now, they will ship out February 1st. Watch the video for a full tutorial on this picture.



•Derwent Coloursoft Pencil Set (12PCS)
•Finetec Blending Pencil
•Kum Long Point Pencil Sharpener
•Maruman Artist Paper Series Book
•Full How-to Project Tutorial
•Educational Pamphlet

Here are the colors I used from the Derwent set of 12 Coloursoft pencils: c300 indigo, c330 blue, c720 white, c040 deep cadmium, c080 bright orange, c610 dark terracotta

I hope you give this a try, keep layering colors until color richness is achieved.  If you want a fun box of art supplies delivered to your home every month check out Smart Art’s monthly subscription boxes, they are a wonderful gift to give yourself! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


YOU can paint this snowy cardinal!

Hi friends! If you have been thinking of giving acrylic painting a try this is a great first painting.  FYI This project will work well in oils or gouache too. 🙂


I will show you how to sketch on the design and paint it step by step and it won’t take very long, an advanced painter can complete it in about 30 minutes and a beginner can get ‘er done in under an hour, but don’t rush, relax and enjoy the process!

Free painting video tutorial!!!!

All of the supplies I used (except for the 1″ wide flat I picked up at the beginning) can be found in the December Smart Art Box, Last I checked they still had a few December boxes left if you want the exact kit I used. I have yet to be disappointed with a Smart Art box, they contain all the supplies you need to get started in a art form and a project instruction sheet if you don’t know where to begin. I have checked out other art subscription boxes in the past but this was the only one I thought offered a good value and ample supplies. When you subscribe to Smart Art you get a surprise box of artsy goodness delivered to your door each month, they have 1 month ($49.95) or 3 month ($134.95) subscriptions available and USA shipping is free. This tutorial is sponsored by Smart Art and I thank them for their support, but as always feel free to use the materials you have on hand.


  • Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint (red, black, yellow, blue, white)
  • Simply Simmons Oil and Acrylic Brush Wallet #12 & #20 round, 3/8″ flat *note if you are using short handle brushes use #6 and #12 rounds or something similar to give you the effect you want
  • 10-Well Plastic Paint Palette
  • Creative Mark All Edge Media Cotton Canvas 8″X10″
  • Other: Bucket of water, paper towel
  • Reference Photo

Let me know if you give this a try! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s Paint on Sheer Fabric!

Hi friends! I love trying new crafts and today I am painting on the sheer fabric fan that came in the November Smart Art box (yeah, I’m a bit behind LOL!)


Watch the video to learn how to fix mistakes, rework a design and finally end up with a pretty fan!

You can learn more about the monthly art boxes from our sponsor Smart Art here. *If you are still looking for the perfect gift for an artsy friend this is a good choice!
They still have a few of the November boxes that I used today left, you can snag one soon if you want one, first come first served!

Supplies (included in kit)
•Jacquard Tee Juice Fabric Marker Set (5 PCS)
•Creative Mark Scrubber Watercolor Brush Size 8
•Ivory White Silk Hand Fan
•Foliage Angular Watercolor Brush
•Jacquard Lumiere Acrylics 2.25 OZ

Use the fun techniques you learned today to paint on nylon, rayon, polyester or silk fabric! Apply these techniques to scarves, clothing or lampshades too! I hope this inspired you to try painting on fabric and til next time happy crafting!

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