WOYWW: I was going to make beads today…

…but I guess I’ll just sort some instead:
DCF 1.0
Nifty, huh? I have been picking away at sorting beads throughout the Christmas break. I needed something to store small pots of beads since whenever I would open said pots they would fly hither and thither around my craft room, hence, I never used them! Then I remembered that I had bought plastic test tubes a couple of years back for party favors (and they were so cute I could not part with them) and they would be perfect for storing these beads. The rubber stoppers on the end are secure yet easy to remove so I can get to my beads without spilling them but if I knock a closed vial on the floor the stoppers will stay put. These are not real test tubes, they are test tube shooters (ya know for liquor shots…so I’m told…) and they are pennies a piece  I think the tubes are 6 cents and the stoppers are 2 cents each, I got a set of 50 tubes and the holder for $18 at Shot Wizard.

So here is my very sad, neglected, abandoned work table today:

DCF 1.0

Why am I not making beads you ask? Because one of my little ones is sick with a stomach ache and nasty cough, I will be taking her to the doctor in a few minutes to make sure nothing serious is wrong, I worry about pneumonia whenever there is a rattly cough…and she has had the cough since Friday. Poor dear. 😦

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