Quick and Easy Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Jewelry!

Hello Friends! I have a fun summer project to share today! I love collecting sea glass, it is a thrill to find these little treasures in the sand on a summer’s day. The kids love beach combing too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do something with your treasures? Today I’ll show you how to make them into beautiful adjustable necklaces using supplies from our sponsor Papermart:

You can even use this technique with pretty tumbled stones or small tiles. If you don’t have access to the ocean you can buy sea glass at craft or dollar stores.

You will need:


  1. Cut 12″ of wire. Make a loop 2″ from the end. Holding the loop at the top of a piece of beach glass start wrapping the long tail around while trapping the short tail under the wire in the back. Pull the long tail back to the top and wrap around the loop for security. Wrap extra wire into a decorative spiral and press against the back or you can trim it off.
  2. Cut 30″ of cord and slid pendant on. Tie each end to the opposing side with a surgeons knot. Tie the loose ends in an overhand knot close to the surgeons knot, trim and burn ends.

I did this class with two groups of children this week and they loved it! You might have to make the hanging loop for them but then they can manage the wrapping. I hope you try this fun jewelry project, it makes a great gift! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Super {sea-glass} Sunday!!!

Apparently there is some big football game being played today LOL! Just kidding, my family will be gathered around the TV to watch (until bedtime-it’s a school night) the big game and funny commercials. I will probably putter on some craft while I watch, I can’t follow a football game no matter how hard I try, I don’t know the rules and my eyes glaze over…I’ve learned to smile and nod:) Anywho, I finally finished up the sea glass creations I was working on while teaching myself to solder. They ain’t the prettiest but at least I know they won’t fall apart, that’s something eh? I stamped coastal images on ATC size cards and slipped them in baggies and put them in my craft fair stash for next year because you never know what will sell, truth be told I like the rustic sea glass pendents. I’m really looking forward to beach combing this summer now that I can solder!

DCF 1.0

That’s it for today. I got my shipment of new Devardi glass rods in last week and I have been playing with them. I’ll have some beads to share this week! I actually used up my first can of Mapp Gas yesterday, I was wondering how long it would last, about a month it turns out. I think I keep track of how many beads I make with the new can and I can divide the cost of gas and glass and see what each bead costs to make…wait, maybe it is better that I don’t know LOL! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!